Steam is having a big Braid sale.

This weekend, you can get Braid on Steam for only $5. It usually costs $15, so that’s a lot cheaper!

In case you didn’t get the full indie pack last month, but are curious about Braid, this would be the time to buy it (or download the free demo). I don’t envision the game being on sale for less than $5 any time in the near future!

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  1. I don’t know if this is the appropriate forum to express this, and certainly there are not adequate words, but your game is astonishing. I’ve just started playing it but I had a sudden urge to comment. It’s just so stunning, so moving, so beautiful. I hope I can create art that affects people the same way.

  2. I have been waiting for this [i]exact[/i] thing happen since the game was announced for PC. I hope you sell a lot of copies with this sale.

  3. RARGH. Now you’re just teasing me. I will stay vigilant for a linux release!

    … or at least a sale as crazy as this one on Greenhouse. Not a huge fan of Steam as a requirement, just so you don’t think it’s personal. Especially since I’ll be able to get the linux version no problem in Greenhouse once it finally arrives.

    I still know I’m crazy to pass out a deal like this, though.

  4. Hey, I just bought your game on Steam, but I’m running Windows 7 64-Bit, and it doesn’t work. I’m really upset about this, because I want to play it and totally already paid for it! What do you recommend?

  5. Dacvak: I do believe Steam has a system for returns, and you can use that to get your money back…

    If you’re on Windows 7 I recommend downloading the demos of things before buying them. (Actually, I would recommend that for any game!) Since Windows 7 is an unreleased operating system you can’t really expect to download random software and have it work.

  6. Jack: I am not sure what the price is in Euros but the price in Pounds looks correct. The ratios were picked back in April based on what the Dollar/Euro/Pound exchange rates were at that time. They are signed into a contract and it would be a big hassle to change it all the time, so Valve just goes with what was there.

  7. How much of that $5 do you even get? Is there some way I can just send you $5 directly since I already own this game on both PC and Xbox but I gladly would have paid $20 for it.

  8. I just took advantage of the sale, and i have to say this game is beautiful… even if it is kicking my ass… it’s the first time in years i’ve felt like a failure as a gamer (which is a good thing πŸ˜› )

  9. I already played this game, the pirate version, that was 4 months ago and since that time I didn’t have internet. So today I got the internet and I saw this offer on steam. For sure I will buy it because it is a really good game. Its like World of Goo, I did the same thing, I downloaded the pirate version and I finished world 1 and 2 and after I bought it because the developers really need this money.

    Guys, don’t pirate or if you did it and the game is really good. BUY IT AFTER, SUPPORT THE DEVELOPERS LIKE I DID. If the game you download is really bad and you played it 2 hours for sure don’t pay for that. You know what I mean. If you pay for Braid there will be a sequel and a lot more good games after.

  10. I had played Braid on a friend’s Xbox 360 and when I saw the sale I couldn’t pass it up. Unfortunately, there is no sound or music in the game. If I am playing music in another application, that freezes when I start the game and I can’t play any sounds until I reboot even if I close Braid. Is this a known issue? It looks like someone else had a similar but not identical problem:

    Everything works fine on my other computer running through Wine on Linux, but that computer is slower and the video isn’t as smooth so I’d prefer to have a working copy on my Windows XP system if I could. Thanks and really this is a brilliant game. If everything weren’t so great I could live without the music, but that’s just part of what makes Braid so awesome.

  11. Audio problems seem to be very rare. The best I can suggest is to update your audio drivers. Braid doesn’t do anything crazy at all when it comes to playing audio — it just opens a sound channel and starts playing.


    I bought my copy on steam today. This is the first game after many years, that got me THAT special feeling!


  13. I don’t know why, but I was able to get it to work by forcing a resolution of 1920×1080 instead of the 1280×720 that it was using to resize my output.

    I did this by using the -width 1920 and -height 1080 parameters in the program shortcut or when running braid.exe directly while Steam is running in the background.

    Very strange, but maybe this will help someone else.

