The update for Braid (version 1.014) has gone live…

… at least, on Steam it is now live and will automatically update when you start your Steam client. It’s harder for me to tell when the Greenhouse, Impulse and GamersGate versions go live, but all of those partners have received the update as well.

This update includes all the fixes from the test versions of the game (see earlier posts).

Thank you, everyone who helped with the testing!

Update: Greenhouse tells me the new version is live there as well.

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  1. I simply love the game, astonishing work. Glad to see bugfixes coming in quickly though the only bug I’ve run into is a flicker every now and then.

  2. Hey there. I just downloaded the demo today through Steam and literally just blogged about the GOTO error as the update when live.

    Anyway, I went and tried to new version and found it opened without any problems. However, I found there was a new problem with the game’s display ratio.

    As best a I could tell, the game was running at a 4:3 ration instead of widescreen. This meant the game was incredibly compressed looking in windowed mode and slightly stretched in full screen mode.

    I know for certain it didn’t look like that in windowed mode before the update.

  3. Hiya, thanks for a brilliant game which I’ve been eagerly awaiting for a couple of years now I think. I just finished it (not all the speed runs etc.) and loved it! 🙂

    One little issue that you might find worth knowing. Playing on a laptop (or at least, on my laptop, and it may also happen on desktops too), you can’t alter the speed at which you can reverse time if you use the arrow keys and the right hand shift key. While holding down shift, if you press up/down it cancels the shift keypress. For almost all of the game this is no problem (although it does make one or two puzzles a bit tedious), but for one particular puzzle it’s not possible to do it without the fast rewind. Not sure if there’s an easy way for you to address that in the game, but it’s potentially a source of frustration for players. Stumped me for ages before I realised anyway.

  4. Dan: I’m aware of this; when I looked into it briefly it seemed like the problem was just laptop keyboards and not Braid, but the more I look at it, the more it does seem to be a bug. Will investigate further.

  5. Hello,

    After the update (done automatically by steam), the game resolution has decreased quite a lot on my computer. It looks like there is now a screen mode switch at startup, whereas before I think it was using the desktop resolution (1280×1024 in my case). I am not sure why. Is there a way of setting the resolution manually?

  6. The game is detecting at start-up that it would run very slowly (20fps or lower) at full resolution and is down-switching.

    In a future version there will be something in the options menu to set the resolution; for now, you can use command-line options. If you look in the READ_ME.txt in the braid folder you will see the list of them. But you might want to try e.g.:

    -width 1280 -no_post

  7. Thank you very much, I had not found the READ_ME.txt

    I think the auto-detection might be wrong, because the game was not slow at full resolution (I completed it without any speed problem).

    In case this is of interest for you, my configuration is :
    windows XP SP2
    intel core 2 duo T7500 @ 2.20 GHz
    2GB RAM
    Mobile Intel GMA X3100 with 384 MB video RAM
    (it is a laptop).

    I am using steam.

    Also, this is unrelated but the game works perfectly well with joytokey, just plug in any USB gamepad and map buttons to space, shift and escape, and you do not need the keyboard.

  8. Hm, i used to get 60fps (at least he game was trying, i actually got like 40-50), and post-processing.

    I have a desktop resolution of 1920*1200, dont know which resolution the game used to use, but it doesnt fill my screen anymore. Perhaps its my Monitor failing to scale for some reason, but that would be a strange coincidence after an update. The game now runs unscaled, i think.

    The game seem to run better mostly, but there is some stuttering which i didnt have before. I just ran kinda sluggish before.

    I much prefer the way it used to run. Can i force the game to use post-processing somehow? Any idea what resolution the game would have picked before? Might have been my native resolutioon, but i dont think so. :/

    The game seems to be running much slower than it should. Have a c2d 8400, 4gb ram, gf7600gt (normally 8800gt but that things broken currently). Also win7.

  9. ok, I tried to use 0 to display some framerate information.

    With the resolution it now sets by default (640×480, post-process OFF), it pretends to be running at 30 fps.

    With the -width 1280 option, I get the same as I used to, and it says : 1280×720, post-process OFF… and pretends to be running at 12 fps (and targeting that value), which I am quite sure is not right. Indeed, the speed is exactly the same as far as I can tell (maybe a tiny bit slower in the clouds, but I am not sure), and also perfectly smooth.

  10. Keep it up Jonathan Blow!

    I haven’t got any issues with the game myself, but seeing you so dedicated to make it bug free for all the people posting on your site and replying to them…wow. So I decided to post something non-bug related for you. Seriously, props!

    best regards

  11. I am still getting a crash with no error with the new version on Steam even though the 1.012 test version worked perfectly.

    Desktop resolution: 1280×960
    Relevant Specs: WinXP 32-bit, NVidia 9800GT, Core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz, 4GB RAM

  12. m3metix: This is weird because the Steam version and the 1.012 test are pretty much the same program. So I wonder if there is some other factor at play here? Do you have anything weird in the Steam properties box, or is there anything else going on while you are running Steam that isn’t happening at other times?

    Shadoko: Whatever the game tells you it is running at is probably right.. that is measured with the timer on your machine. If you can’t tell the difference, maybe the way the scene looks on your particular monitor is just conducive to feeling smooth even at low frame rates. 12fps at 1280 sounds about right for an embedded Intel chip…

  13. Matthias: If you read the READ_ME.txt you can find some options you can use to customize the way the game sets up the display. In a future version, these will be added to the options menu.

    James: I will test out 1440×900 tonight…

  14. Hmm…
    The only difference between running the 1.012 demo and the steam version is that I’m launching the steam version from steam…
    Is there any way to tell if I have the updated version on Steam? I deleted and redownloaded the game, so it should be up-to-date, but the readme file looks the same (it doesn’t have any of the new command line options listed).

  15. Me again…
    I seem to have solved the issue. I realized that starting the steam version from steam meant that it was running off a different drive, formatted as Ext2, than the drive the test version was on, formatted as NTFS. This really clicked when I copied over the package files from the steam install to the test version\’s data directory and it worked. So I put a new copy of steam on the same drive as the test version and downloaded Braid into that steam directory and everything works great (hooray, achievements! :p)
    Thanks Jonathan for your help and wondering “…if there is some other factor at play here?”

  16. A caveat to those thinking of using stardock: they will not let you register an email address with a plus in it – and if you use paypal, they’ll use only the email address associated with the paypal account. I’m still trying to get this sorted out with them; I opened a ticket on April 12, and things still ain’t resolved as of 15 April.

  17. I would just like to thank you again jonathan for all your incredible work and dedication to get this release up and running perfectly on as many systems as possible. I was lucky in that I had the Impulse demo TODO problem, but figured I’d buy the steam version once it went live and take my chances. After installing I crossed my fingers and hit launch, and then proceeded to play for 5 hours straight!

