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Braid is now available in the Ubuntu Software Center.

Linux users have been asking for a while; here it is:

Thanks to Jonathan Beilin for doing the necessary legwork for the game to go up there (and of course to Ryan C Gordon for doing the port).

Edit by Jonathan Beilin:

Ubuntu 11.10 notes: please ensure that you are using drivers that enable 3D acceleration. This may involve using the ‘additional’ (proprietary) drivers listed in the ‘System’ pane. Set your volume before you start the game – you may not be able to use volume hotkeys on your keyboard to adjust the volume once the game is active. You may see a black window while the game is starting. The first launch is the longest.

We’ve seen some reports of problems with the audio. We’re investigating the root of the problem; in the mean time, check out these posts in the forums:

Also of note is a list of command line switches.

Plus a word from Ryan Gordon: “If you get bad sound, try export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa, and that’ll probably solve 90% of the problem cases (but if it’s working now and you try this, it may stop working).”

Linux version of Braid

There’s a Linux version of Braid now; it’s available in the Humble Indie Bundle 2. Pay whatever you want for 5 games that all run on Windows, MacOS and Linux; pay more than the average and get 10 games! A big chunk of the money goes to charity (and you can choose what goes where!)

There’s only one day left in this promotion, so if it sounds interesting, head on over to the Humble Indie Bundle 2

Thanks to Ryan C. Gordon for doing the Linux port!

Gridrunner Revolution is out.

Jeff Minter’s new game, Gridrunner Revolution, is now available on the PC.

It’s an interesting game with a lot of subtlety that I have yet to absorb. Subtlety aside, though, this game has nailed the kind of pure, insane quantity Galaga Legions wanted to provide but didn’t know how.

If you’re following this blog because you’re interested in art games, be aware that this is a game about shooting things in outer space — bursting with its author’s trademark style.

Here’s a link to the demo. And here are some videos to illustrate:

Now Hiring a Programmer.

I’m hiring a programmer to work on the next game, The Witness.

Work for a well-funded small team and have a large impact on the quality and feel of the final game. A good candidate will be very strong in one or more of the following areas:

  • 3D engine design and shader programming
  • Dealing with various console platforms (for example, the Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii)
  • Tools programming (whether in-game tools, plugins for 3D modeling programs, or what have you).

The game is in C++. Please be qualified. Prior game development experience is a must. (That experience could be on your own project, but if so it ought to be an impressive project).

If you’re interested in the job, drop me a line at: jon at

There’s a big indie game sale on Steam.

The Steam page says it all with nice big pictures.

Ron Carmel (of World of Goo) and I picked the games for these bundles. We wanted the bundles to contain only games that exemplify the indie spirit and that feel unique to play — all these games have a certain je ne sais quoi.

Here are the two bundles:

For $19.95: Braid, World of Goo, The Path, Everyday Shooter, Blueberry Garden (full value of these games is $60).

For $29.95: Braid, World of Goo, The Path, Everyday Shooter, Blueberry Garden, Gish, AudioSurf, Darwinia, Mr. Robot, Crayon Physics Deluxe (full value of these games is $120.)

So, there you have it. You can get $120 worth of independent games for $29.95 — that’s 75% off. If you want to introduce a friend to independent gaming on the PC, these are the games to refer them to. If you are interested in independent games but don’t know where to start, this is the pack to buy.

And again… here’s the Steam page where you can see more details, buy the games, and know that you are supporting all these independent developers, helping them to make more games in the future.