  14. That’s very strange. I would guess that the video driver is interfering with the sound in some way. No idea why that would happen, but that’s PCs for you. I’m glad you got it working.

  15. Can you make this available via CD or Amazon download? Every time I look at what’s involved in getting games via Steam and other sites of that ilk, I decide that I’m not willing to jump through all the hoops that maintaining an account at those sites requires.

  16. Hi! I’ve experienced a major bug that I managed to solve, just thought that I should share it in case someone else experience the same thing. When i launch braid it tilts the screen 90 degrees to the right (including mousepointer and all). I had to force the resolution to 1680×1050 using the parameters -width 1680 -height 1050 to get the game horizontal.

  17. Just bought the game via buy button in demo version and it led me to normal price. Not that 10 bucks are so much but feel strange to find few hours later 66% discount. Anyway, great game still struggling with irreversible level in world 3.

    Isn’t it good we have backspace (what it it was called backtime) on the keyboard? I never gave it a second thought till I played Braid). Now I do. Reverse errors.


  18. I want to buy this game to put on my nieces computer, but they don’t have an internet connection. Do any of these merchant’s sites let you download the game and burn it to a CD for offline installation?

  19. @Johnathan Blow:
    “Since Windows 7 is an unreleased operating system you canÒ€ℒt really expect to download random software and have it work.”

    Windows 7 is RTM (release to manufacturing) right now. If that guy has the RTM, he has the exact version that’ll be on store shelves in a month. It’s not exactly available to anyone shopping in Best Buy yet, but it’s not very difficult to get ahold of.

  20. Hope to see a CD version soon. This sounds like the kind of game I buy for $30 and up all the time when it’s for a console or a hand-held. Have you tried to make it available to the general public via amazon downloads rather than just these niche marketing sites?

  21. I wanted to play through braid again, but the resolution is broken for me now and the command line options aren’t helping πŸ™

    I’m on a 3ghz C2Duo 2GB ram XP SP3 8800GTS, 24 inch 1900×1200 monitor. Computer should be more than capable of running the game at whatever res, but it refuses to run higher res than 1024×768. -width has no effect unless i set it to something lower, such as 800. Neither do any of the other options (window/no_post/-fps 10/-fps 60). Game always sits at 60/60fps. Why won’t forcing the game to run in a proper resolution work? it looks horrible at 1024×768 πŸ™

    I got the game through steam, any way to get an earlier version of it that isn’t broken?

  22. -width having no effect is weird. I would guess that something is weird about your drivers or other setup. I developed and tested the PC version of Braid on a Core 2 Duo with 2GB of RAM, XP SP3 and an 8800 GTS. (Seriously. That was my main development machine.)

    So I am not sure what would be going on. I assume your desktop resolution is higher than 1024?

  23. Played the demo on Steam and after playing through a few of the puzzles, bought it and finished it the other day. Excellent puzzle design, gorgeous art style and general aesthetic, and as others have said, a refreshing and quality musical score.

    And speaking of musical score, I’m a budding violin player and I’d really like to get my hands on the sheet music for the violin part of the first world’s theme – if you own the rights that is. Current e-mail has been supplied, if you’d like to get back to me about that.

  24. Thanks Jonathan for the answers… actually looks like my problem was typoing my resolution πŸ™ (1900 instead of 1920). I could have sworn i’d tried 1680×1050 as well but both -width 1680 and -width 1920 are working for me now. The ‘0’ key for showing the resolution is very useful for quickly checking this.

    For anyone else having these sorts of troubles on a fast compute, I’d advise just having a look at the options windows gives you for resolution, and try each one in turn. My list was
    800×600, 1024×768, 1600×900, 1600×1200, 1680×1050, 1920×1200.
    Not sure why braid didn’t autodetect either of the top two… does it start at 1280 and work down or something? Cos resolution options below 1680×1050 are pretty lacking on this monitor based on that list.

