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Previews of Braid found on various web sites (including interviews where Braid is discussed as a significant topic).

Full text of the Braid interview with Stephen Totilo.

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Stephen has posted the full text of that interview on his Multiplayer Blog. It’s long, but contains a lot of explanation about the ideas behind Braid.

His comments about the interview seem overwhelmingly positive, perhaps embarrassingly so for me. I don’t like publicizing myself, but at the same time, there are ideas about games in there that I want to communicate, and incite discussion on. So maybe just skip the laudatory introduction and go straight to the interview.

Also, the credits for the graphic art are not mentioned anywhere here or the MTV interview so I will point out that the world art is by David Hellman (except that cannon in the World 2 shot which is old, and has been removed from the game in favor of a different cannon) and the character art is by Edmund McMillen.

(Journalists aren’t used to doing credits like that, because usually the credits for a game are like 100 people long.  But on a game with this few people working on it, it feels like an omission to me). 

Preview of Braid on MTV News’ site.

MTV News

This preview came from Stephen Totilo’s play-through of a preview version of the game, and a subsequent email interview he conducted with me.

I find his column to be very thoughtful, and the interview questions were very interesting to try and answer. (And I’m not just saying that because of his positive portrayal in the preview).

The full text of this interview has now been made available as well.

Previews of Braid.

The Arsecast LogoThe Arsecast, the indie game development podcast, has p/reviewed Braid rather positively; the link is here. I recommend you subscribe to the Arsecast because it is a nice way to find out about all sorts of new and interesting indie games. When Graham remembers to update the RSS feed properly.

I enjoyed reading the preview, but also talking to Graham via email as he is a smart guy who has a very interesting and unique viewpoint about games.


Also, Jason Rohrer of Arthouse Games published a very positive preview of Braid a few months ago, but I don’t think I ever linked it, so here you go. Keep in mind that this write-up was so long ago that the included screenshots are mostly not representative of the current game. For somewhat up-to-date screenshots of Braid, look here.

The interview with Rod Humble on Arthouse Games is also a good read.

Information and Screenshots

People have been asking for more information about the game. So here’s a list of some of the most frequently-asked questions, along with answers.

What kind of game is Braid?

It’s a 2D puzzle platformer — a game in the mold of Super Mario Bros, but that is more about problem-solving and less about making tricky jumps. In this game, you do strange things to control the flow of time, and that helps you solve the puzzles. The story and setting are somewhat postmodern.

Can I see some screenshots?

Okay, here are some screenshots. Keep in mind that these contain some unfinished elements, but they give you a general feel for what the game will be like. All these shots are from World 2 — each game will have its own distinctive look, and we will post shots from other worlds as they become more complete.





When is the release date? For what platforms?

We don’t know exactly when the game will be done, but the current target is “sometime in the first quarter of 2007”. The game is currently being developed for PCs running Windows, but ports to other operating systems and to game consoles are always being considered. In fact, depending on how publisher talks go, the initial launch platform could end up being a console. You just never know.

How much will the game cost?

This is not firmly decided, and probably won’t be for a while. If the launch platform is the PC, and the game is not being delivered over any specific download service, then the price is likely to be $20. If the platform is Xbox Live Arcade, Steam or something else like that, the price will be different (possibly less than $20).

Will there be a demo?

Yes, there will be a demo available on release day. It won’t be one of those time-locked demos that you see for a lot of indie and casual games (e.g. play for an hour then it stops the game). It will let you play for as long as you want to, but the demo will only contain some of the worlds and puzzles from the final game. (This will also help make the demo download smaller).

Can I beta test?

Sometime soon (perhaps around the end of January) we’ll start looking for a new round of beta testers. When that time comes, we will post an announcement on this site.

Who are the developers?

Design, programming and production tasks are done by Jonathan Blow. David Hellman does the world art and other cool visual materials like the Slamdance flier. Edmund McMillen does the character animations. A number of people, while not developers on the game, have helped out in various ways, like early playtesting, critique, and so on. You’ll see who they are in the credits.

Is the game expandable?

Shortly after the initial release, we hope to make the level editor available, so that players can make and distribute their own levels. Even though the game isn’t tile-based, we’ve designed the world art so that it’s modular and can be put together to make all kinds of new things.