Two Bugs in Braid

Inevitably with software, problems happen. There are (at least) two bugs in the current version of Braid available on Xbox Live; I am talking to Microsoft about how to fix them.

The first bug is that, if you play the game on a different console than the one you bought it on, the game may get confused and think it is the free demo instead of the full version. (This might happen, for example, if you unplug your hard drive and plug it into a different Xbox). While playing the free demo with a profile that bought the game, you may be able to get the game to realize that you bought it, but then you are in danger of erasing your saved progress. (This can happen because when a game starts up in demo mode, it is not allowed to load your saved game; if, then, it comes out of demo mode later, it starts saving based on that fresh game). I’m not exactly sure how to fix this, since really Braid is just asking the Xbox operating system whether it should be in demo mode or not; but there might be some nuance to that function call, or some workaround that I can do.

The second bug is that sometimes puzzle pieces can get stuck together when you are in the puzzle screen. This seems to affect only a small number of people; but when it happens, it is pretty bad, since there is no way to fix this problem except to restart the game. I haven’t yet reproduced this bug; if anyone out there knows how to reproduce this and can make it happen at will, please leave a message here. Knowing how to reproduce this would help me fix it quickly.

Thanks, and I apologize for the problems that people have had due to these two bugs.

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  1. One little bug that I’ve noticed is that sometimes when standing at the top of an incline that then drops off into a hole, Tim’s sprite will flicker rapidly between its standing and falling positions, without actually moving anywhere. It doesn’t get stuck and moving him will snap out of it, but it might be something worth fixing.

    Sorry I can’t remember exactly where it happened, but I could definitely reproduce it at the time. If I come across it again I’ll post with more detail.

  2. Firstly, I’d like to say great game! Right, my console is currently with MS being repaired, so I purchased Braid on a console I borrowed from a friend (using my harddrive). What can I do / what should I avoid doing when my console is returned? I don’t wish to lose my progress (all jigsaw pieces / 8 other things).

  3. I have not tried to produce the puzzle pieces sticking together bug myself, however I read a forum post saying it was triggered if you attach a piece you just obtained to the puzzle, then rewind to before you picked the piece itself up from the stage.

    Good luck fixing the bugs, I have thoroughly enjoyed the game so far! πŸ™‚


  4. Yeah, I have noticed that first bug. My 360 locked up upon getting to the very end of Braid, when I rebooted I got the achievement for beating it (but still have not seen the ending), then locked up again. Then I got the RROD, so I had to return my console. Now, with the new 360, I lost all save progress (I kept my old HDD, and I know the save progress is there), and it keeps telling me I have the Trial Game even though I have re-downloaded the Full Game a few times. I am glad you were already aware about this, since really, I think I had extremely bad luck there.

    But, this game is fantastic! I really wanna see the ending, since the entire thing was really a work of art. Thank you so much for making a game as good as this!

  5. The first time I beat the game I went back to 1-1 and all of the graphics were glitched. Tim and other characters were fine but all of the level’s walls and floors were glitching and showing artifacts instead of the correct art. When I went back to the dashboard and reloaded Braid and the level, it worked again fine. I had been playing for five to six hours before-hand with a lot of rewinding and have been unable to reproduce this.

  6. wow great honest most developers seem to like to act like there isn’t a bug and then release a patch to fix it.good luck blow!

  7. jambo: Hopefully we can have the bug fixed before you get your console back. But, I don’t know how long that will take; we’ll see. One thing you can do is copy the game save files to a memory card (if you have one) so that you have a backup.

    alice: Hmm, that is a bummer. I will try to look for that one, but bugs like that can be hard to track down.

  8. I just tested the method of producing the bug I posted above (in a speed run to avoid losing my save), and I was able to reproduce it.

  9. I found this comment in the XBox forum for Braid:

    “The following is my best effort to explain how it happened:
    In one of the worlds with a painting/puzzle inside of it collect a piece from the level,
    join it to another in the puzzle,
    rewind time until you have not picked up the piece,
    either fast forward until you have picked it up again or stop manipulating time and walk forward top pick it up (i cannot recall which i did that broke it),
    and the piece gets reattached with several pieces shuffled the wrong direction but inseparable.

    I suspect the code that removes the piece from the puzzle board doesn’t toggle a flag that indicates whether or not the pieces are joined together properly.”

  10. Is there any word on the puzzle pieces sticking bug yet?

    I would like to congratulate you on an otherwise fantastic game! Definitely one of my favorite XBLA games, aside from Space Giraffe of course!

  11. Here’s some information that may help with the first bug: On my friend’s Xbox, the game does appear to be the full version in the Dashboard, but it’s only in game that it behaves as though it’s the trial (using my HDD and profile). Note (this may be of interest): I first downloaded and played the trial on my friend’s Xbox (using my HDD), but then later purchased it on my Xbox (again, using my HDD). Hope this is of help.

  12. I don’t know if this counts as a “bug” or not but I did notice that my screen settings do not carry over to doing the speedruns. Not really a big deal, but it’s there.

  13. My 360 RROD after playing for Braid for awhile, so I got a new 360 and transferred the HDD, and everytime I play Braid now, it reverts back to a Demo and my save is not loaded…please fix this =(

  14. Hey Jonathan, Luckily I have not experinced any bugs while playing, I just want to say thanks for making such an amazing and thought provoking game. Well worth the money and then some!

