There’s a big indie game sale on Steam.

The Steam page says it all with nice big pictures.

Ron Carmel (of World of Goo) and I picked the games for these bundles. We wanted the bundles to contain only games that exemplify the indie spirit and that feel unique to play — all these games have a certain je ne sais quoi.

Here are the two bundles:

For $19.95: Braid, World of Goo, The Path, Everyday Shooter, Blueberry Garden (full value of these games is $60).

For $29.95: Braid, World of Goo, The Path, Everyday Shooter, Blueberry Garden, Gish, AudioSurf, Darwinia, Mr. Robot, Crayon Physics Deluxe (full value of these games is $120.)

So, there you have it. You can get $120 worth of independent games for $29.95 — that’s 75% off. If you want to introduce a friend to independent gaming on the PC, these are the games to refer them to. If you are interested in independent games but don’t know where to start, this is the pack to buy.

And again… here’s the Steam page where you can see more details, buy the games, and know that you are supporting all these independent developers, helping them to make more games in the future.

27 thoughts on “There’s a big indie game sale on Steam.”

  1. Hmm, if only I could buy it minus The Path. I really don’t like Tale of Tales (when the creators consider Braid “an exam” I stop listening) and would rather support other indie ventures.

  2. The quality of this bundle immediately caught my eye, as opposed to the shovelware that’s passed off as “indie” on most other services. No wonder — turns out it was an inside job!

  3. It’s a shame Aquaria isn’t on there, it’s a lot better than Audiosurf and some people would enjoy it more than The Path.

    This is a LOT better deal than the D2D Indie games sale.

  4. I bought the big pack this morning. It’s a great pack.

    The only problem I fount in the pack is that if you already have some of the games included in it (I already had Braid), you can’t give a copy of these games as a gift to a friend with another Steam accout.

    It would be great if I could give my second pursached copy of Braid to a friend.

    About the game’s included in the pack, I probably would have changed Everyday Shooter for another game, but only becouse I already had in for my PS3 😉

  5. A very nice deal. It makes me wish I had not already purchased a few of those games however, I could have done with the saved cash. I’m definitely going to point this out to some friends that I think can benefit to the introduction to good games.

  6. These are awesome packs and awesome games. No one is going to buy them because we all have Braid and/or World of Goo and/or Audiosurf already.

    I’ve popped in on half a dozen game blogs that have mentioned this sale, and all the comments are full of LOST SALES because people can’t gift the extra copies. You can add me to that list too.

    It’s such a shame that what could have been a great way to highlight some cool indie games is being undone.

    (frankly it’s rather dishonest, and seems close to theft NOT to provide additional licenses… it’s like i paid for an addional license that i was never given. ) *sad*

  7. I bought this pack, just managed to get Braid running with a decent res using the command line options, beat world 2, looking forward to doing more 🙂
    Out of interest though Jonathan, do the creators of the games still get the same cut if we buy this pack? I’d hate to think I’ve cheated all these developers out of money, especially Introversion who I hear have been having financial troubles.

  8. Ok, forgive me for stupidly saying I’d “beaten” world 2, I clearly have no idea what I’m talking about.
    Really enjoying it so far though, the non-linearity of it makes a nice change from all the Splosion Man I’ve been playing, and the ability to rewind time makes it SO much less frustrating than an average platformer.
    And tim – I too am annoyed that I was not given the option to gift my old copy of a game (in this case Audiosurf), though I got that in a previous sale so it is less of a loss to me than it would be to someone who had paid full price for one of the larger games. Does seem a bit of an odd move on Valve’s part.
    Finally, thanks for replying Jonathan. Playing these games is enough to make me wish I’d bought most of them at full price, there has clearly been a hell of a lot of effort poured into all of them. All the best with your next game.

  9. I already owned Braid and World of Goo, but the other eight games were well worth my $30. Thanks for being a part of this promotion, Mr. Blow!

