27 thoughts on “Braid on the Xbox 360 is available for $10 as Deal of the Week.”

  1. That’s excellent that it’s being exposed to people and all, but I feel a little cheated… But I’m glad people might play it (finally?).

  2. I was JUST thinking about purchasing my copy, too. I’ve been dying to play the full version for months now… what excellent timing.

  3. As a new XBox 360 user, I still can’t believe that people are okay with Microsoft charging to play the multiplayer component of purchased games. Hence, I do not have a Gold membership. I think I’ll wait and get Braid for the PC for $5 more.

  4. Don’t mean to be rude Alex but is 5 bucks really that big of a deal? Same thing goes with the PC version.

    its simple supply and demand. certain game doesnt sell as much so they lower the price. the best example i can think of right now is left4deads week (or longer?) half price off.

    to contradict myself i always love discounted games. impulse and sometimes steam does that and its wonderful.

  5. The sale price finally pushed me into the purchaser camp, and I’m glad it did. Thanks for the wonderful game. I can’t wait to play more…

  6. I read the Cliffs-Notes version of a speech Gabe Newell gave that, among many other things, that their sales increase astronomically when they do sales. For instance, the 50%-off sale for L4D caused a 3000% increase in sales. It sold more units on that week than when it was released. PC gamers are stingy bastards, but give us a deal and we’ll jump at the chance to give you money.

    tl;dr: If you actually get around to releasing the PC version of Braid, you can get money on it!

  7. Jonathan, I doubt you’re going to answer, BUT I thought I’d ask anyway:

    What’s the connection between levels 3-2 – There and Back Again, 3-3 – Phase and 5-5 – Window of Opportunity?

    And why doesn’t 5-3 have a name?

    Thanks! 🙂

  8. Purchased the game today as well. I’ve been wanting to purchase the game since launch, but $20 was a bit much. I couldn’t say no to $10. Anyway, the artwork is fantastic–the sound as well. I love the clap noise the plants make when they come up and snap, as well as the cat noises the rabbits make. Little touches like that make this game very enjoyable. One things I also enjoy is the story, which you can choose to ignore or read before each level. It really invokes a lot of emotion, and the music really plays well into that.

    You’ve probably heard this same stuff a million times over but great job you guys. Looking forward to continue playing Braid and maybe whatever you guys plan on releasing next!

  9. Jonathan, well I picked those three levels because those three are the three that have their level icons turned 90 degrees sideways on the final “castle made from blocks” screen.

    (Assuming this wasn’t done for a quirky design reason.)

  10. I have no idea how you turn a 2D block 90 degrees sideways, either – I meant those three blocks are rotated 90 degrees to the left.

    The level block (representing level 4-4 – Hunt!) appears to allow you to listen to unused music within Braid on that level, so I’m assuming there’s something that connects, or is special, about those three levels, too. But I just can’t find it!

  11. Actually, because of this deal, I was nudged into buying your game. (I had been considering it, but with as busy as I was, I didn’t have the opportunity to play it.) Actually, as much as the cheapass in me liked saving $5, I think Braid may have been worth the original price point.

  12. Hee. I knew you wouldn’t answer me.

    I have to say a massive kudos for making the obsession theme extend outside the game to player themselves. Those of us who are still playing Braid in order to unlock the secret of the “epilogue cloud” are searching for our own princesses. Brilliant.

  13. I’ve been wanting to buy this for a while, but 1200 was a little much. especially when you have a game like castle crashers that has TONS of replay value. After buying it at the reduced price I see now it is defiantly worth it. Amazing game if you’ve been holding it off like me GO BUY IT NOW!

  14. To a miserable miser like me, five bucks is a big deal, so hoorah! Problem is, miserable misers don’t tend to have Gold… but we often know people who do! 🙂

    JohnnyW: The connection between 3-2 and 3-3 is that the levels are consecutive. If you add up 3 and 2, you get 5! 5-3 doesn’t have a name because 5 minus 3 is above zero. Clearly!

  15. Hi, I bought the game the last Friday (I have updated to gold to buy the game) and I finished this night.

    Thanks for this game. The end is the most beautiful thing I see in a long time.
    Is a really masterpiece.

    PD: Sorry for my English, good luck with the PC release 🙂

  16. Jonathan–JohnnyW’s comments have gotten me thinking hard again about the game. My question is just: having reached the epilogue & completed some but not all of the speed runs, should I keep playing the game?

    It’s a pleasure to play, of course, but… well… time is precious, and there are opportunity costs. I very much want to avoid looking at any online walkthroughs or anything… I just don’t know what to do. But if you (or anyone in the comments, really) say it’s worth it, then I’ll keep at it.

    Fantastic work, by the way. 🙂

  17. Hi.
    I’m deeply in love with this game. Purchased it one of these days (with the discount) and couldn’t stop thinking of it. I finished it today. There was a couple of levels that I thought that were impossible but finally managed to complete them.
    Now I’m playing against the clock!
    Marvellous story! Extraordinary puzzles! Love it! Thank you for the game!

  18. I think confirming the existence of something we’ve not found would kind of defeat the idea of working hard to find it… Although the difference between us and Tim is that nature has very specific rules: A computer game, however well programmed and designed, always has a randomness in the user’s mind.

    Anyhoo, forgetting all that for a moment: Yes! The speedruns are worth your time because, put simply, they are puzzles in themselves. Sure, you completed the puzzles once already, but did you do it in the most straight forward way?

    The speed run levels are designed to only be completed a certain way in order to reach the time limit. It’s not just about being “fast” and not messing up, it forces you to think of a different solution to the same problem.

    Pretty cool (and probably missed by most people).

  19. to jonathan blow,
    i dont know what the plans are…but of all the games i’ve played Braid(which i’ve finally broken down and bought at a reduced price), i’ve never been so confused and amazed at the same time. please if you can make any agreement with m$, bring us another game, your ideas made me overcome alot of things in my life, whether its just a game, or problems with my parents and my girlfriend/wife…thank you

  20. My Xbox RRoD over that week so I missed the deal! Grr, been waiting ages as well. Hopefully MS will see sense and make the game a permanent 800 point purchase. Will be buying Exit this week for 800, but sorry J, 1200 is too much (that’s my own opinion guys and I’m entitled to it!)

  21. ScottMcUK: You can buy everything from the Web interface on xbox.com, even while your Xbox has RRoDed. (But of course, you can’t play it until you log in and download it.)

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