Braid Gamer Pics are up on Live Arcade.

(Gamer Pics are the little icons you can put by your profile name on Xbox Live Arcade).

They were supposed to go up when Braid was first available for download, but there was some kind of problem. It’s fixed now, though. There are two picture packs; here’s what they contain:

Braid Picture Pack 1

Braid Picture Pack 1

54 thoughts on “Braid Gamer Pics are up on Live Arcade.”

  1. Sweet! I cant wait to get home from work to download this. Is a theme gonna be available as well? If so I would love to have the black and white pics (the intro pics to each level as a theme). Anyways thanks again for a wonderful fantasy fairy-tale like experience =)

  2. We didn’t make a theme. The xbox dashboard is full of ads for stuff like McDonald’s or some action movie, and that seemed to make it incompatible with Braid’s mood, theme, and attitude toward the player.

  3. Unfortunately, Microsoft has a policy that everything on Live must cost something (except for sponsored advergames like Yaris). But the gamer pics are pretty inexpensive… I don’t remember how much?

  4. I downloaded Braid yesterday and spent half the day playing it instead of working on my current art project, which has deadlines teetering above me. This morning, after polishing off another chunk of art, I figured out the last puzzle in Braid’s main levels, and went through the epilog. I need to play it on a much larger screen so I can really enjoy the wonderful visuals.

    Thank you for a wonderful game. The narrative slowly grows around it, until you get to the very last puzzle: piecing the whole story together.

    I also find myself wondering if anything happens in the epilogue if I can manage to leave each screen that contains a red tome with its words still floating onscreen… will there be one last place to go? one last room with a book in it?

  5. um jonathan i was just staying that i love the game and would buy it if its came out on the psn u didnt have to delete my post about it.It such a great game and i wish u the best of luck on making a profit on it.

  6. A good spend I would say though, as the free gamer pics for XBL are pretty bad, as well as all of them overall. Thanks again.

  7. For the PC version, I am not sure if there will be a level editor. It depends on whether I can make the game run in a reasonable way on user-created levels, without breaking everything that’s in there right now. Braid is pretty hard-coded.

    As for whether it could happen on consoles — not on the Xbox 360, because Microsoft doesn’t allow people to share user-created content. On other consoles — if Braid ever gets onto one — who knows?

  8. never understood why gamertags should cost money. I mean you are buying the game, are a few piecies of art really worth extra to customize your tag? Thats one thing PSN gets right. All there themes and icons are free with purchase of the game. Once again great game. This is really something special in a sea of gaming dreck.

    make more games please!!!!

  9. It’s extremely unlikely that you would ever see Braid on the Wii. The current version of Braid is 145MB, and the size limit for WiiWare is much smaller than that (since the Wii has no local storage!) We could try to slim the game down, especially since it would run at lower resolution on the Wii (no HD display), but it’s unlikely still that we could get it down to the size limit without significantly cutting the game’s graphics and sound.

  10. Jonathan Blow sorry about the double post i thought u didnt see my last post since this article went up at about the same time so i was guessing u didn’t see it.sorry about the double post.level editor i love that idea

  11. user created context is a huge thing on the ps3 and pc this are a great game developer so did u make this game by your self or are u part of a group of indie developers?

  12. Jonathan, I LOVE THE GAME!!! im not gonna spoil anything by writing any of the things down but i love the story and what you see at the end

  13. One of the most amazing games, this game is at the same artistic level as Shadow of the Colossus and ICO (at least i think so), thank you so much for making it i am very glad to have played it

  14. Just out of curiousity, why did Microsoft let N+ have a level editor and not Braid? It seems unfair, even if you couldn’t do the editor because it’s all hard-coded.

  15. Jonathan, what a fantastic achievement. You must be so proud, i couldn’t leave this game alone once i’d started it. Thank you for proving that not all game developers are heartless, franchise reliant morons. haha anyway keep up the good work mate.