    Just one question, has all this hassle turned you off of future PC development? Because I certainly would be!

    Again, thank you for creating such a wonderful work of art. Take a break, you deserve it!

  18. I’m still getting a black screen and then a crash to desktop on startup with both the latest version of the Steam demo and with 1012 demo. Specs:

    Win XP 32bit, Intel Core2Quad
    4GB Ram, Desktop 1680×1050
    GeForce 9800 GT, driver version 182.50

    Weird that my machine seems to be the only one left that’s still getting this behavior. It doesn’t seem idiosyncratic in any other way, and it runs plenty of other games fine. Let me know if there’s any info you need.

  19. Yeah Peter, it is a weird one. I will definitely be looking into this, as that machine is well, well within the specs that ought to be able to run the game at highest quality…

    I wonder if there is some software you have installed that Braid doesn’t like (or that doesn’t like Braid!) What kind of stuff do you have running down in your task bar?

  20. hey bro, my problem is when using -width 1024 -height 768, it shows a small screen in the down-left corner with full graphic, and the left 3/4 monitor is black. I can play normally but it seems not so cormfort. Is the graphic-card problem?

  21. pear, are you running the newest version (e.g. off Steam)? Or an older one? If you had the Screen Size shrunk a little (in the options menu) there was a bug in older versions that might cause something like this, but that should be fixed as of today.

  22. hm.. isn’t each world supposed to have its own individual music? because it seems that when one song finished the song from the next world began, or when I went from world 1-1 to 1-2 …

    and I know it didn’t do this on the XBox

    is it a glitch or..? (because either way I think it’s much more fitting to have one track for each world x3)

  23. Hi,

    First let me say: marvelous game! I played it on a friend’s computer for a few minutes and immediately went to look at the demo. i was convinced my computer would be too slow to play the game, but I didn’t expect this:

    This video is someone else reporting the exact issue I had. The game looks exactly the same for me even though I have different hardware. I have

    Pentium-M 1.6 ghz
    2 gb ram
    Intel Extreme Graphics 855
    Windows XP SP3

    I can also tell you that I have a somewhat unorthodox windows installation in as much as I am also a developer and have a bunch of things set up like Visual Studio 2008 which would mean I have that redistributable C/C++ library as well as the 2005 one. I also have .NET 1.1/2.0/3.5 all installed. I don’t know if that’s important but I want to give you as much info as possible.

    The worst part is that the game seems to be running quite well apart from the fact that the objects are not recognizable. I’m running 1012 since I couldn’t find 1014 anywhere.

    On another note, I was getting the TODO crash that you said was because of a lack of SSE2 but my Pentium-M definitely supports SSE2. Updating to 1014 fixed that. I have no explanation for that. Please, let me know how I can help you track this down. I am fairly comfortable tinkering with my computer and supplying any information (however technical) that you may ask for.

    George Slavov

  24. George: It’s something about the graphics card not liking the shaders used in Braid. Maybe the shaders are a little too long or something. I don’t know anything about that Intel chip but I will take a look at it…

  25. I figured it out, turns out it was an oddity of my machine. My large partition where most games and media go is on an ext2 partition so I can access it from any filesystem. I’ve never had a problem with it before so I didn’t even think about it.

    The distinction is invisible to most programs, but it seems to be causing some sort of problem here. Braid works just fine from my ntfs partition. Might be useful to know if you’re considering a multiplatform release.

  26. Thanks for the quick response!

    That might be it! Are shaders a complete necessity to play the game? This chip has no shaders pixel or vertex. I am running the game with -no_post. I thought that would turn shaders off.

  27. First, congratulations on Braid’s Windows version release. Braid will surely become much more ingrained in the world’s collective consciousness as a notable piece of interactive art (as opposed to merely being a “casual video game,” although one could argue that Braid is both at the same time, to some extent).

    Next, I would like to ask if there’s any news that you could share with us regarding an Ubuntu version (as you had promised), and if there is anything the Open Source community can provide by way of support.

    And as a layman non-programmer (though somewhat avid gamer), I am curious as to how you would overcome Braid’s DirectX dependencies.

    Once again congratulations on the Windows release, looking forward to an Ubuntu version :), and thank you, thank you, thank you for giving the world a little piece of art.

  28. The problem that I’m having (which hasn’t been fixed by the update, alas) is that “Escape” crashes the game, so I can’t get to the menu. The error message I get is rather useless (The instruction at “0x00000000” referenced memroy at “0x00000000”. The memory could not be “read”.).

  29. At least in the Steam version, the READ_ME.txt apparently didn’t get updated, so there’s no information on the new resolution commands.

  30. Peter: That is exactly the same problem I was having, so I guess the lesson is that Braid doesn’t like Ext2 in Windows 🙂

    Jonathan: Yeah I’m using an ext2 driver for Windows, but I’ve never had problems with any of my other steam (or non-steam) games running from that partition.

  31. Impulse updated Braid to 1.01 but they did not provide the updater readme file with new command line switches. Could someone kindly provide a link to this file?

  32. “Not sure whats going on, my Braid is still saying version 1.00 and impulse insists there is no updates.”

    Mine was too, untill I completely uninstalled it and then reinstalled.

  33. This is a really awsome game!

    But after the update, the game has begun to run slower on my computer. Before i could run 60 frames with no postproccessing, now i can only run ~36.

  34. Looks like I was partly wrong – the update I was referring to was 1.01 update which fixed VSYNC and SSE2 issues.

    Few minutes ago a new update appered in impulse which is actual 1.014 update with following fixes:

    + When maximum resolution is less than 1280 horizontal, game crashes on start-up (giving the TODO error or no error).
    + Vertical Sync would sometimes not be enabled.
    + On cards that do not support Pixel Shader 2, game runs but gives you a black screen, but when you press Escape you can see the menu.
    + Game runs very slowly and you wish you could pick a lower resolution so that the game would run faster.
    + Can’t move the hand on the puzzle screen.
    + Graphical junk along the top and bottom of the puzzle screen.
    + Crash when using the -language option to switch to a Western language, on an operating system with an Asian locale set.

  35. Yep, so now the full version should be live then…

    Impulse just launched a couple of games that are all very popular so they are a bit busy right now! That’s probably why the update took a while to come through. Good problem for them to have, though.

  36. I have nothing to announce yet about a native Linux version of Braid. However, I will point out that a Mac port is being done, and once that is done, a Linux version will be much easier to do.

  37. I noticed that World 5-3’s level doesn’t actually contain a clever level name like the others. At first I thought that this was a bug, but since the game has been patched, then I’m guessing that this is on purpose…?