    Also its great to see the dialog you have with your fan base. Keep it up! I look forward to whatever you come up with in the future!

  15. A suggestion regarding the puzzle piece issue: Maybe just a button (or combination) that allows you to move a single puzzle piece only, by detaching it from all others. I can think of one instance where I would’ve liked to be able to detach pieces that were intentionally attached, and if it would help deal with a bug it would doubly be a benefit.

  16. More info on bug #1 (which I just duplicated, since I have access to 2 Xboxes): I downloaded and bought the game on Xbox 1 with HDD 1 and my profile. On that machine, the Dashboard says I have the full version, and Braid loads my saved game. On Xbox 2 with HDD 1 and another profile, the Dashboard says I have the trial version. On Xbox 2 with HDD 1 and my profile, the Dashboard says I have the full version, but Braid will not load my saved game. If I re-download the game after the Trial Mode message, that becomes my new saved game (which I can then access on Xbox 1 as normal).

  17. I am actually experiencing a more severe bug. Just played through the first twice and my XBox hang each time. Towards the end of this level first the music and all sound cuts out, but I can continue playing. Then when I try to exit the game to reset it and get the sound back the XBox just hangs showing the game’s menu screen that I used to end the game (at least tried to). I have to pull the plug to get my XBox back running. All other games run fine and this is the first time I experienced such a crash with my console.

  18. Sounds like a problem with Microsoft DRM. When you buy and download a game from XBLA you actually download two things.

    1. The game itself
    2. A content license that tells your 360 that you own the game

    The license is tied to the 360 from which you downloaded the game. So if you move your hardrive to another xbox you won’t have the license. Also if you move your account to another xbox and redownload the game it will only download the game itself. Without the license your xbox won’t know you own the game unless you are signed into xbox live (but this can be unreliable at times). This is why it reverts to a trial when you try to play it.

    If you got the RROD and Microsoft sent you a new console all you have to do is download the game again to reacquire the license(even if it’s on your hardrive). Just go to the marketplace, select Braid(full game) and select download again. It should only take 2-3 seconds to download.

    Otherwise if you are trying to transfer the license on another console you need to go to
    and follow the directions there

  19. This is sort of unrelated, but this seems to be the only place to submit questions about Braid,

    Is there any chance that Braid might see a Mac version? I have neither a PC nor an Xbox 360, but I’d easily pay full price (read: $50) for something this unique.

  20. I got the puzzle piece bug, but it doesn’t seem to be a real show stopper since I still managed to complete the puzzle (that is as far as the game was concerned) even if the picture looked a bit messed up.

  21. The first one is not a bug, it’s Microsoft’s DRM and I’ll eat my 360 if you can get them to change it. All DLC is tied to one profile and one console (not one storage device). It can be played off or online by any profile on the console first downloaded to, or online on any console while the profile that owns it is signed in to Live.

    The related saved game issue, however, is more fixable.

  22. I don’t know if this is a bug, but in the level Fickle Companion, when you are trying to [do something] the key sometimes resets to the start, instead of where it should be for the puzzle to be solvable.

  23. I experienced the first bug last night as I got a new 360, but just swapped hard drives as I really wanted HDMI. I am fairly well along in Braid and suffered the same issue of it loading as a demo. Two comments:

    1) As has been posted previously, the workaround for this is once the game loads, you’ll start the game in demo mode, if you unlock the game again through the menu then continue it will return you to the same spot you were in during the demo, however if you end that game it will load up where you are in your actual save file and you can continue on, however you will have to do this every time you want to play the game, so hopefully there’s a fix for this soon.

    2) This is not a normal DRM issue, unless Bejeweled 2, Uno, Castlevania:SotN, and a couple others I’ve bought and tried don’t experience it. I had no issues with those games, so it’s not quite the same thing, so hopefully we’ll feel bad for the guy who may have to eat his 360 πŸ™‚ j/k, but hopefully this gets fixed.

    Also, wouldn’t a puzzle reset button patch fix the second issue? Obviously it would be great to find a fix for the issue, but as a short-term non game breaking solution? Just an idea!!


  24. I’m having the “First Bug” problem, and I have tried EVERYTHING to make the game realize that I have bought the actual game. I even deleted both the trial and the full game from my harddrive, downloaded it again but still, the game ends after the first level. I’m getting pretty furious.

    What should I do?! My gamertag is Vookie BTW.

  25. @Jonanthan Blow: The first bug is not a bug at all. Once upon a time microsoft didn’t let you transfer games from xbox to a new xbox. But now this is possible but only if you use the same gamertag to play it at least once on the new xbox or redownload it through that gamertag. It is a bit annoying but it does help stop the rampant piracy.

    By the way great game! Definitely enjoyed it all the way through.

  26. The only bug I encountered was a slight slowdown in the scrolling. This happened twice to me in the full game speed run after playing for a while and alternating between speed runs and the regular game. I don’t know the exact sequence that will trigger it, but once it happens, then the scrolling is no longer smooth. It’s not game breaking though because exiting to dashboard and restarting the game will fix the issue.

  27. I’ve found another bug in the game. It’s in 4-2.

    Flip the switch and climb up the ladder and get as close to the enemy on the right as you can without dying and jump straight up. You’ll hit your head on the barrirer and get stuck mid-air and the sound for jumping on an enemy will start to loop. If you move out of it, the frame rate drops to nothing everytime the sound loops until it eventually fades out. If you stay for a minute or so, it will boot you back to the world 4 story screen.

