24 thoughts on “1up.com reviews Braid; score: A+”

  1. I just read that review myself and came here to congratulate you on the deserving reception Braid received from 1UP, as well as all the other media outlets who have, and soon will, enjoy this game as much as your fans did.

  2. I’m very excited about a PC version. I genuinely want to play this game right now, I even have an Xbox360… but I’d rather give YOU $20 than give Microsoft part of the 15 bucks that is being charged on XBLA. I hope the PC version comes out very soon. 🙂

  3. congrats on the absolutely amazing review scores. the game got great scores on 1up, eurogamer and edge, a rare thing from what i’ve seen.

    i hope the game nabs game of the year at at least on of the big sites come the end of the year!

  4. Congratulations on shipping your first game, you must be very proud.

    Braid is one of the best looking games I’ve played, and has a wonderful soundtrack.

    However, it is very disappointing that the game isn’t very fun to play.

    The initial puzzles are easy and very engaging, but the later levels were more difficult than they needed to be. There were instances when I felt I had a puzzle solved, only to reveal a second level of complexity I wasn’t anticipating. As such, the game very rarely felt rewarding, as I was so frustrated by the time I had finally completed a puzzle, that it wasn’t very satisfying. The experience was therefore akin to having completed an arduous household chore with little reward at the end of the ordeal.

    Your game would have proved a far more memorable, immersive experience, if a few more simpler puzzles been peppered throughout the game, in order to guide the player to the correct course of action in some of the more difficult challenges.

    I look forward to playing a game that uses the same wonderful artistic and musical direction that you were able to assemble for Braid.

    All the best.

  5. It’s some kind of poetic justice. The game is really amazing with a oldschool feeling and a fresh game concept. It’s beatiful and funny.

    But I want’ to tell you somethng that maybe you don’t know. The spanish translation of your game for the european marketplace is perfect, with poetry and a good narrative sense.

    Thank you for your great work.

  6. Braid is the most wonderful game I have ever played. The end level is amazing. It’s pure genius. PURE genius. It’s incredible! I’m completely struck dumb by the insight and effort put into this game! I love it!

    [spoiler deleted]

  7. Congratulations for your game.

    I’ve been following Braid’s development these last years and allways thought that something different was in the works.

    Again (and it’s not the first time I ask! :))… please try and bring this to the PS3. I’m sure it would be very well received.


  8. Please delete spoilers, I can’t read your blog if I can’t scroll down, because some inconsiderate ass is going to put a spoiler in the comments. It doesn’t work declaring it as a spoiler seeing as how the page works top to down and I have to keep scrolling down to read more comments.

  9. I want to say the experience I have had playing this game has been both memorable, challenging in new ways to what I’m used to in games and fun.

    I am really greatful that this game was made and Johnathan getting into debt because he wanted to get this game out there, Iwould really look forward to this whole process.

    Its been so long since I sat in a session like I have with this game to complete it and then think about it the next day. Really enjoyed the experience (which this game really is).

    A+ / 10 from me (not like that counts for anything) and look forward to whatever future work we see.

    PS: more of my gushing here

  10. Well deserved, this and all the other praise for this game. As a 30 year-old lifetime gamer, I have never had the pleasure of playing anything quite like Braid, just excellent — fresh, clever, and remarkably earnest. You have my gratitude for reigniting my recently-flagging interest in gaming, and I believe your hard work will continue to be well met and greatly rewarded.

  11. Yes, I have deleted the spoiler part of that comment. Sorry — I don’t like editing comments — but I want to keep from ruining the game for people.

    However, it may be hard for me to keep up with that kind of thing; a lot of comments are coming in and it’s hard to read them all. So, everyone, please, don’t post spoilers. There are a bunch of forum threads going on, out there on the internet, where people are doing a good job of keeping spoilers inside spoiler tags… that’s probably a better place for this kind of question, as this blog software doesn’t support spoiler tags!

  12. so i guess Microsoft had a contract with you that is force u to stay on as a 360 exclusion??i can find out for u if Sony would want it since they do like responding to me!!!!
    As far as time frame im sure sony could help u like they did help the one guy that made everyday shooter.
    let me know if u want me to find out it wont take too long for me to get an answer.

  13. also there is a demand fr this game on the playstation side.playstation fans love downloadable games.i know i mean soud like a tired record its just that i truly believe sony would want this game.i also know alot of people on the psn want this game.

  14. Yes, this is quite a fantastic game so far. 🙂 World 4 could have been a game by itself.

    Although I really hope the PC version will have mod tools. If it does I’ll pay again for it. 🙂

    Mind you.. from what I’ve heard about the ending, I’m getting the feeling I’m not going to like it.

  15. I wanted to congratulate you on the game. It looks like Braid is getting great sales along with those fantastic reviews looking at the leaderboards. The entire experience has been extremely refreshing and I look forward to your next project.

  16. Suttner got it right. All I can say is thank you.

    I’ve only been able to get through the first 3 levels because I probably live a life too much like the main character, but I cannot wait to play some more tomorrow morning before work.

    To be honest, I was late into the office today because of Braid. Time simply disappeared. And unfortunately I can’t rewind…

  17. I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for this awesome game. I was hanging out with friends one night, and talking about how much I liked Legend of Zelda and similar puzzle games. A friend mentioned this awesome game that he thought I would like, so I tried Braid out on his Xbox. And I have never thought the same about video games.

    One thing I believe games lack these days is a sense of meaning. I love both Sonic and Mario, but they get repetitious after a sense, and all the heightened graphics seem to be nothing but cover-up for poor, monotonous gameplay. Your game not only contains awesome graphics but a sense of actual meaning. The journey one takes in Braid means something to each and every person, which is what I think makes it so unique and awesome.

    Fortunately, I was unable to finish Braid that night (at 3 in the morning!) so I have something wonderful to look forward to when the PC version comes out. 🙂 Good luck with your future ideas, and thanks for giving the world what a videogame should be.

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