Previews of Braid.

The Arsecast LogoThe Arsecast, the indie game development podcast, has p/reviewed Braid rather positively; the link is here. I recommend you subscribe to the Arsecast because it is a nice way to find out about all sorts of new and interesting indie games. When Graham remembers to update the RSS feed properly.

I enjoyed reading the preview, but also talking to Graham via email as he is a smart guy who has a very interesting and unique viewpoint about games.


Also, Jason Rohrer of Arthouse Games published a very positive preview of Braid a few months ago, but I don’t think I ever linked it, so here you go. Keep in mind that this write-up was so long ago that the included screenshots are mostly not representative of the current game. For somewhat up-to-date screenshots of Braid, look here.

The interview with Rod Humble on Arthouse Games is also a good read.

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