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FuturePlay Game Competition deadline is very soon!

FuturePlay is a conference happening November 15-17, 2007, in Toronto. They’re holding a competition for artful / experimental / indie / serious games to be exhibited at the conference. You can read more about the competition here.

The first deadline is coming up soon on March 16, 2007; at that time you only need to submit a textual description of your game, so entering is pretty easy. If accepted, you need to have the game Done Enough by August 1st.

Details on the Gameworld Exhibit at Laboral Centro de Arte

They don’t have the list of games posted on their page (here is the link summarizing the exhibit), but the list has been emailed to me, so I am sharing it here.

The exhibit seems to be split into four parts: classic / genre-defining games, current experimental games, machinima, and films about games being played.

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Eerie Horror Game Festival

The Eerie Horror Film Festival has announced a game competition to occur later this year. The focus is on horror, sci-fi and mystery/suspense games. The deadline for submissions is September 1, so you’ve got plenty of time to cook something up.

In reference to the recent Slamdance / Super Columbine issue, note what they emphasize in the Eligibility section: “Content is NOT an issue.”

I think this genre specialization will make for an interesting and fresh take on the game festival concept. Unfortunately, Braid is only tangentially in the Speculative Fiction genre so it’s not appropriate for this festival, otherwise it would be entered posthaste.

In other news, there’s also Indiecade, with a focus on indepdent developers, innovation and experimentalism. I’ve been told that they may be planning an event this summer, as a precursor to the main festival; I will post more about that as information becomes available.