  28. I found a temporary workaround, if you hit the guide button immediately after you start loading the game, it will function as the unlocked version.

  29. Puzzle pieces sticking together… how about solving that problem by giving folks the ability to press a button that break puzzles completely APART?
    That would be very useful, for obvious reasons that I won’t get into in case anyone reading this hasn’t completed the game yet…

  30. I haven’t purchased the game, but in the demo I had the misfortune of two puzzle pieces being “stuck” – they were separated by a huge gap, and was outside the “frame” of the rest of the pieces, rendering it impossibly to finish the first puzzle picture.

    I’m not sure how to reproduce it, but it happened within the first stage before I even kept going. One piece was “stuck”, as if it was placed in the correct area, but it was about two spaces “outside” of the actual puzzle frame.

    Hope that make sense, and good luck with the bug hunt!

  31. Dastly: This is a good point. It may work for a lot of people. Braid re-detects whether it is the trial or full version whenever the Guide is closed. If you open and close the Guide before the game finishes loading, then it will know it’s the full version before launching into the game, and should load your save. (This is a bit dangerous though because if you miss the timing, or if it doesn’t work once for whatever reason, you could still lose the save).

    To make it into less of a race, if you have two controllers plugged in and logged into profiles, then the game will start up at a Press A to Begin screen (because it doesn’t know which profile wants to play). From there you have all the time you need to open and close the guide.

  32. I have run into both bugs. I own two consoles (one in the living room, one in the bedroom). I usually purchase games on the living room console, because I’m the only one who uses the bedroom one. I played the game on the bedroom console, and then in the living room the next day. Later, I switched back to the bedroom, but for some reason, it loaded up a “new game.”

    The option to select a storage device was grayed out, but I was able to fix the problem by doing the following steps:
    1. Exit to the sign-in screen (main menu).
    2. Sign out of your Gamertag.
    3. Sign back into your Gamertag.
    4. Press “A” to load the game.

    After doing this, it usually works. If it doesn’t, just repeat steps 1 and 4. I was able to complete the game without the game ever overwirting my original save. πŸ™‚

    Also, my brother ran into the puzzle piece glitch on his Gamertag. I was there when it happened, but we have no idea how to reproduce it. The only way we were able to fix it was by starting a new game. Luckily, it only happened on World 2, so very little progress was lost. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  33. I experienced a similar bug to the one Alice reported. After completing the game the first time, I went upstairs and back to one of the doors on level one (whichever door leads to the first challenge). At first the game behaved as normal, but as soon as something moved, odd graphical glitches started happening. It’s hard to describe, but there were semi-transparent layers of green over the screen, and some textures (and even an entire, mobile goomba) were reproduced, blown up, flipped upside-down, tinted green, and displayed almost as background images. If I left the level or returned to the clouds, the game behaved fine, but going through any door on level one reproduced the same effect. Sorry, I don’t remember if I tried any other levels.

    Like in Alice’s description, this was at the conclusion of a fairly lengthy session (maybe two hours). I hope this helps!

  34. Yep, what’s happening here is that the game is running out of memory. The bitmaps used to render levels are big, and if one doesn’t fit, the game ends up using the wrong one, which causes things to look messed up.

    The question is why it’s running out of memory. There may be a leak. Leaks are annoying to track down, especially when they may only be happening in one particular place. I will take a look at it, though.

    It could also just be some kind of problem with memory budgeting — maybe there’s no leak, but there are normal circumstances in which the game tries to use too much RAM.

  35. I am fully aware (and have experienced) that first bug. Unfortunately, I was so eager to play Braid, I forgot that I was downloading it on the downstairs 360 w/ my HDD. I was able to get through it though and I’ve since beaten the game.

    For the second bug, perhaps you could add an option for the user to reset a set of puzzle pieces for that picture. I know it would make people [spoiler redacted] very happy!

  36. Like Fedule said the first problem is with MS’ DRM.

    All DLC is tied to one profile and one console (not one storage device). If the game was purchased on another console you will have to use the transfer tool to transfer the license over or call Xbox support and have them do it for you.

    If you do not transfer the license over from the console you were on when purchasing the game you will need to use connect to Xbox LIVE using the same gamertag you used to purchase the game in order to play the full game.

  37. “If you do not transfer the license over from the console you were on when purchasing the game you will need to connect to Xbox LIVE using the same gamertag you used to purchase the game in order to play the full game.” -fixed typo

    Also, in the instance where you do not transfer the license, even if you connect to Xbox LIVE using the same gamertag you used to purchase the game other profiles on this new console will not be able to play the full version of the game.

  38. The stuck pieces bug was introduced into my game when I had some pieces already hooked up (i.e. atttached) & then rewound time @ max (x8x) all the way to the back of the stage in World 2. It was pretty frustrating to say the least but since I was in World 2 I could live with it. Hopefully dont encounter it later on in the game. The stuck pieces were the same in both the world and also in the house where you can rearrange the house.

  39. Another fact I forgot to add was that there was at least two pieces not attached to the rest when I was joining them. Also, once when one of the two pieces was moved closer to the now randomly joined pieces (by randomly the pieces were supposed to line up i.e. they are adjacent pieces but just not lined up correctly i.e. the sides didnt match up) it hooked up but there was still a gap between them. This was pretty bad as moving that one single piece caused the other joined up pieces to move outside the box.
    I know this para was not clear but is the best I could do.

