A Web Site for the New Game

There’s a teaser site up for the new game:

The Witness

… along with a scant bit of information. The game is very visual, and once we have developed those visuals to the point where they are representative, I’ll start posting them there.

In the meantime, it seemed like a good idea to let people know a little about the game. Even if it’s not much.

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  1. Hmm, puzzle exploration on an uninhabited island. Perhaps as Braid was to Mario, The Witness will be to Myst? Can’t wait to check it out.

  2. Jonathan, I assume you’ve played the Dear Esther mod for HL2? Not that it was at all a puzzle game, but it seems semi-related.

  3. i’m the kind of guy who loves literature, philosophy and spiritual traditions. seeing quotes of poe in eternal darkeness and nietszche in too human, was pretty cool, and in a way says a lot about the developers. it says they have an interesting and deep mind. triyng to put those kinds of things in a more mainstream media as videogames is amazing.

    i love braid. i consider it a deep, artistic and beautiful game. now, seeing this next project is influenced by something as amazing as taoism is beyond words for me. this is definitely my most anticipated game. period.

    thanks a lot, keep up the good work.

    a fan from colombia.

  4. Hey, I just listened to a lecture from you yesterday. It was kind of insightful, thanks!

    The most interesting thing about this game is that it’s called The Witness.

  5. About the 2011 target date: games take a while to make! Meanwhile, people seem to ask pretty often what I am working on, so, there’s a little bit of information.

    I did play Dear Esther and I liked it overall… I will be interested to play Korsakovia when it hopefully comes out this month.

  6. I’m really looking forward to seeing this project come to fruition. To be honest, I was surprised by the 2011 release date because it seemed so early. I know that games take a long time to make. How long did it take you to make Braid?

  7. This is the best news I’ve heard all year.
    I was hoping more than anything else game related that I would see more games from Jonathan Blow. Just know that more is on the way is good enough to me.
    I really hope that you take your time with this game, I dont care if it takes until 2020, take all the time you need to make another masterpiece of a game.
    Braid was the perfect example in the gaming industry, that games can be art, and I hope The Witness will be another great example.

  8. Well, information about the new game is rather… concise! But it’s really exciting.

    Little story: I guy at worked said that he played Braid and that the game is dull and boring. I died a little inside cos I love the game so much :'(

    I hope that he actually didn’t go very far in the game and that’s why he said that.

  9. I LOVED Braid, and although my first impulse is that I want it NOW, I’d like to say this: take your time. I’d rather play a perfect game in 2015 than getting disappointed tomorrow. I’m sure you’re capable of creating another stunner of a game.

  10. Hey Jon,

    I have a suggestion and maybe you’ll think it to be an interesting idea as well. You have become somewhat of a spokesperson of the indie game scene with the success of Braid and are arguably the most popular indie developer right now.

    Sometimes you will mention a game in one of your posts that I’ve never heard about and it’ll compel me to go check it out and play it. I’m sure others have done the same as well. Some of the best games that I have played this past year have been obscure indie titles that I had found only by chance and hours and hours of searching.

    Now granted, I understand if you want to keep this blog focused on your own work, but I think a small section or even just an unobtrusive widget with the title of the latest indie game you’re playing and enjoying would be a neat idea. The developers of those games would benefit from added exposure and the entire indie scene would benefit along with that exposure. I think for indie developers especially, “inter-industry” support is especially important if more talented developers like you are going to rise beyond obscurity.

    There is no comprehensive indie website that I know of with coverage and reviews of most new indie titles and I’m sure there are many gems out there that have passed me and most others by. Yesterday after your post, I went and played Dear Esther a game I never heard about before and enjoyed it incredibly.

    Just an idea I thought I’d toss out there.

    BTW, if anyone knows of a god, comprehensive indie game site I’d appreciate a link.

  11. Glad to see a new project is forming – but before Braid is relegated to history, is there going to be a permanent fix for the “new console, game always thinks it’s a demo” problem?

    The Exit/Guide/A workaround is not ideal…

    Thanks, and keep up the excellent work!!!

  12. I’m honestly wondering if the site you’ve set up has generated more questions that silence would. I have no questions regarding the new title, and my enthusiasm is likely to be poorly expressed within the comment section that’s filled to the brim by such (do take my word for it, this is both surprising and exciting to the max). I do wonder, however, is the overall secrecy regarding games in the industry is the result of contracts, fear of getting ideas stolen, or just developer’s preference? (Double Fine comes to mind when it comes to not announcing anything for what seems to be ages, though I firmly believe that they have a good reason.)

    Although late 2011 seems like a very long wait, I most certainly appreciate you throwing your fans one hell of a bone. Also, more websites should be like the one you’ve set up for The Witness. Bullshit to content ratio on that site colors me pleased.


  13. They want my gender and birthdate and they want me to accept a 3 page tiny print legal agreement before they’ll take my money. Blecch. I don’t have the hardware (graphics card) or OS to run it anyway though, I was just going to buy it to give to someone or run on a friend’s machine. But I’d rather buy in a brick and mortar store and hand over cash for product without having to answer invasive questions.

  14. i insist. lao tzu is the man. you should all read the tao te king before playing the game. and also some of the chuang tzu stories.

    i guess i’m just guessing here. maybe the game won’t have a big influence on this kind of philosophy, but even the title reminds me meditation ala budism and taoism.

    the witness… that has to be the coolest name for a game. EVER.

  15. @Ivan: Agreed; wish I’d called dibs first! I can imagine lots of interesting ideas games could bring to the table as regards different, and differing perspectives. I saw Rashomon again last week, and a game covering similar themes could be amazing. While I’m probably on the wrong track with respect to Mr. Blow’s game, I shall have to ponder these thoughts further…

  16. “BTW, if anyone knows of a god, comprehensive indie game site I’d appreciate a link.” -bob

    Hello bob. I usually go to http://www.tigsource.com, but there are some games that don’t go on there too. However, I remember playing some games that I played a long time ago, but then eventually an article gets posted on tigsource. Other times I see a game there I probably would have never found by myself, so I think that site will suit your purpose if you didn’t already know about it.

  17.  有物混成,先天地生。

    I have found the quote from Dao De Jing 🙂

  18. Man, I loved your poem for THe Witness! Don’t know much about Taoism but definitely love the personification of solitude, and what else is said about it. Wonderful(l) subject.

  19. Im dat type of guy hu doesnt want to waste time playing games, few games cud grab me and make me play them , the original prince of persia, halflife for example … wth braid well im speechless …. no highend gpu required… still one of da best graphics and art ive ever seen…well why im sayin
    “one of da” .. its the best ….( i don play games much …but its not like i havnt seen other games in action ) …. wth such a nice gameplay … i wish other game developers thot more like Jonathan Blow , hehe but that ud hav made me a full time gamer i think 😛

    Thank You Jonathan Blow , really frm da hrt … for makin such a game that wakes up the child in a man ….. longing to go to fairyland ………..

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