Now Hiring a Programmer.

I’m hiring a programmer to work on the next game, The Witness.

Work for a well-funded small team and have a large impact on the quality and feel of the final game. A good candidate will be very strong in one or more of the following areas:

  • 3D engine design and shader programming
  • Dealing with various console platforms (for example, the Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii)
  • Tools programming (whether in-game tools, plugins for 3D modeling programs, or what have you).

The game is in C++. Please be qualified. Prior game development experience is a must. (That experience could be on your own project, but if so it ought to be an impressive project).

If you’re interested in the job, drop me a line at: jon at

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  1. IANAGD but: could you pleeease start this project as a cross-platform development, and not port it /after/ it’s finished? Not everybody has a console, and it’s really hard to hear praise from everywhere and not being able to just get the game from steam (or mac, linux). (Would braid not have been so sucessful in the reviews, I probably would have forgotten about it between the xbox-live and other releases)

    also, I’m torn between the urge to give you money for a great game, and waiting for the release on my favorite platform. but maybe I’m just too rich.

  2. It’s great that things are really starting to move with The Witness. And the part where you said well-funded small team is especially reassuring. Best of luck with your current project.

  3. Cross-platform isn’t a magic bullet solution. It’s more testing, more programming work, and it means dealing with certification requirements from all platforms at once. Developing for three platforms at once won’t take three times as long, but it could be close. It also means doing all the work up front for all platforms before you get to see revenue from any of them. For a self-funding indie, you should be able to see some potential problems here.

    Also, publishing agreements often include exclusivity, ie. getting published may have meant that Microsoft asked it to stay XBox-exclusive for some amount of time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I was stuck waiting for the PC release too. I’d love to see PC in sync with console releases, but if it doesn’t happen I’m pretty sure it’s not just because Blow doesn’t feel like it.

  4. What a beautiful job this would be. I programmed little games in the past and did so a few months ago (a tiny micro project to get into processing: ) but I’m definitely not very good at it.

    I hope you are able to gather a brilliant team and I wish you the best of luck. Braid is still one of my favourite games in years. Thank you for that 😉

  5. This is simply amazing! I’m currently in school doing a lot of C++/OpenGL work, making simple puzzle games here and there in free time. Unfortunately I don’t yet have the experience you are probably looking for, but this opportunity sounds amazing. I bought BRAID on steam not too long ago and fell in love. I wish the best of luck to whoever you hire.

  6. Have you ever had to support any application on multiple platforms? The really nice thing about a console (or any other fixed hardware platform) is that once you have it working on one of them, it will work on ALL of them.

    Once you fix a bug on one of them, you’ve fixed it for ALL of them.

    I think he did Braid on the PC/Windows first anyways, he just didn’t release it until he felt he could support it. He can’t fob off support on someone else, if someone has a bug, they’re going to chew on him.

    And I suspect it was support issues that led him to farm out the port on the Mac to someone else, and let them deal with the support issues as well. I could be wrong about that though.

  7. After almost 6 hours of playing, i’ve completed the game. It’s one of the most beautiful games i’ve ever played and it’s a great challenge for mind too. Thanks for sharing your art =D

    Best of luck with The Whitness!

  8. I’d hate to be bound by agreements from xbox/steam and other companies, it’s really disgusting how they can keep people silenced. But I guess its all in the name of money and accessibility.

  9. Yeah, it would probably be better if there were no non-disclosure agreements. In reality, though, these cover almost none of what I would naturally want to think about and talk about, anyway. It’s mostly business stuff, and business stuff is relatively boring. So I don’t consider it a big deal.

  10. Oh, how i love braid. ATM its my favourite ever game. (ive got it on pc). It would be great to work on this next project however it wont be possible for these reasons:

    1) Im 14 years old
    2) Im from the UK (not sure where you are, but it may cause a lot of problems)
    3) I have no experiance with C++
    4) Ive never programmed my own game before, although i am working on a small project in XNA
    5) due to 1) i wouldnt be able to do much work because of the amount of homework i get given.

    So, i wish i could help, but its just not possible. Maybe in a few years though.

  11. C++ is pretty much the only reasonable language for programming high-end games. (Partially due to compiler / tool / library support, partially because it doesn’t fall down efficiency-wise).

    I tend to use stuff like templates, overloading, etc in a very minimal way.

  12. why dont you just rebuild braid with much more intense characters and situations? 200 level game. It would be a cult classic. Brain melting goodness. 🙂

  13. Dear Jonathan,
    First of all I really liked braid, It was just briljant, when I just started playing it I just wanted to “beat the game’ so to speak but along the way I really wanted to understand how the puzzles worked and I really loved solving them. The only thing I didn’t like was when I came across this ´hidden star´ with the bunny and the elevator thing. In fact not so much this star as it wasn´t so well hidden. But when I realised there was a star in every level. I don´t like it when you run across things by accident or really hare to search for things, mainly because the rest of the game is pure logic. But that aside i really like the game

    Furthermore I wish you best of luck with your new game the witness and i can´t wait for it to come out.

    happy holidays

    Vincent from the Netherlands

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