  40. Something I noticed when using two consoles. I purchased the game on console one and finished most of the game.

    I then copied the game and the save game (though not the backup save game) to a memory unit.

    I then started Braid (which was on the memory unit) on console two. I was logged into Live at the time.

    Braid did not recognize that I had a valid save game and it started a new game. I’m pretty sure Braid thought I was running the demo because I believe when I quit it asked about buying the game (a bit vague here since it was pretty late and I was sick).

    So I copied the save game onto the second 360’s hard drive, and started Braid up again. This time it did recognize it and I finished the game on my second 360.

    Hopefully some useful information.

  41. I experienced the first bug that you’re talking about since I downloaded Braid on a friend’s 360 so that he could have it, too.

    I fixed it by starting up the game, going to the pause menu, unlocking the game, and then exiting the game (going back to the sign in screen). The game worked great and I didn’t lose any progress.

    This didn’t bother me too much since I completed Braid in one long run. Thank you for this game. I look forward to future games from you and Number None Inc., and I’ll definitely do a speed run. Amazing game.

  42. Could you please make it so you can split apart puzzle pieces after you’ve put them together so I can actually beat the game without having to restart? Pretty please?

  43. Don’t know if this really counts as a bug, but here goes: I deleted the cache and my speed run times were gone. Not on the online leaderboards, but locally.

  44. Not a game-breaking bug, but when I switched the game to German to play with a friend, one of the epilogue books’ texts has the string $normal$ displayed near the last paragraph. I don’t have access to the game right now, so I can’t tell you the exact string and location, but it should be easily reproducable by setting the console to German and running through the epilogue.

  45. I have another workaround for the first bug. I’ve only skimmed the other posts so I hope it’s not redundant.

    Let the game start up normally then hit the start button to go to the menu. Go down to “Unlock Full Game,” press A, then just hit B (doesn’t have to be done quickly) to back out of the Dashboard menu. The “Unlock Full Game” option disappears. After that, go to “Exit Game” and then to the sign-in screen to get your save back.

    It sounds complicated but it’s safe and only takes a few seconds. It works for me, anyway.

  46. One bug I noticed was that once you have linked two puzzle pieces together, they cannot be “unlinked.”

    This is very frustrating, as it prevents you from searching for [spoiler redacted]. Turns out everybody is experiencing this bug….once the pieces are connected it cannot be undone.

    I love your game but I’m not going to delete my whole save file to start over for [spoiler redacted]. Please consider a bug fix for this as it is a glaring mistake that impacts game play just as much as the other bugs you list. Thank you.

  47. I found that it’s possible to get the player-character killed without the possibility of a rewind. I won’t go into further detail here as to the cause, but the net result is Tim falls and time stops before he leaves the screen (as usual), but the rewind is impossible, so your only escape is to Exit the Current World via the start or back menus.

    I wouldn’t consider it to be a terribly important issue; the only negative outcome is having to leave and restart the level, and I only encountered it because I recognized the possibility and wanted to see what would happen – it would be rather unlikely to stumble onto the situation accidentally.

    Oh, and to answer your question about clearing the cache, a quick googling found these simple instructions:

    Congratulations and thank you for Braid, Mr. Blow. It is one of the best gaming experiences I’ve encountered, and easily a work of interactive art. I wish you many future successes, and I look forward to playing the results.

  48. To clear the cache, access ‘memory’ in the system blade, and then highlight the hard drive. Now press: Y, X, X, LB, RB, X, X. The following message should appear: “Do you want to perform maintenance on your Xbox 360 storage devices?”

    It erases all game updates as well as clearing the cache.

  49. To Problem #1
    Start Braid before you login on with your profile. Once the game starts(main menu), then login and the game should be unlocked. Puzzle Quest also does this.

  50. I am also struggling with the 1 st bug. My XBox died a few days after I bought Braid (which I was thoroughly enjoying). Now it appears to have forgotten that I bought the game, and my progress through the game is gone as well – I also kept my original HDD.
    I’d love to see a fix for this, I really want to get back to the game.

  51. I managed to reproduce the second bug in trial mode, on Cloud Bridge level. I had completed the mural (put all pieces together) and then moved the whole picture to a diferent position, and then rewinded until before i got the last piece. Then when i got it again the piece reappeared in the upper corner of the board, but was attached to other pieces even when they were not touching eachother. Trying to rotate the pieces made each individual piece rotate on its own axis and still were attached.

  52. Yeah, like Steffin said. So this isn’t really something that anybody should stumble into accidently. Although, I’m not sure, but I think some games (like maybe Oblivion?) sometimes automatically delete the cache. Can anybody verify that?

  53. I’m a bit late to the parade, but I also experienced the bug Alice mentioned. I beat the game, emerged from the epilogue onto the world map, and immediately went entered the level immediately preceding the final level (“Braid”). Once I entered the final level, I saw the distortion Alice described.

  54. I have done the puzzle piece one, and yes it was because I placed the puzzle pieces (locking them together) and then later rewound ( which moved the puzzle slightly and yet kept the piece locked.

    1 remedy cold be so that all puzzle pieces can me moved even after locking. Like a “soft” lock? this way it won’t cause a problem. it could even be a different key to unlock the puzzle or something.

