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Two Video Lectures about Game Design now available.

Free Play lecture

The first lecture was the keynote at the FreePlay conference, a couple of weeks ago in Melbourne. The lecture is about how to minimize risk and maximize quality as an indie developer, while creating art instead of products; also, it goes pretty deeply into my views about what we could/should be doing as game designers. Sumea, an Australian game developer portal, has posted the video on this page (here is the direct download link; it’s about 92MB).

Indie Game Summit talk (at the GDC)

The second lecture was given in March 2007 at the Indie Games Summit (at the GDC). This talk is more about prototyping; it shares some material with the FreePlay talk, but has a bit more in terms of game demos, and a heavier emphasis on details about Braid (though the version of the game it shows is much earlier). Here is a download link to that one (.mov format). I would provide a Google Video link but WordPress is being lousy and stripping out necessary things from the tags (why would it do such a thing?)

If anyone wants the PowerPoint slides to either of these lectures, leave me a note and I will become motivated to put them up.

Jonathan Blow’s Schedule of Events for the Second Half of 2007.

I seem to have a lot going on this year, and I needed to make a list to keep myself straight so that I don’t do something embarrassing like miss a speaking engagement. While I am doing that, I might as well make the list public. If anyone out there wants to meet up at any of these and talk about interesting game design topics, I am up for it.

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Gameworld Extended.

I’ve been told that Laboral is extending their Gameworld exhibit (which I previously wrote about here, here and here). Daphne Dragona has told me that the show will now run through September 10th, which will allow many more people to see it, since Gijon is a popular tourist destination during the summer. Maybe this means I will get over there and see the exhibit live.

I don’t know the reasoning behind the extension, but I’d like to believe it’s because people are really enjoying it.

Laboral was not kidding about their Gameworld exhibit.

Laboral Gameworld Exhbit books, shot 2

A while ago I posted about the Gameworld exhibit at the Laboral Centro del Arte. Unfortunately I haven’t made it to the exhibit yet, and the chances of my making it to Spain within the next month are slim. However, Laboral has put up information about all the works in the exhibit, on the web here.

In the mail I also received some very nice print books containing the same information. I have included them below. Maybe if you go to the exibit, you can pick up copies of these books in the museum store, as souvenirs!

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