  10. By the way, I certainly didn’t mean to make it sound like Braid and World of Goo weren’t worth my money. I’ve bought each of those wonderful games at least three times, if you include gifting them to others.

    I just meant that $30 is a great price for 8 quality games, as well as being an AMAZING price for 10 quality games.

    Clarity is nice.

  11. Got this yesterday from steam. (I download so many games I thought I could buy for a change and support indy games)
    I must say Braid has truly novel gameplay, it is great fun to finally figure out how to solve a problem. I am waiting for part 2 !!

  12. Bought it last night, I already owned world of goo and darwinia. Still worth every penny at twice the price.

    Played through the first level of braid and experienced what I can only describe as a religious epiphany. Really gets under your skin and makes you think about all the things we do that maybe we should think of better before we make regrets instead of memories. I wish I could rewind time.

  13. Perfect choice! I always wanted to check out Tale Of Tales’ The Path and World of Goo. Audiosurf, Crayon and Darwinia are great, too – but Blueberry Garden was AWESOME. Looking forward to check out the other games as well. Thank you!

    Hope many people who weren’t that much into indie game culture learned more about it through this deal.

  14. Mr. Jonathan Blow,

    My name is Tony Z, and I am writing to you because I have purchased the Steam Indie game pack for $30 which you advertised and included your game, Braid.

    While I am very happy that Steam had that sale, I’m upset at the way they conduct their digital distribution business. You see, I have previously purchased other games in the pack (such as Darwinia, World of Goo, and Audiosurf) and I was expecting to receive another copy of these games in which to pass onto my friends. However, I never received another copy of any of the games I previously owned.

    When contacting Steam support, they plainly said that they don’t do that with games outside of their own. I found this to be an outrage, as I had just payed money for a game I already had, and never got a second copy. I first asked for them to please give me a copy of which to send to my Steam friends, which they outright denied. I sadly then asked for my money back, because I was paying extra money for a product that I was not receiving. They denied me this as well.

    I would love to be able to pass on games that I already purchased to a friend of mine, and I send my experience to you in hopes that I reach someone influential enough to make Steam change their ways, and allow multiple purchases to be shared among friends.

    Thank you for your time,
    Tony Z

  15. I’m not being funny DestroyerTZ, but I don’t think Jonathan has any say in the blanket distribution policy that Steam (one of the half a dozen or so distributors of Braid) holds. I’m not saying this to be arsey, as I have similar concerns, and this was the reason I didn’t at the time purchase the whole pack but opted to only buy the game I was most interested I didn’t previously own (I think it’s outside the deal £3.99 for Blueberry Garden… a bit of a disappointment actually)…

    Anyway, I was just going to ask if you’ve went beyond a phonecall and made some other kind of official complaint. They probably won’t change the policy, but if you push hard enough (I’m taking my experience of working in hospitality and extrapolating – I don’t do this sort of thing) they may give you some credit or something.

  16. i have a question, every time i run braid on full screen i get a message from mi monitor saying “out of range” i was hoping you could help me with that, im kinda tired of running it windowed

  17. It’s hard to say… there might be some combination of your video card trying to run the monitor at a frequency that the monitor can’t do…

    Braid just asks DirectX for what resolutions are available… if DirectX doesn’t know that your monitor can’t do something, then it is conceivable that this kind of “out of range” problem can happen.

    I’m not sure what to suggest there… maybe there are settings in your video drivers?

  18. I realize this probably isn’t the appropriate medium for this comment, but it’s the best I could find. (Warning, Spoilers?)

    Jonathan, I just finished Braid for the second time, this time locating the stars, and the gut-level feeling I got upon getting the eighth star was unlike anything any video game has has ever produced in me. For that, I’d like to thank you.

  19. Hey Jon,

    It’d be great if you guys could arrange another indie game sale on steam, now that it is out for Mac! I already own a bunch of these, but wouldn’t mind paying again to get Mac versions of all of the above!


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