    Just an idea.

  55. On the Puzzle-pieces bug:

    In World 2-2, The Cloud Bridge: This is the only place I have found so far that you can ‘stick’ the puzzle pieces into the wrong place. To reproduce the bug, here’s what you do:

    Clear World 2-1, grabbing all 3 pieces. Then go to 2-2, Collect the first piece and then get the second one, from the cannon to the top-left of the picture frame. Go to the frame, assemble the pieces you have, which should be the second piece on the top row plus the first 2 pieces on the second row, if my memory is correct. Now, rewind time back before you picked up the piece on top of the cannon. If you go back to the picture frame, the piece is now missing from the puzzle.

    If you go pick up the piece again and return to the picture frame, you’ll find it’s back in its ‘default’ position at some random location in the frame. For me on this test, the piece was at the bottom-left of the frame. However, when I hovered the cursor over it, it flashed white and highlighted as well as the 2 pieces I had already connected to it. Completing the rest of the levels and assembling the full picture will leave you with a finished portrait with a hole and some misplaced pieces, though you’ll still get credit for it.

    I went back for a second test, just to try something different. In this, I collected the pieces as mentioned and assembled them on the board. Then, I rewound time to before I picked up the piece on the cannon but this time, I did not release the time control button and instead fast-forwarded back to after I had picked up the piece. The puzzle was still broken.

  56. Jonathan Blow: Hopefully we can have the bug fixed before you get your console back. But, I donÒ€ℒt know how long that will take; weÒ€ℒll see. One thing you can do is copy the game save files to a memory card (if you have one) so that you have a backup.

    Afraid I don’t have a memory card, so I hope the fix doesn’t take you guys too long to figure out.

    Incidentally, I’ve just checked my friends list and noticed that the author of Geometry Wars (who I know in real life) is playing Braid. He hardly gets time to play many games, and he’s currently solved the first 4 worlds… praise indeed lol

  57. I know how the puzzle bug happens I think. On a level where you can put a puzzle together, if you get a puzzle part then put that part together with some of the others. then rewind to when you get the part as it moves to the top right part of the screen then let go and let time move forward as the part moves ( If this is why it would probably also happen if you rewind to before you get the part without letting go of the “X” button then fast forwarding to when you get it). This causes the part to spawn on the puzzle bord as if it was allready connected but in a different spot. Luckily I was still able to finish the game. I recorded my buged up puzzle but im gonna try and recreate the bug.

    Are we creating Paradoxes?

  58. I just got the puzzle bug. here’s an idea, release a patch that lets you pull the puzzle pieces, because it just ruined my game and thats unforgivable.

  59. Steps to repro the Puzzle Piece bug:

    1. Go to any level that has the corresponding world’s painting in it.
    2. Collect a Puzzle piece in this world.
    3. Go to the painting.
    4. Attach the piece to whatever pieces you already have in this world.
    5. Exit the Puzzle screen.
    6. Rewind time before the point you picked up the puzzle piece you just placed.
    7. Get the piece again.
    8. Return to the Puzzle screen.

    Result: The piece will now be floating where it normally would be after collecting it, but the game has it locked in place, thinking it’s still attached to the rest of the puzzle.

  60. Maybe not a bug as such, and not really important either, but I’ve noted the game doesn’t prompt for confirmation when you’re doing a full game speed run and you try to begin another speed run while in the house. It does prompt if you’re inside a level.

    Anyway, Braid is the most brilliant game I’ve played in a while, I’m really looking forward to your next release, we need more games of this quality.

  61. I’ve got a bit of a bug on my full version of braid. I’ve finished Worlds 2 and 3 but World 4 onwards are still unlit meaning that I cannot access them. Is this something that others have come across?

    By the way, this has to be one of the best games I’ve played in years, it really does hark back to the halcyon 8 bit era of games when gameplay was something that was a valued necessity rather than a tacked on bit of fluff to link the pretty cut scenes and mindless button mashing. Well done, but make more!!!!

  62. Actually, strike that last “bug” bit. I hadn’t visited the end of World 3 even though I had traversed and solved it on the achievements.

    Sorry for that!!!!

    On with the game!

  63. I’ve just bought the new 60gb xbox, making sure i’d backed up my save games. Braid included. Downloaded it again, tried to play. All wiped. start from scratch!? – I’m complaining big style and getting my points back. I spent 8 hours playing and paid more money for an upgrade and now this. Pathetic.

  64. And to add, i “moved” my saves from my mem card.. Silly maybe, but then I’m not a mind reader. Wait, maybe I can hold down “X” and rewind me buying a new xbox and lining MS’s pockets with more money.

  65. Jonathan – sadly my save games have been overwritten with blank ones before I knew any of this was a bug. I’m really annoyed and am getting my points back. I can’t like I suggest rewind my life sadly and get the time back I’ve invested in this. – good game btw. But kick MS’s ass and get a patch released.. this will affect more and more people who are buying the new consoles…

  66. Yes, well, I’m sorry that this bug made it into the game. Apparently it’s not something that Microsoft regularly tests for, or else it got overlooked in testing. We are going to release a patch that fixes this, but it will take a little bit of time.