  38. Thanks.

    Normally I would be content to sit back and let the fix happens with it happens. Especially since I’ve been on the fence about buying the PC version. I mean, I enjoyed playing it on my brother’s 360 and I want to support this kind of game development, but I am slightly broke. With the announcement of the level editor I practically dropped off the fence, so I hope it happens soon.

    I have a hard time playing graphical simple games at incorrect display resolutions, much less something as visually detailed as Braid.

  39. Hi.
    A short question… could i turn the post processing back on?
    Since the patch it is off, but before it it was obviously turned on, and the game had run fine with it……so, how can it be turned on again?

  40. What command line options can be used to force stretch the screen to fullscreen (no black bars) on a 4:3 monitor? Version 1011 caused that effect (a bug, I assume) for me and I kind of liked it… could see much more details of the graphics, and the impact in aspect ratio wasn’t that much. Could not reproduce using version 1012.

  41. Thanks for the quick update, Jon. And a great game, in general.

    I was wondering if there was any way to get Braid to run at 1680×1050 and fill the entire screen. I’m running the current Impulse version on a Geforce 9800 GT with a 22″ 1680×1050 LCD.

    I tried adding -width 1680 to the shortcut, but it still wouldn’t fill the screen.

    Is this behavior by design or a bug?

    Thank you for any help you can offer,

  42. Hey Jon,

    I just wanted to commend you addressing so many of the issues so quickly. I have found the answer to most of my technical problems just by reading through the comments here!

    Keep it up and thanks,


    Having a lot of fun with the game, too!

  43. the game looked great in the demo! now since i paid nearly 20 bones Canadian for the full version it looks much more pixelated than the demo!

    i read the comments above but how do i even find the Read me txt?

    braid is only installed in Steam.

    i cant seem to find a file of it anywhere!

    how do i “command”

  44. Thanks for the great game! BTW do you plan to support graphics card with pixel shader 1.0? I really want to play this one but couldn’t run it due to my old system…

  45. Hi Jonathan,

    I’m working from the demo here as (being a picky sod that I am) I don’t want to buy the game until I’ve got things working the way I want them :).

    I’m running a widescreen 16:10 LCD natively 1920×1200 and I’m having problems getting the game to display at the correct aspect ratio. Running the demo without any switch loads it up in 4:3 – 1280×960. Borders left and right, top and bottom, the screen is squashed. With the switch -width 1280 it loads in 1280×720, fully wide but stretches it vertically to fill out the 16:10 screen. With the switch -width 1920 it looks perfect, but doesn’t run quite as smoothly. Basically I’m trying to get it to load at 1280×800 with black borders filling in the space that it doesn’t use. I really want to buy this game but I know if I do before I get these problems fixed I’ll play it regardless and that’ll diminish the experience :).

    Any help appreciated!

  46. Apologies for the double post!

    Just managed to sort this by changing my scaling options in the nVidia control panel. It might be nice to have a resolution option in the software and get it to scale things properly, but what’s important is I can get it to display the way it’s supposed to now. Huzzah, off to buy Braid :D.

  47. yo ! any help would be appreciated

    i have downloaded the FULL game from Steam

    i cant find any folder on my PC which contains Braid inside.

    it only launches from Steam

    would like to play the game in beautiful Full Resolution rather than pixelated grossness


  48. ok thanks for that tip ^ found the read me but i have no clue how to input the command

    now how do i even “command line”? like do i press something in game?\\

    do something with the braid icon in the folder you mentioned above??

  49. slambo > go into steam and right-click on braid, then select properties, then “set launch options”. Type there whatever you want (probably, as myself : -width 1280).

  50. I can confirm Impulse update is live. I got my version updated.
    I’m not sure when Impulse update went live, because I haven’t had a chance to play Braid in a few days.

  51. oh wow, nevermind the thing I wrote about the music. I was being retarded and forgetful as I’m sure you’ve noticed 🙂

    ahh this game is so brilliant.. even when I’m done playing it I can’t help but go back and reread everything to put it all together

  52. HI:

    I just updated to the latest version. Very nice indeed I can run 2560×1600 now full screen using “-width -height”, and the frames are a solid 60 even at 24xtraa 16af. I was wondering If you’d implement support for the 16:10 aspect ratio eventually. If you didn’t the game is still god send, but idk, pleeease.

  53. Whoops Spoke too soon, 1920×1200 is indeed working, however 25×16 still has the hand automove problem. Thanks

  54. I tried to run version 1.014, and I hear the music, but I’m just seeing a black screen – does that mean my video card is not supported?

  55. Jonathan – I’m getting similar results on two computers, but both have old graphics sets.

    One has a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 card, the other is a laptop with Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME integrated graphics.

    In the first case, the whole screen goes black. In the second case, I just see a black window. Both of these are running DirectX 9.0c, but I don’t think either one supports anything beyond the version 2.0 shader model.

    Is there any command line switch that might allow me to run the game?


  56. You might try -no_post . If that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what is going on. Maybe they just don’t support long-enough shaders to run what the game is giving them.

  57. Jonathan – The no_post switch got me farther than before, but now I am seeing the issue shown in the youtube video in George Slavov’s post above.

  58. Jonathan,

    Thanks for everything, I admire you taking the time to address peoples problems as best as you can. This game and its creators (i.e….you) are out of this world. Keep on being awesome!

    – 0v0

  59. Hi!
    On this version the game runs by default on 1280×1024 instead of 1280×720 like the previous version. I want to play on a window and this is kinda annoying…

    Command lines -width 1280 -height 720 won’t work.

    Can you help me?

  60. Same here: “-windowed -width 1280 -height 720” gives me a 1280×800 window (my display aspect ratio is 16:10), which is just 1280×720 with additional black bars, which is a waste of space. Windowed modes should never be letterboxed with black bars.

    Also: Linux
    Also: Remappable controls

  61. Im creating start.bat file with: braid.exe -width 1024 -height 768
    But when i run the game, its still have 1280×1024 resolution.
    How to make it work?

  62. Hello… I bought the game on Steam, really like the art and gameplay so far.
    Last night I solved World 4 puzzle and didn’t recieve the achievment.
    Don’t know if this is a bug or what, but just thought I’d report it.

  63. Will Pixel Shader 1.4 be supported any time soon? A few of my friends want to get the game but their machines are dated.

