47 thoughts on “Braid announced for PSN in Europe.”

  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssss !
    Finally… he arrives on the european PSN. And he’s doesn’t cost a lot in addition !
    I’m going to buy Braid and Flower at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for this news Jonathan Blow.

  2. Wow. The price is very reasonable. Wasn’t expecting that to be honest, what a cool suprise, GJ guys. Instant buy for me. After so much waiting I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on it finally. Christmas is saved ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I played and finished Braid only a few weeks ago. I’ve been going through a pretty bad breakup and I’ve been feeling really introspective lately… and I just wanted to say thank you. I know the game is about more than just the literal interpretation, but I still wanted to thank you anyway for what I was able to take away from it.

  4. I bought Braid on Steam and I bought it again on the PS3 just to show support, and also because it’s more confortable playing on the console. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I noticed the game is significantly lighter on the PS3 than on the PC, why is this? I’m curious.

  5. The PC version has to include DirectX components, which are big and chunky, so the file is bigger.

    I don’t know why Braid would not be available in the Netherlands… it’s not because of anything we decided. I can ask about it…

  6. Braid isn’t available in Belgium or the Netherlands. Please ask them to release it as soon as possible. It would make a perfect holiday gift.

    The official Belgian Playstation 3 announced the release, but it is not available on the Store.

    Damnit Sony, i want Braid.

  7. I bought it yesterday.

    I love it! : )

    …but I’m afraid I have a minor bug to report รขโ‚ฌโ€ I’m getting a 8002A10D error message from time to time for some reason. The error code means “unable to add friend”; it doesn’t affect the gameplay at all, but it’s a bit annoying. (I looked for it on Google and I’ve found two other people having the same problem.) If that could be fixed, it would be perfect! Thanks..

  8. When are we going to get Braid in Holland,whatsup with this BS ??? Me and alot of friends are waiting for this beatifull and exciting game……

  9. Once again, for no logical reason, Europe gets divided up into random sections for the release of eagerly awaited content. Most of Europe probably doesn’t even WANT translated games, so there is no logical reason! Why???

  10. Please let sony release the game in the Dutch playstation store!
    I want to play this game so bad, i already have the weed rolled up and the money on my account to buy this game!

  11. Thanks for this game here on PSN, it’s really cool game.
    I have just a small glitch to report.

    In the “start menu”, button mapping is done a little bit wrong. It’s forced to X:Confirm O:Cancel while it should read the console’s configuration.

    Japanese consoles are X:Cancel O:Confirm for instance and most games (including the other european PSN games) read tha config instead of forcing either way.

    See http://j2.ions.fr/en/psn.html for more info.

  12. Jonathan, I absolutely love Braid! I have a lot of experience with puzzle-solving, and I feel that even the most devious puzzle in your game had a fair solution: this is the mark of a great puzzle game. The puzzles were very fresh — I don’t remember seeing puzzles like these before. I love the Zelda series, but Braid is now my favorite game, because its puzzles are at least as good as those found in Zelda, while introducing new gameplay elements, and while being very dense in quality (there’s no filler). Thanks for making Braid!

  13. Why is no there Braid on Belgian PSN?
    My kids want Braid. I try contact Sony, i can not reach them by email.

    Please ask Sony why not relese Braid on PSN.

  14. Ok, still no Braid on the Benelux PSN Store.
    I’d be happy to translate the game.

    I don’t understand why Sony would refuse to release it out here. Hello, consumers wanting to pay for your product out here!!!!!!!!!!

  15. What I’ve been told about the other European regions is that Sony wouldn’t release the game there without localized store text for those countries. (So the game wouldn’t be localized, but the description / etc in the store would be). This is in progress now, so hopefully the game will be released in these countries soon.

    Sorry for the wait!

  16. @Jonathan Blow:

    Thank you for your answer!
    I just have to be patient…
    But as soon it is in the store, it will be on my PS3!

    Thanks again and good luck creating new games.

  17. Well, still no Braid in the Netherlands (and Belgium) after today’s store update. This sucks, how long could it possibly take to translate a piece of text.

    I want Braid now!!!

  18. Changing text means retesting the entire game.
    So it could take a while.
    But why would i want to play Braid in Dutch. Translation are never as good as the original.

  19. Oh misread that only the description is being translated.

    Question about the the versions of Braid.
    Do you have a list stating the differences between Braid 1 and Braid 1.5?
    Is the PS3 version 1.6?

  20. Australian ps3 braider, just finding out what all the fuss is about. Love the game, totally addicted! I come out from a session to go and get a cup of tea, and am almost surprised by the absence of a reverse button.

  21. hey, really wanna buy this game on my ps3 but not sure about the licence restrictions on it, from the look of it i have to be online just to be able to play it, and i have to purchase multiple copies for the other users on my ps3 so they don’t mess with my save games… as well as make psn accounts to buy the game for the other users… is this right or did i read things completely wrong? i really want this game but not if everyone can’t play it… if someone could let me know what the deal is i’d be much appreciative as i have the money sitting there screaming at me to buy it, but i’m not gunna be a selfish bastard and get a game that only i can play

  22. just for convenience this is the small print at the bottom that had me concerned…

    One time fee for use of download soley by the purchasing account only on up to five PS3 systems. No more then one activated PS3 system within a 24 hour period. Product may not be used by any other account. You must sign in to Playstation Network at each start up.

    so if i understand it right, why can’t the other users play it? and why do i have to be online to play it when its not even an online game?

    sounds like a really cool game but i might have to give it a miss until it gets a more standard agreement like every other game… sometimes i wish i just jumped into things rather then read the fine print but i’ve always been sceptical of buying something but not actually owning it ๐Ÿ™

  23. Heeja Braid team,

    I’ve got a little problem, I still can’t find Braid in the Playstation Store. I’ve read a couple of comments above (even though that’s nearly a month old) that there are some problems with the Dutch and Belgium versions, and me being a Dutch user, that would affect me as well. Seeing as I cannot find it yet, I assume that the problems are not fixed yet? If that is indeed the case, any idea when it will be fixed? A dear friend of mine has her birthday next week, and I’d love to gift her Braid through PSN. I hope it works out alright!

  24. self_slaughter: I think this is just Sony’s PlayStation Network policy. It is unfortunately restrictive, but that is just how they run things. (On Xbox Live Arcade, for example, any user on the machine where you bought the game can play the game).

    Personally, I don’t care whether you sign into PSN, let other people on the machine play, etc, etc, but there is not much I can do about that.

  25. thanks for the quick response… it can’t just be sonys policy, the only game i’ve seen with restrictions like this was gran turismo prologue which i also refused to buy because of… sucks i really want to buy this game but i’m not going to buy 6 copys of it for one machine. might be time to sell the ps3 and get an xbox ๐Ÿ™

  26. I first heard about Braid during some review of it on french tv (Chez Marcus – Nolife) and knew immediatly I’d like to try it. Then a friend of mine offered it to me for my birthday on Steam but I did not played it a lot since I hate ‘gaming’ on my laptop. Then it come out on the PSN and — whaou — . This game was even greater than I’d expected it to be !

    I also have been playing it with friends during a party at home and even non gamers started to get involved into it. It was really fun to see everyone trying to find how to solve the levels, begging/sharing the control pad, and getting more and more excited and confused with the introduction of new time-controlling modes ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you very much for this very good game!

  27. Hi,

    I have a Mac and a PS3, and I loved the demo. Do I need to buy two licenses if I want to play on both platforms?

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