  67. Also, just an observation. The puzzles can be incredibly mind-blowing the first time.

    But if you are going back through the game from scratch (the art is so beautiful I couldn’t resist, and appreciate the subtlty of the puzzles where there are a few that, I’m ashamed to admit, I had to find the solution for. DON’T DO IT PEOPLE!), the ability to solve puzzles is much faster, as they are all so incredibly elegant.

    So although a savegame loss is bad, don’t dispair, as getting back to where you were before takes far less time than you would expect.

  68. i think its simply incredible that the only two bugs found after rls was a simple license migration problem and a tiny glitch involving puzzle pieces. this is the most intricately designed game ive ever played, to not have any major bugs in the entire gameplay mechanic, which are paradoxes that h the normal brain could only imagine tryiong to design and code, you should be widely praised.

    take note EA, UBISOFT, KONAMI and all the major players in teh video game world.

  69. Just to backup Peter’s claims of an audio glitch, I too experienced this today. I wish I could remember which puzzle I was on. It was either the falling ladder one, which is quite late into the game or another which I can only describe by explaining the solution, so I’ll leave that.

    Anyway, the sound broke moments after a download had completed and the little notification popped up. Once the sound broke I tried custom soundtracks and couldn’t hear a thing. My game also crashed when I tried to exit to the dashboard, via the ingame menus.

    Not sure if this “seconds after a completed download” comment will help.

  70. I have had a stuck puzzle piece, but I am afraid I would have no idea how to reproduce it. What I did notice, however, is that it does not prevent you from finishing the puzzle or getting the achievement for it. If you do mount all pieces in their correct positions and place the resulting thing in the middle of the screen, it will recognize the puzzle as complete and let you progress through the game. Or at least it does sometimes, since it worked for me.

  71. I also encountered the puzzle glitch at World 6 and it’s killing me. With only one piece on world 5 left and two on 6, I now have to start over. Is there going to be a patch for this soon or will I have to restart?

  72. Dirty_old_bum Says:
    August 13th, 2008 at 9:11 pm
    To Problem #1
    Start Braid before you login on with your profile. Once the game starts(main menu), then login and the game should be unlocked. Puzzle Quest also does this.

    THIS WORKS!! thank you very much for posting that. I had downloaded Braid on my brothers 360 using my hard drive and then when I went back to mine I was unable to play the full game. I havn’t played it in a few weeks because of that but now I can. Thanks again!

  73. I too had similar problems. I purchased Braid and upon playing my xbox instantly RRoD’d. Now that I have my ‘new’ xbox it will not regognize it’s no longer a trial game. I have already gone through the steps on the ms website to remedy with no success. I just want to play the game!

  74. Thanks for the reply, Jonathan. Your game is easily one of the best I’ve played this generation, so it’s not a big deal I’ll have to play it again. ^_^ Small glitches like these are more than worth it to play something truly original in an era of lackluster sequels all trying to win in a graphics cold war.

  75. Hi Jonathan, first I would like to say that Braid is one of the most amazing games I’ve ever played! But I am in the same situation as “M NINE” above where I purchased the game but my Xbox died and was replaced just this week. Now on the new console the game always thinks it’s in demo mode unless I choose to re-download the game every time before I start to play. Is there going to be a fix for this soon? Thanks a lot!

  76. My busted puzzle is in World 3. Two connected pieces are stuck along the bottom of the puzzle and cannot be moved. It thinks the puzzle is compete but it clearly is not. Why can’t there be an option to break the puzzle apart and reassemble it as you needed to. That would certainly help with finding the stars.

  77. It boggles me that so many people have posted the same solutions and workarounds over and over again. Or given such vague scenarios “yeah there was a bug of some kind, can’t remember where though”. Thanks. Thanks a bunch.

    Surely this is infuriating and not helpful? The third post on this thread (Eldrac) was fine. As was the fifth post (Alice) and But here’s a workaround for the puzzlepiece glitch – don’t “undo” any puzzle piece collecting. Why would you?

    And as for complaints about flickering sprites or getting into “jams” in the game… People who go looking for glitches will find them. These are the same jerks that spit their drink if they spot an item in the background alter slightly between scene-cuts in films.

    I played the game without experiencing any glitches. No changes need be made. I’d like to be able to have more than one save file but if I had two Xbox360s then I would buy the game twice. The current issues mentioned in the Linux thread seem more serious, with mention of poor quality sound (not cool), and I suppose you’d want mouse functionality for the puzzlepiece completion (you may be able to do without it though).

    How large and mighty can a Linux audience be though?

  78. i have a problem where everytime i start the game, i see the loading bar, then it says my profile loaded up top, then it kicks me back to the arcade dashboard. Ive reset the cache, redownloaded it several times, tried with different profiles signed on and off of xbox live, ive tried everything i can think of. it has worked before, not consistantly enough to figure out why though. Braid is the only arcade game it does this to though. It also seems that im the only one having this problem, cant find anyone else w/ this problem. must be my dumb xbox, its been inconsistantly acting up.

  79. I’ve had no experience with either bug, but just wanted to voice my opinion (as well as everyone else’s I know) that you please make another Braid game! If moneys is the issue then I’m sure many of your fans, self included, would be willing to help out in any way….I can’t get enough of this game, I must have played through it 14-15 times already! :p Also, I’ve heard different theorys on what the game is actually about and it seems to come down to two things, Tim’s childhood and the Manhattan Project. Any comment on either matter would be greatly appriceated and thank you Mr.Blow for creating the greatest game I’ve ever played.