  64. Hi,

    I just bought the game on Steam, I think it’s updated to latest version (but have no idea because the exe has no version, it is 1.727.488 bytes, is it ok?). The game always crashes when going full screen (while it works fine in window mode); I tried to force resolution with -width and decrease my refresh rate to 60hz but with no success.
    These are my specs:

    – Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
    – 1 GB ram
    – Windows XP
    – ATI Radeon 4850 with 9.4 drivers
    – resolution 1024×768@75hz

    Please help me because I don’t know what to do; is there any crash report that I may submit? (I’ve seen that the exe calls Drwtsn32 when crashing).
    Thanks and regards,

  65. Hi again,
    this is the error that is logged when braid crashes (I tried to translate from italian, hope it’s still understandable) 🙂

    Application that went in error braid.exe, version, module that went in error braid.exe, version, error address 0x000a94b3.

    Hope it helps.
    Thanks again,

  66. This game is just AWESOME. ’nuff said.

    I have a bug where if I play for about half an hour, switching between a few levels/completing a few stages I eventually get a terrible framerate. At first I thought it was the new level type (ghosts) but it wasn’t. Restarting Braid fixed it. Perhaps something isn’t being properly destroyed in memory? If so, it might still be being processed/rendered, just off screen. I’m not too sure.

    Also, I use Boot Camp on my Mac, and own Braid for Windows. Can I get Braid for Mac at a discount/free when it’s released? Just AWESOME that you’re making a Mac version as well.

    Really great that you’re listening to everyone’s comments 😀

  67. Hi,

    another update:

    – I started game in window mode;
    – I pressed ALT+ENTER to go full screen;
    – the game does not crash (I may press ALT+ENTER again and come back to window mode) but I get a black screen with music in background.


  68. I am having a problem where the images flicker? (tear apart). There are other images jumps around the screen and render some images can’t be seen.

    I tried no_post, no_vsync etc but doesn’t fix it.

    The strange part is, the game is running perfectly fine the first time. I tried reinstalling but no use.

    Please help, I like this game a lot 🙁

  69. I also see the trouble with right shift – press any arrow key and shift is released.
    I am using a simple ps2 keyboard (a gateway 2000 219600X-XX-XXX if you must know).

    The DirectInput Keyboard sample (June 2008 SDK) shows the same problem.
    When an arrow is pressed while the right shift is down it appears as if the right shift is no longer down, until all the arrows pressed after the shift have been released (but sometimes it appears for one sample when another arrow is pressed).

  70. Batist: My graphic card is nvidia 7300GS, I am not sure how old it is but updating the drivers solve the problem as shown in the picture

  71. Right now, a Radeon 9200 SE can’t run Braid. The shader support isn’t high enough. Sorry about that. There may be a time in the future when that is possible, but it would require some significant changes to the game.

  72. Here’s an interesting tidbit. I have an Asus EePC 1000HE netbook. 1.66ghz single-core Intel Atom processor, 2GB ram, and an Intel 945 IGP. It runs Braid fine. I had more trouble on my Dual Core Athlon with an 8800GT.

    Interestingly, I resolved slowness issues on the Athlon by installing .NET 3.5 SP1 and rebooting. I notice the game degrades if I alt-tab. Only rebooting fixes speed issues after that.

    Hopefully, this will help people who have had speed issues.

  73. I’m not sure if this will help, but I’ve tried running Braid on my computer and my wife’s, and heres the odd result. It runs better on my wife’s, even though mine is faster.

    She’s running:
    Windows vista
    2 gb ram
    AMD 4200+

    She had the vsync issue, which was fixed with no_vsync_test. 60 fps consistantly.

    But heres the interesting thing—- first, my specs
    Windows XP SP3
    Geforce 260
    2 gb ram
    AMD 5600+ X2 (dual core)

    I don’t have the vsync issue… however Braid always runs a percentage less than the target framerate, and very inconsinstant. On the opening level, I’ll see a rapid increase/decrease from 30-60. It will average about 45-50, but will suddenly cut in half, just by standing, with no enemies onscreen! It was so erratic its unplayable.

    Now to the interesting part– Knowing that I’ll never dip below 30 fps, I decided to set my target cap at 30, for the sake of smoothness and playability. The framerate was now 15-20! Just as erratic, and now a percentage less than 30! I would imagine if I set it to 20, I’d get 10!

    Is this dual core related?

  74. I have heard of people having a weird dual core problem on some AMD processors and that reinstalling AMD’s Dual Core Performance Tuner (or whatever it is called) solved the problem. But I have not seen this first-hand so I don’t know…

  75. Hello, I enjoy running in windowed mode, however, after the last patch, the window, instead of being 1280×720 is now 1280x(some height greater than 1050). I’ve tried several combinations of commands appended to the executable name, but none of them work. This is on vista 32bit, and I’m using the impulse version (not sure if that makes a difference for this particular game, but I figured since you respond here fairly often I might as well post it here).

    -width 1280 -height 800
    -windowed -width 1280 -height 800
    -width 1280 -height 800 -windowed

  76. I was really looking forward to playing this game, unfortunately the pixel shader causes the whole background to be red and black, the only thing I can see is the character.

    Can you please advise if my rig can run this game, its pretty old so I am not so sure:

    Single core 2.4Ghz intel processor socket 478
    2 gig RAM
    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB

    I thought I read that the card does support Pixel Shader 2.0?

    So Im a bit stumped here, can anyone let me know, is there a fix for this or should I be looking at a better Video card?


  77. Tom: The game doesn’t support Radeon 9800 video cards. Those are just a little too old; sorry about that. Any video card that supports DirectX9 and Pixel Shader 2 should be enough to run Braid.

  78. Jonathan Blow: The game might not support the Radeon 9800 video card series (really? I’ve heard it does), but it does work on my Radeon 9600, which is less powerful… Just make sure you have the newest drivers and you should have better luck.

    However, I’m having trouble running it on my other computer. I’ll have to see if the update works. I’ll report more if I run into problems.

    Is there a place to download the new update (1.014) as an extracting *.exe file? Similar to how the 1.012 test patch was distributed.

  79. Hmm, interesting… I know the game doesn’t work on a Radeon 9000, so I assumed it doesn’t work on a 9800 either. If it does, then maybe the 9600 is the lowest card it supports.

    I think the GamersGate and Greenhouse versions come as a self-extracting .exe but you would have to buy it from them… which is silly if you already got the game from e.g. Steam. But you could play the demos from those sources to see if they work on that other computer.

  80. The version of the game shouldn’t matter. I’m not sure what’s going on, but any number of random things could be happening with your video drivers, etc. In the next version there will be a way to manually pick the resolution from the settings menu, which should help with situations like this.

  81. I found a solution for custom resolutions, only with NVidia cards though.

    You have to add the resolution you want to use as a custom resolution in the NVidia Control Panel.

  82. 2GB of RAM, XP Pro SP3, 2.16GHz Dual Core.

    It’s really weird how it happens, but a simple game restart fixes the problem.