  16. Dear Jonathan Blow & Dave Hellman,

    This is my favorite game on the platform.* Please continue to delight us. It’s so polished and thoughtful.


    *Castle Crashers isn’t out yet of course… 😉

  17. Just checking, but do you make a profit from gamer pics? I guess so, so the mandatory follow-up is; what’s the split?

    Have always had that on my mind, but never had the opportunity to ask, until now that is. Strangest thing, it doesn’t concern me the slightest but I’m still intrigued to know the score.

  18. so any chance of seeing this on ps3’s psn?
    before you 360 fanboys start attacking, there are people that want to play this but only own a ps3. (me included)
    i dont think this game is contractually exclusive correct?
    port port port

  19. I’ve got a lovely bunny next to my gamer tag now 🙂 .

    Really really good game. I haven’t played anything this inspiring in ages! (Has put me in the mood to start a new music project).

    Thankyou for creating this. Hope to see more of your work in the future.

  20. “Just out of curiousity, why did Microsoft let N+ have a level editor and not Braid? It seems unfair, even if you couldn’t do the editor because it’s all hard-coded.”

    The problem isn’t level editors, it’s making user-generated content available for download by anyone. N+ has a level editor but you can only share levels with your friends list — you can’t upload them to a central server for everyone. That’s the restriction we’ve seen thus far.

  21. Well, there could be something to be done about that, like peer review group who can release selected levels. I see what you’re saying.

    Then again, who would do that, and Braid is it’s own game.

    But still, I think it would be great and a perfect fit for something like that.

  22. Jonathan,

    I would REALLY, REALLY appreciate the opportunity to purchase a Braid dashboard theme. Especially given the prominence that theme backgrounds will have once NXE is rolled out.

    I absolutely love Braid’s art, as does everyone, and in HD some of the backgrounds look like an oil painting.

    Can we try to make this happen? Call it fan service.

  23. What is up with that dashboard Braid ad? With all the lovely attention-grabbing art in your game, why did Microsoft chose a generic serifed font with their own uninteresting two-tone sunrise background?

  24. i just gotta keep saying it thank u so much 4 this game and from the looks of the leader boards u have gotten over 40 000 people to but the game i hope thats enough to cover your costs

  25. Jonathan, albeit I’m sure you get asked quite a bit about this, but I have yet to find what I seek. The entire storyline, is there a concrete plot that you are able to interpret? Or did you want to leave quite a bit of it up to the people playing. If that’s so, I’d still like to know what your interpretation is? I was drawn into the game, and I didn’t get enough closure. Maybe you can drop me an email? Even though I doubt I’ll hear from you, it was my XBLA GOTY choice. Thanks.

  26. Amazing game, kudos to you.

    I’ll be buying both gamerpic sets to support you. Any chance of other merchandise, like shirts or figurines? Stickers would be fantastic too. 😛

  27. I also would like some merchandise! How about some Braid accessories like ties, tie clips or cufflinks? That might fit with the aesthetic of the game.

    When I downloaded These picture packs I broke an oath to never download crap from Microsoft.

    Thats how much I loved your game. Now you just have to help fans like me give you money. (Actually, now that I think about it, a Braid pocket watch would be perfect)


  28. Hey, great game. I do have a question, though. Are you going to be releasing any future gamerpics for your game, perhaps with the dino guy in it? Many people are wanting him, myself included. I’d definitely buy it if you kept this game updated with additional content.

    Anyway, congratulations on your huge success. I do hope you give me a response, though. Later, friend.

  29. I will download these pics just because I love this game so much and want to show my support.

    The only other time I spent money on gamerpics was when the 360 launched (I got Condemned: Criminal Origins pics).

    I know others have said it, but I must say this game is incredible. If we as gamers got to choose ONE game to prove to critics that videogames are a form of art, I would choose Braid. The only games that have come close to making me feel as powerful emotions as Braid are Shadow of the Colossus, Bioshock, and Half-Life2: Episode 2.

    Mr. Blow, you are great and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.

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