  80. I just received my xbox back from rrod’ing and am unable to continue on with your game. I was close to completing it before, but now, like you said, I cannot get my save file back and the game is stuck in trial mode, even though I’ve redownloaded the game.

    Any work on this bug would be greatly appreciated (and an email for when it is fixed. I would really like to see the ending.


  81. I downloaded (Braid) on my friends console, due to having (rrod), i get my system back put hard drive in, play braid get all 60 puzzle pieces complete,next day it says im in (trial mode) and loose all my braid data, This game is awesome, i hope you get the patch fix for the game.

    Thank You, for making a great game.


  82. Any word on a Braid fix? Got the 360 back from repair center and the trial game bug occurs. When I switch to full game it’s ok, but once I’m logged out, it reverts back to the trial game once I log in again. Hope this gets patched soon. Loving the game so far.

  83. I get the bug because I bought it on a friend’s console with my harddrive. If I’m logged into live and play the game, all I have to do is click “achievements” or go to “start screen” in the pause menu to acess my file.

  84. Any word on a fix? My old 360 RROD on me, and the first thing I did was downloaded my copy of again Braid, but I’m having the symptoms described in this post. I can confirm Dan Citi post switches me into full game mode, but I still can’t use my save games.

  85. Still working on the fix (we only get to do one patch, so we are trying to make sure it fixes everything).

    However, to use your save games, I think you can just start the game while you are not signed into your gamertag. Then you start Braid, and it puts you on the Press A to Sign In screen… sign in to your profile from there, and then hopefully it will work. (?)

  86. Any news on an update Mr Blow? My 360 is back from RRODing and whenever I boot up Braid it seems to think that I am a trial user.

    Signing out, loading Braid, then signing back in seems to work but its not an ideal solution πŸ™

  87. Just lost my save game (save and backup both show 0 puzzle pieces) after switching to another Xbox and finding myself in trial mode. Wish I had found and read this blog BEFORE I lost all my progess… Great game, but this is a pretty serious bug since the whole point of having removable memory cards is so that your save games are portable. Other games (Halo 3 being a notable exception) have managed to avoid this problem.

  88. I wish I had found this sooner. I have had the unfortunate luck of going through two xbox 360s this year. In doing so, my copy of Braid will always erase my progress as it thinks this is demo mode and will not recognize the full game. Also, because I am on my third 360 of this year, I cannot use the license migration tool, because it has the really stupid one use per year limit, which makes very little sense to me considering the system’s failure rate.

    I am on my 5th xbox 360 overall, and I have over 35 XBLA games and a crapload of extra content, so I’d really like to get those licenses switched over, so I can finish Braid, as well as other games.

    One of the other things that sucks about it, is my girlfriend used my account to download some XBLA games, but now that I cannot migrate the licenses, she can’t even play the games with her profile because without license migration only the account that downloaded the games can play them, the secondary profiles only have access to trial games.

    I have been a loyal customer to microsoft since the original xbox came out, but they really need to fix somethings with their system, or come next generation, I’m switching to sony.

    By the way, Braid is a fantastic game.

  89. The same thing happened to me. Multiple dead 360s, and my licenses never automatically transferred. If, upon discovering that your license didn’t transfer, Microsoft tells you to use thier migration tool, don’t. Insist that you be escalated to their manager, and explain that you don’t want to compromise your once-per-year use of the migration tool.

    I did this, and my licenses were transferred in 3 days. However, I still lost my Braid progress.

  90. I noticed another potential bug. I tried playing the game wth my second cpontroller while I had a first controller plugged into the XBOX 360 and it would not work. Only controller one would respond. Is there a wa to detect which controller the player is using at the time?

  91. cam: Due to a different Microsoft policy, I was not allowed to save Braid’s data to the network. So, it lives on whichever console you play the game on (or on the memory card, if you put it there). So, if that console goes away, the saved-game goes away. Nothing I can do about that.

  92. Trevor:

    This actually has to do with complying with Microsoft’s requirements. If one controller is being used to play, the other one won’t do anything.

    In order to make the start-up process less cumbersome, when you start the game, it checks to see how many gamertags are signed on to the system. If there’s only one, then it assumes that is the active player, and starts the game for that player, using the controller attached to that gamertag. If there’s more than one gamertag, the game goes to an extra start-up screen, where you press a button to tell it which controller / gamertag you want to use.

    So it may be that you had two controllers plugged in, but only one was signed in to a gamertag?

    Anyway, if this happens, all you have to do is sign out from the controller that is currently playing, and you will be able to switch to the other one.

  93. I am in serious need of a fix to bug 1 because I am feeling very cheated right now. I have 2 360s: one in my study and one in the kids room. I purchase games on the my profile (MU) on the kids machine so they have access to the XBL games. I use the study because I the kids are always using their tv for something. I cannot use the migration tool because this swaps ALL licenses and will break the use on the primary console.

    Braid is the only XBL game that has this problem. Everything else works fine, but this leaves me unable to play the Braid.

    I would be happy to assist in any way to resolve this issue. When Braid went on Sale I really wanted to support its creativity, but I of course expected to actually be able to play it.

  94. I’m working on the fix for this. Things get complicated sometimes, and it’s been delayed (the major concern is that we not break the game or otherwise introduce bugs that are worse than what was in the original version). Hopefully it will be done soon.