  83. Hey Jonathan,
    I just found out about your game and have downloaded the demo from steam program. Currently, it will run at 640×480 at about 16 fps. I have tried all the fixes with launch options etc. and at best it runs at 18fps on 640×480. Any higher resolution will get the slow motion effect, but even 640 feels as though it isn’t full speed.

    My specs are low, 2.0ghz Pentium 4 with a geforce 5600fx. Can I ever hope to achieve fluid gameplay?

  84. I forgot to say how much ram I have, it is 512mb of Rambus. Could the memory being rambus be the issue? Because the cpu doesn’t really seem to be overloaded as it hovers around 80-90% usage. Even though it is just a pentium 4 2.0ghz

  85. In case anybody is having the same issues that I was (black screen, or character showing up as a black rectangle) – I upgraded my video card to an eVGA GeForce 6200 ($30.99 after rebate on, and now it works! I think I’m going to have to run at 20 fps, but at least I can play the game!

  86. Memory being Rambus or not should not matter. The problem is possibly the graphics card — it is very slow for this game. However, it seems to me that it ought to be able to do faster than 18fps at 640, though I am not sure since I don’t have that card…

  87. Trying to run Braid demo on the Mac (MBP, OS 10.5.6) with Crossover and it is just not working, no matter what I do… installed into a Vista environment; it’ll install but throws an error at the end (shellexecuteex, error 2) but it’ll load and tell me “this is the evaluation version”. On clicking the demo button, I get a window… with nothing in it but a white bar across the bottom.

    I’d normally say “okay, I guess it just won’t run” but it seems that a bunch of other people have got it to work just fine, so I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong and if someone can help me. Thanks so much 😉

  88. I am running Braid in 800×600 with 22-25fps on Acer Aspire One (Atom 1.6GHz, Intel GME945) with these settings: “-windowed -height 480 -width 800” -half -no_post -30fps

    It actually runs fullscreen and display reports 800×600, therefore I would think it should work faster with Geforce 5600 and Pentium 4.

  89. Hi Jonathan!
    Just wanted to say thank you so much for a really inexpensive but nonetheless really GREAT game! You did a great job there. Since “The day of the tentacle” I waited for some other great game playing with time (paradoxes)!
    I hope, some day you will come up with another game including some time manipulating mechanisms!
    Just a sideremark. For me the game felt more like a puzzle than an action game. So, I sometimes sensed the required dexterity _unnecessarily_ high — a dynamic time factor control would have been nice 😉

  90. I bought Braid on Greenhouse and I run it on linux using Wine. So far everything went smoothly but I have strange problem.

    In level 6-4 (with time ring) on entering a level there is horizontal pad above me that should move to the left wall so I can grab a puzzle piece below cannon. However that pad is not moving at all. Vertical pad doesn’t move either. I saw on Youtube that on XBox horizontal pad is moving to the left – it was first time that I’ve gave up and go to YT just to discover game mechanics is broken for me 🙁

    Has anyone noticed this or can confirm? Is there a fix?

  91. Anyone else experienced this weird problem? whenever i close braid on my computer, my sound card disappears!!! i have no sound until i reboot my computer, my mixer says there are no installed sound devices. This only happens when closing Braid. I have a soundmax onboard soundcard on an Asus p5b-deluxe. Never experienced anything similar in 2 years or more ive had that board.

  92. Tomasz: That is a weird one… that puzzle works for literally everyone else and is the kind of thing that is unlikely to break on an individual’s machine. However, running under Linux on Wine is not supported and that throws a huge question mark into the situation. So I don’t really know what to say about this one…

  93. Hi,
    I’m trying to run the game but I keep having a crush at the start up. I’ve tried the demo version hosted in and the 1.014 update.
    It still shows a blank screen for about five seconds, then it reduces to a blank small window and the intro music plays, but nothing else seems to work. BTW, it accepts the Alt+F4 command only if I haven’t tried Esc first, in which case the music stops and I need to restart the PC.
    I guess it might be my PC, it is quite out-of-date for a lot of things.
    I have a Pentium 4 3.06hz, RAM 504, screen resolution 1024×768 32bits, Intel 82865GC.

  94. First- awesome game. I waited forever for this to come to the PC. Second, great support- you really are doing a wonderful job making things good for customers. Third. wtf is going on in this game that needs any shaders at all? I cringe at every game that requires hardware upgrades for no visible reason- not that you don’t need it- I just don’t know what it is. I wanted to show the game to my dad & all I could get was a black screen & sound. His card is below the apparent specs, so he’s gonna have to buy a $40 card to play a $15 game, which I suppose isn’t a real big deal right? The world moves forward & all- but I don’t exactly see it. I mean- I do see shader effects- but nothing that seems to be gameplay integral. I guess what I’m asking is- how much trouble is it for you to fix it? Make a shader-free version/option/self-detect jammy? It’s a kickass 2d platformer with no 3d that won’t run on most 3d cards. My head hurts trying to figure out what you did. Anyway. Awesome game. Truly creative and inspired puzzle design. Please make it run on more crappy machines so you can make a little more money and more people will be able to play it. It’ll be way more work, I’m sure- and probably not really rewarding, enough- but it’ll fix so many problems and make many people very happy. And I’ll give you a hug. Well- probably not really- I live nowhere near you and it could be creepy anyway, but the sentiment is there.

  95. One of the main reasons the game requires Shader 2 is the way the images are stored in graphics card memory. In order to reduce the amount of memory used, they are stored as YCrCb, with Cr and Cb downsampled. To draw the rendered scene, the graphics card needs to convert from YCrCb, from two source textures, into RGB and then use that.

    It’s possible I could have the game try and do something else as a fallback, but I haven’t looked into the possibility yet to see how feasible that is.

  96. Hm. Ok- I can see that. Sounds to me like it would be better to make a second version entirely, or an algorithm to generate the ‘fallback’ images on demand. In any case- thanks for the quick reply, the great support, and your time.

  97. Jonathan: sorry, it’s my mistake. I must have been really asleep at 2am playing Braid. Tim has won – puzzle in 6-5 works fine. I didn’t see platform moving because it’s moving only when I enter a level. I was running around trying to find solution but I did not re-enter a level. Today I’ve entered 6-5 with fresh mind and of course both horizontal and vertical pad are moving so I could solve a puzzle. 😮

    Great design of this one Jonathan, it took about an hour altogehter 🙂 So far Braid on Wine is 100% correct. Thanks.

  98. Hello. I downloaded your trial, and the picture started out blocky like everything was blocks. I am redownloading but if this doesnt work, what should I do?

  99. Help-Requester Man, it sounds like your graphics card doesn’t support Pixel Shader 2 with long-enough shaders. The game is supposed to detect this and give an error, but I guess sometimes it doesn’t. There isn’t much you can do right now to fix it.