    I’m guessing braid won’t run windowed at a resolution that the desktop doesn’t support in fullscreen…

    Anyway looking great on my monitor at either 1680 or 1920, off to play braid through again πŸ™‚ awesome game

  25. Braid asks Direct3D what display modes it can run at, at 60fps.

    *However*, it doesn’t look for anything higher than 1280 in width, because the graphics are just 1280 wide anyway, and on higher resolutions it would just be wasting GPU horsepower scaling up images.

    The issue is that for some reason your driver isn’t reporting anything 1280 across. That is very weird. So Braid picked the highest resolution it could that was less than 1280, so you ended up at 1024.

    It used to be standard that any graphics card that could render at 1280 would have that as an entry. I have no idea why that would be missing from your setup.

  26. Since i switched to snow leopard my version of braid (got it from greenhouse) got slower…but what is worth, when i entry a level it is empty… i can walk around and i see the background but all the other layers (ladders, rabbits, cannons) are missing? Is it my installation which got messed up, or is it snow leopard?

  27. Like Koro, 5 comments up, I’d be interested in the sheet music if it was available. Even if not, thank you so much for a great game: I bought it while it was on the Steam deal just on a whimsy and I am so glad I did.

  28. I’d like to add a +1 to the requests for a disc copy of the game to be made available. Old habits die hard – I think you might be surprised how well the game would sell in this format.

  29. I had Braid working fine on both XP and Vista 64 bit before, but now I’ve installed windows 7 64 bit and I’m having trouble. The game launched the first time, but then froze after playing for about 10 seconds. Trying to launch the game again, the steam “launching game” pop up comes on, fades out, but the game itself does not even hint at loading up. Anyone else on windows 7 having trouble? This isn’t the release candidate; it’s a legitimate purchased home premium version.
    I’m using it on a dell studio xps 1340.
    Thanks in advance.

  30. It sounds like a driver problem. My main development machine now runs Windows 7 64-bit and Braid runs fine on it… Have you tried updating the drivers? (Is Windows 7 actually supported by Dell on the XPS 1340?)

  31. I bought the dell last summer with vista on it, but liked windows 7 on my desktop so thought I’d upgrade. Dell sells this laptop with 7 loaded on it now so they should support it ok. I’ll check for new drivers and let you know what happens. Thanks for the speedy response.

  32. No luck. Updated bios, chipset, and display drivers, reinstalled Steam and Braid, same problem. I installed it on my desktop (also running windows 7 64 bit) and it runs fine. Not a huge problem cause I can play it on the desktop, but if you’ve got any other suggestions or ideas I’ll try anything.
    Thanks again.

  33. I am having the same trouble with Braid on Windows 7. I have tried setting a launch option of “-windowed” but that did not help. It works in XP mode, but not as well as it should.

    You or Steam should inform people that this game does not run in Windows 7, at least through Steam.

  34. Braid runs fine in Windows 7 on Steam, for most people. I just downloaded a fresh copy and tried it.

    The problem is something system-specific, perhaps your graphics drivers. What graphics hardware and drivers do you have? What version of Windows 7 is it?

  35. I’m not sure how to find out what w7 version I am running, other than it is home premium 4 bit.

    I’ve just updated the drivers to, for geforce 9500M (which is a hybrid SLI of 9200MGS+9400MG).

  36. I’ve tried everything with the -60fps and -no_post, I googled and tried some other stuff, nothing works. It is just one big FPS drop fest for me.

  37. I bought your game in the steam sale it looks beautiful, unfortunately I have to play it under Wine and this might be why the game’s very slow or the resolution is terrible (640×480). Is there anyway to actually set the size of the window?

    Also I’m using an integrated Intel graphics card and performance is really poor, I don’t know why it’s so poor in this game especially, perhaps its poor drivers?

  38. The game is probably picking that resolution because it is running so slowly already. Braid is very fill-rate intensive, so the problem is most likely that your graphics hardware just can’t fill that many pixels.

    If you want, you can try adding:

    -width 1280 -height 960

    as command-line options, but the game is going to run much more slowly than it does in 640×480.

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