25 thoughts on “Cross-platform Braid is now available directly from the creator”

  1. Hey! I am looking to gift this DRM free version to a friend. This will sound stupid, but its not clear to me where I ought to enter my friend’s email address. Do I enter it in the “Enter your email address” box (after ticking the ‘Purchase as Gift’ checkbox? Why isn’t there an option provided for me to send a custom greeting/message to my friend?
    I usually use Google Checkout and don’t want all that silly purchase details information from Google Checkout to go to my friend.
    I’d be grateful if someone could clarify.

  2. Please make an iOS version of Braid. I know the game dynamic may be more suited to a keyboard, but the game is insanely good, and more people need the opportunity to play it. Besides, I think that the time sliding dynamic would work wonderfully with a finger slide.


  3. Thanks a lot for that!
    What with other distribution ways – Gameolith, Indievania, Ubuntu Software Centre, or Desura, etc, will be available, or not??

  4. Great news. Thanks! πŸ™‚
    I did finally get the game through the HIB3, but I’m sure you’ll get more sales by making the GNU/Linux version more available.
    +1 for Gameolith, Indievania, etc
    @Anonim: It is already available on Desura. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi!

    I recently got Braid (Linux Edition) via the Humble Bundle. I’m really enjoying it, but I think something with the physics works just a bit differently on Linux. I’ve watched the walk through on the leap-of-faith level, and there’s a point where you have to jump on a canon-thingy-head to leap over a a gap. I can do this, but I always end up a few pixels short of actually getting across. I have manged to hit the left side of the head, the right side of the head, and right on top of the head, but I still can’t get across! Is there a reason that I would be less-springy in the Linux version or that the space bar won’t register if the right arrow is pressed?

    1. There is no reason in the game that this would be an issue. However, computer keyboards are often very cheap and fail to register keypresses with certain combinations of keys. I’d maybe try using W/A/S/D instead of the arrow keys, and see if that helps..

  6. Hey, I’d be interested in trying this nice game. But I had two questions:
    1- If I buy it on steam, do I get access to the linux version too? I have both linux and windows, but since I use Linux for work,I would be interested in running it on both platform (are the save files compatible between both versions by the way?)
    2- More generally, are there any differences between the Number None version and the Steam version (linux version? DRM ?) that justify the higher price (compared to steam)

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  7. I bought Braid for PC and installed it, but it wouldn’t start because the computer said it couldn’t find the file “d3dx9_39.dll. But I searched, and I found that file on the computer, but I assume that it is in the wrong folder. At first I thought the disk was broken, until I found the file. Could someone please tell me which folder the file should go in?

  8. Hello,

    I didn’t find any forum so I thought I would just post my question as a comment of this blog.

    How was Braid developed for XBLA with C++? Did you have to buy DevKit for X360? I thought there is only one way to developer games for XBLA, and that is C#.

    Thank you.

  9. Didn’t know where else to post this, but I recently downloaded the game from the Humble Bundle. When I run the game it runs in a sideways format. Is there a fix for this? Maybe a windows command.

  10. Hi Johnathan,
    In case you read this, I just wanted to say there are some people out there who really understood and appreciated what you did with Braid. We’re just not the sort of people who post reviews, discuss things in blogs, or have youtube channels. Thank you for making it.

  11. It’s possible a android version? I think xperia play can handle this game, in playability and so on, because you already did it for linux it’s just one more step to android isn’t?

  12. It’s great to see Braid become more widely available!

    Also, I know this is the wrong place to ask, but does anyone know how to contact Jonathan Blow directly? I just want to ask a question or two, but for the life of me can’t find an appropriate place.

  13. I love this game!

    I bought the game through the Humble Bundle today and recommend the game to all my friends.

    All stages are very exciting and challenging, just need to improve a translation of texts into Portuguese (pt-br) rs

  14. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to ask here, but I don’t know other places: I bought Braid from XBLA, and I’m a Chinese player. Although I’m ok with English, but as far as I know, Braid PC version has Chinese language support, and I can’t figure out how to display Chinese language in xbox version, any help? A lot of thanks.

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