  100. Hey Johnathon, Will there be a patch to fix 2560×1600 soon? The hand for the puzzle still moves on it’s own at that resolution

  101. Hello.

    I have just purchased the Steam version of this lovely game.

    Here’s the problem, I downloaded the demo and it works fine. I bought it on steam and now it says that it won’t run. It goes to load the game and then crashes back to windows.

    I have the latest drivers for my nVidia Gforce 9800 GTX card, I am running XP with all the latest updates, an Intel dual core 3 ghz processor with 2 GB of RAM.

    What gives here?

  102. Meant to add this:

    AppName: braid.exe AppVer: ModName: braid.exe
    ModVer: Offset: 000a94b3

    That’s the error I get.

  103. Running Braid on Windows Vista (x64 SP1 Rus) issued fatal error in braid.dll with Data Execution Prevention (it’s enabled for all application on my system, not system files only).
    And all work fine after append braid.dll into DEP exclusion list.

  104. George: Sometimes Steam fails to download files properly, for whatever reason. I would suspect that of being the problem. The demo and full version are supposed to be exactly the same, so if the demo worked, the full version should work.

    I would try right-clicking on the game and selecting “Delete Local Content” and then re-downloading.

  105. Hello Jon’
    I have the same problem than Mike (see above, near april 15th) : the game works perfectly but when I push escape in the game (not in the puzzle-mode) the game crashes and I can’t get the menu. So it’s difficult to change the settings in order to play with a pad, for example…
    I have Windows Vista Home Edition with a cheap laptop : Intel Celeron 1.73 Ghz x2, 2GB RAM, and a graphic card integrated in the motherboard. DirectX10.
    Do you know this kind of problem ?
    Sorry if my english is not perfect, I’m a french bastard. Bye !

  106. I have heard of a few people having this problem when pressing escape. It seems like a graphics driver problem but I don’t know what is causing it. If I can narrow down the cause then I will release a patch.

  107. okay, I’m gonna download the latest version of my graphic driver, then I’ll send another message to inform you.

  108. Скажите пожалуста вы зделаете для старых видео карт BRAID?

  109. hi –

    great game… for the first 5 minutes i could play it. after that the screen starts to flicker, the game freezes & sends me back to windows, which has flickering graphic problems after the game crashes. For the record, my system has:

    – GeForce 7900 GS graphics card with most recent drivers
    – Windows XP SP 3
    – Intel 2.6 GHz Dual Core Processor
    – 3 GB RAM

    please let me know if you can help me figure out what the problem is. i’d love to buy the full version to play through this great looking game.


  110. Hmm Steve, it almost sounds like your system has heat / power draw problems… when Braid starts drawing a bunch of graphically heavy stuff, that might be kicking it into a higher level of activity that is causing problems. (Did you overclock anything?)

    Are you able to run other graphically-demanding games for long periods of time without them crashing?

  111. thanks for the quick reply!

    i’m a pretty casual gamer & only pick games up when they really pique my interest, so it’s probably been 7 or 8 months since i last played anything on my PC. i have previously played through psychonauts & telltale’s sam & max series with no crashing or graphics issues. i’m not sure how demanding these games are on my system, though… probably not that much, eh?

    color me ignorant: how would i go about detecting the “overclocking” of which you speak? or find a way to detect and solve the suspected heat / power draw problems?

    again, your reply is much appreciated. i hope i can get the game up & running!


  112. Well, things would probably only be overclocked if you did that yourself.

    Braid uses your graphics hardware a lot more heavily than Sam & Max or Psychonauts. You can think of it as being like a high-end 3D game. I’m not sure how I can advise you to test to see if this is really the problem, except perhaps to try a 3D game (or a free demo of one) that is very intensive and see if it runs a while on your PC without problems… if that game crashes your system too, then you have a solid clue.

  113. Hi Jon,
    I’ve got a problem with version 1.014, for so reason it is locked to 30fps it says it’s targeting 60fps but never goes above or below (well so times not much though) 29.9fps. I mean how much power does it take to run this game lol. I have a 1.5GHz Core 2 Duo with a Nvidia 8600 GT and 2 Gb of DDR2 ram. I can play Bioshock at 50 to 60 fps with no problems. How to i improve the fps of Braid. Oh and BTW the game does run at max resolution and postproces is on too.

  114. Garrett, the game is not quite hitting 60fps, as the video card is just drawing it a little too slowly; since vsync is on, each 1/60sec frame is turning into a 1/30sec frame as the game waits for vertical refresh.

    You may be able to get a full 60 if you specify -no_post on the command-line. The postprocess is really expensive in terms of graphics processor cycles.

  115. Thanks a lot Jon but I should have clarified my case better. I bought Braid off steam however my steam launcher doesn’t want to work. However Braid can still be launched outside of steam in windows (which my other steam game will not). It also will run through a command prompt. So my real question is now how do I turn off the post process in command prompt? I’m sorry I didn’t make this clear earlier. I don’t know how to edit the .exe file in cmd. Thank you so much in advance. BTW I’m also running Vista if that counts for anything. Thanks again!

  116. thank you thank you very very much your game is awesome I’ve bought it on XBLA and PC now I simply love it. Thank you again so much for helping me fix the problem.

  117. i have the 1.014 version and it works fine but slows down on the first level also when i hit the esc button the game crash’s down

    am using xp sp2 intel quad core 2.5 and ati 4650 1GB the ram is 4GB

  118. I have tried deleting the local files for the Steam version, and I still got the error message when running in full screen mode. I did download the demo and installed it and it worked fine. The PC Demo is what prompted me to get it from Steam, and I figured it would work fine just like my copy of World Of Goo did.

    So I left the Demo installed and installed the Steam version. First thing that I thought was odd was when I first installed it, it checked my version of Direct X. I thought nothing of it, and continued as normal. Now I can’t play it except in scrunched up windowed mode. I’ve even tried deleting any braid folders before reinstalling the game on Steam, and I am still getting the same problem.

  119. Hi I have an AMD Athlon 64 dual core system, geforce 7950 GT (which does pixel shader 2.0)

    My issue is a strange one – the game loads fine and runs very smooth, but as soon as I get the key in the cloud level, the game crashes my system really hard. Sound usually will start to loop, monitors go dead, OS will not respond etc. Needs a hard reset.
    I bought the game on steam

    Any help appreciated

  120. thad: Have you tried upgrading your graphics drivers? From the description of the problem, it seems like the drivers are crashing.