    In the meantime, you ought to be able to use the workaround posted by “Master Devwi” above. This is by no means ideal, but it should enable you to play the game.

  95. I had a different bug to those described here. I couldn’t work out elevator action and gave up trying to get the second piece on that level. When I next started the game, the piece had moved to a different spot. The level after.
    I completed the game without having to do elevator action. I since did work it out, but didn’t have to πŸ™

  96. Is the puzzle stuck bug one that makes it so the “space” and “shift” icons are grayed out? I cannot re-arrange my puzzle pieces now in the PC version. I haven’t really ever tried, but now I got all of them for one puzzle and decided to try. Much to my dismay, I am unable to and the mouse sits in the upper right of the screen unmovable.

  97. I figured out how to reproduce my bug. If you run the game in a custom resolution meaning with “-windowed -height xxx -width xxxx”, then it does not allow mouse movement outside of a certain area and in the puzzle screen, does not allow movement really at all. You would you have to test it to try it out for yourself.

  98. don’t feel bad about the save game bug. braid doesn’t seem to be the only xbox live arcade title affected by this. the exact same “change console, lose save game” bug happened to me with braid and coffeetime crosswords ( i like my crosswords what can i say…). it’s also happened with some downloadable content on a couple of disk based games , too, fwiw. didn;t totally lose the saves on the disk-based games, but had to do a few re-download, copy, move machinations for the saves to be found on the new console, same hdd.

    while the above is anecdotal, it could be more an xbox 360/xbox live/microsoft issue than a “braid’s kinda broken” issue…

    fantastic game nonetheless. five outta five despite the bug.

  99. Is there ever going to be an update for when a different console is used. I super screwed myself by changing consoles and transfering hard drives. The workaround will let me unlock the game, but it won’t save my progress. I really want to play this game but, no offense, I’m too pissed to pay for it on computer.

  100. I am in the same boat Chuck…. I have been waiting for ages to actually finish the game which I started more than a year ago. I was close to finishing and then had my xbox rrod. When I got it back I could never get my original game back….

    I thought the game was awesome, but I am really unimpressed that this bug has never been fixed and that I thus have never finished the game.

  101. I wonder if this issue will ever be fixed, I absolutely adore Braid, I’ve been wanting to beat it again but I can’t save my progress, so I haven’t been able to play it as much as I’d like and that seriously sucks.

  102. Hi, what is the status on fixes for the main bug discussed here? I have the issue where I learned of braid through the Trial version and then was very happy to purchase. However, I gave up playing because it always thinks I am playing the trial and NEVER finds my saved progress file for Braid, even though I see it on my hard drive under the XBOX System Memory for Braid.
    Is there a fix for this and that is why the thread drops off in December 2009?

  103. I got the 2nd bug which is horrible! I occurs when you stick puzzle pieces together then go back in time and pick up a puzzle piece you already collected. It looks like i’m going to have to start over…all progress gone, hope it will be as fun the second time around.

  104. Hmm, I seemed to have encounter the sticking pieces bug. The weird part is that I did not put the pieces together and then rewind. I am trying to beat this game and I keep running into glitches. The first time, I completed world 2 and 3 completely, and then the next world would not open. Now, after restarting, I just finished the 3 world only to find some of the pieces missing. I did not even go into the puzzle that is in the world, I always just get the pieces and then solve it at the main menu world. Except world 2 where you have to use the pieces.

  105. Jonathan Blow: Great game, I’d love to finish it, but I’ve hit both bugs and I’m now stuck on World 3 with a messed up puzzle board. Just as previous posters said, you rewind REALLY far to before you go that piece, then go forward. It’s pretty easy to repro. Any updates coming soon?

  106. I got the stuck puzzle piece glitch, it’s on the first world, so i can easily restart the game once I beat it for the achievement, but I think it was because I rewinded past getting a puzzle piece after I had activated the puzzle board thing.

  107. Hello first off let me say terrific and intelligent piece of work here,but i as i assume many of you have,encountered the bug that doesnt recognize demo from full game and sometimes does not allow your save game to appear. One way to fix this is to go to the start menu when the game loads up and enter the Achievements page then back out, usually it clears the Unlock Full Game option from the menu and when i re-enter play it is at my saved game.

  108. I started playing this game recently (quite late i know) and seriously, it’s an epic and incredible game. At first, i thought getting some of the puzzle pieces was impossible but i got em with time. Boy, do i feel so damn proud of myself. I’m missing two pieces still that are in 2nd door of world 2 at the end. Well, i’ll figure that out somehow πŸ™‚ . This is a game worth it and i would never even think of using a walkthrough or anything similar. Truly an awesome game. I watched Indie Game:The movie and that is where i came to know of it. If i can’t figure out how to take a puzzle piece, it stays on my mind the entire day, while i’m eating, while i’m going to sleep, even while i’m talking to my girl. Braid is just way too good πŸ™‚

  109. Amazing game, wish it were longer, BUT here in 2014 (ahem, 5 1/2 years after the beginning of this thread and a supposed patch), I got the stuck puzzle piece glitch. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it for what it was (on level 1), and have completed every level (except the last, obviously, since I can’t complete that puzzle). Now I guess I need to redo *everything*, and I’ve gotta say, I’m slightly less sympathetic when it’s been a known issue for so long…

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