23 thoughts on “Braid is on sale for $9.95…”

  1. Gemedet, do you mean to say that this sale does not provide a serial code that works for the Mac version of the game? Is that true?

  2. I think the Mac version is also on Direct2Drive, at least it is in the UK. (not at the PC sale price though)

  3. Well, my mistake, t22design. You’re right, it’s $5 more. Guess we know where the loyalties are, eh? And Corey, I haven’t purchased from D2D yet, so I don’t know what is provided.

  4. Corey, That should mean it is DRM free. I bought Cogs off D2D two weeks ago. It was listed as DRM free and it didn’t require an online check or activation. Just install and start playing. You have to be careful. Only a few games on D2D are DRM free right now.

  5. Bah. I’m very torn. I loved the demo, and figured I should really get the game if it was ever 10 bucks. The only thing holding me back is that I’ve really been hoping for a possible linux port, just because it would really be nice to have the whole thing native (the demo ran decently in wine, but needed a few workarounds for proper fullscreen, and no joystick support that I could manage). I was kinda hoping that it would go on sale in greenhouse, since I’m under the impression I could buy it there for windows, while still being able to get a linux copy if one was ever made available. I’m under the impression a deal like that isn’t available through d2d.

    So, Jonathan, I’m not certain you’ll decide to read/answer this before sunday is out, but I figured I might as well ask your opinion: knowing my position, do you think it would make sense to wait? You’re the one who would know best whether a linux port is still even a possibility, so I figured I’d ask. If said port does come out, I’ll probably end up paying 15 for it (unless I get lucky). So, either way, you’re eventually getting my money. Your thoughts?

    (thank you for your time)

  6. Thanks for letting me know. You’ll certainly be getting a purchase from me when it comes out, your game is spectacular. Looking forward to your future releases, as well!

  7. Jonathan – just curious about Braid’s sales. When it was first released on XBLA you were pretty forthcoming with the sales info and I found it fascinating. Other developers seems very wary about sharing this type of info and it’s been really great to read your blog and get this kind of info. Can you give us some figures of how well the game has done on each platform? Just curious and thanks again for a fantastic game.

  8. PLEASE PLEASE make a boxed Version of the Game! I love the Demo of the Game, it is really cool an addicting. The Gameplay is really fresh and challenging and theidea behind the game is deep. But i hate Download Games, I need a Box.

  9. Hello,
    I addict the Brade very much.
    And I learn programming at college.

    I always want to see a source code of Brade, and all my friends too.

    if all people could see a source code of Brade, the qualification of them would be better.
    You can improve the enlightenment of all peace, just by introducing Braid under LGPL(or under other free licence).

    Is it possible?
    May be after 2 or 3 years?

  10. Great deal but I bought it for PC thinking I was getting the Mac version. It didn’t click that they were separate 🙁 Is it possible to transfer the key from PC to MAC?

  11. Mr. Blow, I tried playing Braid on my Toshiba Regza Lcd t.v at 1280×786 using HDMI. The sound is perfect but, the video is as if it is running at the lowest resolution. I tried other games such as Oblivion, and the Sims 3, and they all run on 1280×786 resolution. I do have a MSI 785g mobo that just been released, so could it be a driver issue with the game? It has a Radeon 4200 built in. If anything, I bought the game off of D2D (just incase) Thank you.

  12. Braid may just be running at a lower resolution in order to maintain a high frame rate (it is a more graphically-intensive game than one might think).

    However, if you look in the readme it has some options you can use to force the game to run at a higher resolution if you want.

  13. Yes it is a graphically-intensive game, and people tend to forget that games like Braid has alot of rendering going on. Thank you for replying. By the way, I wanted to dedicate this little piece that I wrote myself just in case you would like to put it in some future project of yours, in thanks for having the vision for Braid. It goes.. “Without time, there would be no past. Without a past, there would be no present. With out a present, there will be no future. Without time, there won’t be any exsistance. The only exsistance without time would be absolute nothingness” Hope you liked my saying. There is way more where that came from, but I want ti give that one to you. Thank you again.

  14. When there are releases for Linux and PS3, I will buy them both! 🙂 Lots of great news!

    While I understand the business reasons for catering to the monopolist first, I hope future games take porting into account more from the start (if possible). 🙂


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