    The 7950GT is a perfectly fine card to run Braid with…

  121. Jonathan, the game crashes on startup. It first opens a black screen and then crash. I use the PC version(v1.014).
    Anyway, I’ve done some testing, and I found that if I change my native resolution(1680×1050 – the one I always use) to 1280×1024 or lower, it gets fixed. Furthermore, I was also able fix this problem while still using my native resolution by adding “-width 1280 -height 1024” to the command-line.
    Considering that the previous version I was using(v1.0) worked perfectly with my native resolution, I’m pretty sure that the new system you’ve added has a few bugged lines.
    Take my word on this, it’s not a problem in my computer. The fact that I was able to fix the problem by adding the above to the command-line(which actually makes the game ignore the new system, right?) shows that the problem must be in this new system.

    Happy rescripting,
    Bug Reporter.

  122. Same problem as lewis, game runs just fine but when i press esc key game crashes on both of my sistems. v1.014

    1st-pentium m 1.6ghz 2gb ram windows xp sp2 ati x300 64mb
    2nd-celeron 2.16ghz 1gb ram vista home basic with intel x3100 gma

  123. Hi Jonathan

    I have upgraded to the latest nVidia drivers, and the game still crashes at the same spot. I decided to see how far I can go elsewhere to try to recreate it, and so far this is the only place that crashes. 2-2, I jump across and either just before I get the key or just after I have picked it up, very hard crash.

    I played through the rest of world 2, and nearly all of world 3 with no issues. I pick up keys all over the place and have no issues elsewhere.
    I have redownloaded the game from steam just in case, dumping the local content each time before I do so.

    I love this game. Reports of feeling smug as hell when you work out a new time dynamic are so true. This game rocks 🙂

  124. I can’t change the rate at which time is reversed/fast forwarded with Shift+Arrow keys. Shift+W and Shift+S work fine, though. I got thoroughly stuck on World 3 due to this (had to check online to find out about the reverse-time-quicker mechanic, followed by some guessing to find the WSAD keys worked). Presumably this is a bug?

  125. bought the game off steam, but can’t play on my laptop because of the blocky graphics issue. after reading the comments this appears to be due to my video card (my machine is pentium m 1.6, radeon mobility 7500, 2GB ram). crap. I guess I’ll have to wait another 6 months to play until I can buy a new laptop. well +1 to the list of ppl who would love to play this game but can’t because of not so fresh graphics hardware.

  126. So I put an old GFX card in and now I get no probs, so there is something about the 7950GT which Braid does not like. My older 245meg 7600GT has no probs and now I can finish the first world. Well I would if I was clever enough to work it out…

  127. Jonathan: My keyboard is a 105-key Microsoft Internet Keyboard. Shift+WS works, Left Shift + Up, Down works, but if I’m rewinding by holding Right Shift, and then I press Up or Down, rewinding stops and Tim looks up / down.

  128. Hi, Jonathan! I want to say first off that I’m MONUMENTALLY impressed that you’re fielding all these questions this way, and that you’re putting such an effort into making sure that people enjoy your (fantastic!) game.

    unfortunately, I write with another problem. I’m having the same issue Thad was having above, only in different places. After awhile of playing the game – I think between three and thirty seconds – and in at least one specific point (I think it happened at the second book in World 2 repeatedly, after loading the text) the system crashes pretty hard. The screen goes black, the sound loops, and I need a hard reset to get anything done. Occasionally when I reboot, it tells me that there was a video driver crash, as you suggested, but all the updates I’ve tried for it have not been helpful.

    I am almost certain this is a software problem and not a hardware one because a few days ago I reformatted my computer (routine thing to clean it out) and prior to that the demo ran fine, apart from needing to run it windowed for the TODO workaround. After running all my system updates and all of the video card updates I can find, it’s still not working either in windowed or normal mode.


    Windows Vista Business (32bit)
    4GB RAM
    Radeon x1300-x1500 series, and whatever ATI drivers I have for it (I’ll double check but for some reason 9.3 is coming to mind)
    Intel chip (can’t remember exact specs and I’m on a different computer, but it’s at least 2.6GHz)

    If you have any thoughts, please let me know – I just bought it and I’m itching to play it more. It does look like your responses have been slowing down a bit, which is totally fair – frankly, I’d be happier knowing that you’re working on something else new and amazing than fielding every tech question that comes your way. Still, if you have insight, it’d be great to have some help.

  129. Sol, the first suggestion is always going to be to upgrade your graphics drivers with the newest ones from ATI’s site. Any hard crashes that happen are probably the graphics driver barfing on something.

    One other thing, though — if you had to work around that TODO error then you must have an old version of Braid, since that was fixed a long time ago; I’d recommend downloading a newer copy.

  130. Well, it still doesn’t work on my PC, even with the newest drivers, but it does work perfectly fine on my netbook. Thanks for all that you do!

  131. I love the game, but I’ve been having weird problems. I downloaded the demo (from greenhouse) and it ran beautifully. Decided to buy the full game. Oddly enough, as soon as I had the full game, my performance went into the toilet. I never noticed a thing in the demo–didn’t really know what resolution I was running, and never noticed the game lagging. I’m guessing it was running 1024×768 or higher, but never had cause to investigate. With the full game, it autodetected to 640×480, and 800×600 is the highest I can force to without the frame rate being unplayably slow. It’s really slow in the clouds and assembling the puzzles is very laggy, but most of the levels are reasonable (though some are worse than others). Even if I replay the levels that were present in the demo, they’re now noticeably slower. Can post my system specs if necessary, but the demo seems to be evidence that my system is more than capable of running this at a good frame rate. Anything I should try?

    I have to say, though–even with the discomfort of the performance problems, I love the game. Well done!

  132. The demo version and the full version are exactly the same program. So there shouldn’t be any difference.

    If you haven’t tried rebooting, try that. DirectX is weird sometimes. (Assuming this is on Windows?)

  133. Hi, I can’t access menu at all. The game crashes both on my laptop and desktop. My desktop has an old Ati 256mb 9600pro, while my laptop has onboard intel graphics – Media Accelerator X3100. I successfully accessed the menu on my other desktop before. That one had a gtx260+

    Please assist.


  134. Hi Jonathan.
    One friend told me about your game and I decided to bought it at Gamergate, this was on 18/06. Unfortunately, I’m one of the TODO error victims. I suppose that the version I downloaded includes the last fixes. In fact, I tested last demos and I got the same error message.
    Windows XP
    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU
    Q8200 @ 2.33GHZ
    2.33GHZ, 3,25 GB RAM
    VGA RADEON HD 3450 256mb DDR2

    Thanks in advance.

  135. I, too, am having issues. I’m on Windows Vista 32-bit and I just upgraded my graphics card to an Nvidia GeForce 9400 gt. When I play, the game sets itself to 30 fps, which I don’t really mind, except that the visuals get extremely blurry whenever I move, to the point where it’s straining my eyes and making my head pound to play for more than 10 minutes.

