Jonathan Blow’s Schedule of Events for the Second Half of 2007.

I seem to have a lot going on this year, and I needed to make a list to keep myself straight so that I don’t do something embarrassing like miss a speaking engagement. While I am doing that, I might as well make the list public. If anyone out there wants to meet up at any of these and talk about interesting game design topics, I am up for it.


E3 Business and Media Summit

July 11-13, 2007; Santa Monica, California, USA.

I will be there mainly to support Indiecade’s presence at the event. It’s a promising festival and I want to promote this kind of thing where possible.


Microsoft Casual Games Partner Day

July 16, 2007; Seattle, Washington, USA

I am not actually a Microsoft Casual Games Partner, and don’t for the most part make casual games, but I am interested in what is happening with Games for Windows and Xbox Live Arcade. I think it will be very interesting if Microsoft can successfully set up a distribution channel for small games on the PC that works the way Live Arcade does on the Xbox 360.


Free Play

Saturday August 18, 2007; Melbourne, Australia

An Australian independent games conference being held at ACMI. I had been meaning to visit ACMI back when Braid was in the Best of IGF exhibit there, so this will be nice. I will have more to announce about this soon.


Contact Camp at Burning Man

August 25 – September 3, 2007

A camp about studying and teaching Contact Improvisation spearheaded by Karl Frost. This does not, at first glance, have anything to do with game design.  But hey, lots of people will be at Burning Man, so you know where to find me.  Also, a lot of the game design thought I’ve been doing lately involves a systemic / somatic approach inspired by what I see in CI and Tai Chi.  When I have something big to contribute to game design, I think a lot of its basis will come from this area of inquiry.



November 15-17, 2007; Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

An academic conference about forward-thinking directions in game design. They also have an independent / serious games festival, in which two of my games are entered (Braid and Eight Dots).


Montreal International Game Summit

November 27-28, 2007; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Rumor has it I am giving the game design keynote here. Topic TBA; I will make a more detailed post on this later.


Here are some other events that I don’t have definite plans to attend, but am thinking about. For some reason, they are all in Texas:

Austin Game Developers Conference, September 5-7, 2007; Austin, Texas, USA.

Texas Independent Games Conference, if they do it again this year. I got an email that hinted at this possibility but have heard nothing definite. I wen tto the first one, and it seemed a little too slanted toward “want to be a game developer” rather than “active indie game developer”, but that is definitely something they could successfully address for the next one.

Project Horseshoe, November 1-4, 2007; Canyon of the Eagles, Texas, USA. I’ve heard conflicting reports about how good of an experience it really was. But, I like camp-outs.

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