    If I run it at 60 fps, it looks fine, which implies a refresh rate issue to me. My monitor will apparently only run at 60hz or 75hz, so setting it lower is out, leaving my options at running at 60 fps (which is extremely slow), or figuring out why the vsync seems so off. If I do try to run at 60 fps, the game is extremely slow, even with postprocess off and at 800×600 resolution. But it’s almost like I can’t get vsync to turn on at 30 fps. I’ve even tried forcing it on with the Nvidia control panel, but it’s no good. I’ve used the -no_vsync_test command, but it doesn’t seem to help either.

    Except for the slowness (which I don’t understand, but if I can get the game running fine at 30fps I don’t mind) I didn’t have these problems with my previous card, which was also an Nvidia. (8600 I think.)

    I’ve upgraded to R3 from Greenhouse, which I assume is the latest version. (The Mac version is r5, but I assume they’re totally different branches. On a related note, I’m irritated that Greenhouse doesn’t announce updates to games to purchasers. I was playing an old version of the Mac port for weeks before I found out a really annoying bug had been fixed by Hothead but Greenhouse had done nothing to let buyers know.)

    So yes, is there possibly something forcing vsync off, even after skipping the vsync test (which I believe has been disabled anyway) or forcing it through the device control panel? It’s so odd. I have to play it on my early 2008 MacBook in the meantime. (It’s funny that that piece of junk runs it better than this fancy desktop.)

  136. R3 is the latest PC version, yeah. If you force vsync on in the driver control panel, I believe that will absolutely override anything the game is doing. So the game is probably vsyncing in that case.

    There may be some kind of driver problem. Are you using the drivers from the disk that came with the graphics card, or brand new drivers from the Nvidia web site?

  137. Hi, is there an easy way to tell in-game that we have the latest version (1.014)? I’m a bit new to the PC side of gaming and I can’t figure out if there is a console in-game. Also the in-game settings menu does not let me change resolution; is this change still not implemented (not that its especially important)?

  138. The secret method is to go into the main menu, then Help & Options. While on that screen, if you hold down the HOME key, you should see the version number drawn subtly in the upper-left-hand corner of the screen.

    Resolution changes still have to happen from command-line arguments; can’t do it mid-game.

  139. Another ‘won’t run on ext2 under windows’. I’ve the steam version, Win XP SP3, and I think ext2ifs as the filesystem driver.

    It’s really strange – dozens, maybe hundreds, of other programs work fine. I’m not entirely sure what weird filesystem properties you could be depending on, possibly something that XBLA wanted?

    Either way, fix seems to be to copy to another drive – worked. Literally copied straight from Steams ‘common’ directory to another drive, enither steam nor game complained.

    Want I should rig something to dump logs or anything?

  140. Braid does not intentionally depend on any weird properties of the file system. Whatever the problem is, though, it’s unlikely that it has anything to do with XBLA.

    I have no idea what the problem could be. It might be something small. Not sure how you could debug it, either…

  141. I get a garbled screen after launching Braid. I’ve tried the demo and the version I purchased through Steam.

    The rig is an HP/Compaq D530 SFF.

    The on-board graphics is an Intel 82865 based chipset.

    I’ve tried the latest patches, with no luck.

    Is there a good reason why this set up doesn’t work?

  142. Ahhhh nevermind.

    The 82865 chipset does not support Pixel Shader 2.0.

    Anyways, thanks for making the fantastic game!

  143. Hi there,

    Braid’s really a great and challenging game. Though after playing it for some weeks, I’ve found some kind of bug…

    So: After a while I found out, that there’s an extra challenge. Collecting the stars, so I started looking for them and was able to collect 5 oder 6 of them. But by this time I wasn’t able to find any more stars, so – screw me – I looked up the internet for some hints. There I found a hint, that in level 1-1 – Braid there are two levers, that are unaffected by time and that you are supposed to find the star with this hint. Now I went to this level and found out: These two levers are affected by time, so I can not go back in time and they’re still activated. I wonder, what’s wrong. My version of the game is the Steam version.

    I hope the developers of this awesome game read this and can help me out so that I’m able to have some more fun with the game 😉


  144. Okay, that post was dumb.

    I found out, that you have to collect all the previous stars in order to “activate” these levers. I’m sorry for disturbing.

  145. After sorting out some problems with my DirectX I’ve finally purchased Braid from Greenhouse. I’ve been wanting this game since I saw it reviewed on a local games program at the beginning of the year.

    After I installed it and ran it I was asked for the registration code. I entered it and it balked at me that it needed to connect to the ‘net for registration. I connected to the internet and reentered the registration code and get the startup screen with the instructions. I move the guy left and right a little and then hit escape to bring up the menu. I was promptly dumped to the Windows desktop with my wallpaper missing. After this, I get an error every time I try start it. “braid.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.” I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times, cleaning out the registry of all references to Braid before the reinstall but I continually get “braid.exe has encountered…” error. After reading through some of the posts on the site I’ve tried -windowed, -half and the like, to no avail.

    I’ve installed Braid to c:\games\braid, running on an Intel Q8200 with 4GB dual channel RAM on a Gigabyte EP41-UD3L motherboard, GeForce 9400GT v/c with 512MB DDR2 RAM.

    Can anyone help me out?

  146. It sounds like a driver problem, because a game just shouldn’t be able to do that to your machine (mess up the wallpaper, for example). Have you tried updating the drivers?

    I am forwarding the information to the Greenhouse guys. It would help to know if these problems happen with the non-Greenhouse version of the game at all (for example the free demo you can get on Steam?)

  147. I had the same problem with the graphics auto-detection as James F. The lower screen resolution was a different ratio and it made everything look awful. The text for example was almost unreadable in some cases. But it’s all good now, since the “-width 1280 -no_post” worked perfectly. The game runs perfectly with no FPS issues.

  148. I love this game but I have one small problem. When I boot it up the game screen shrinks and a black border is left around it. It worked fine the first two times I played the game, but by the third time the game would boot up and immediately change to a lower resolution and shrink the game screen. This wouldn’t bother me if it didn’t detract so much from the graphics, as the game is bit fuzzy in the small screen mode. Anyone have suggestions?

  149. This version hasn’t fixed the issue where you can bypass the ‘buy the full game to continue in this world’ levels by starting Braid with -editor and using [ and ] to skip those levels.

  150. Hi, I’m facing the same problem as paulodeleo(one of commenters) I’m using 4:3 monitor, and 1.014 compressing the fonts, make them broken, very ugly. My monitor is still stable so I’m not plan to replace it, than how should I change the aspect ratio to play this awesome game??

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