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Previews of Braid.

The Arsecast LogoThe Arsecast, the indie game development podcast, has p/reviewed Braid rather positively; the link is here. I recommend you subscribe to the Arsecast because it is a nice way to find out about all sorts of new and interesting indie games. When Graham remembers to update the RSS feed properly.

I enjoyed reading the preview, but also talking to Graham via email as he is a smart guy who has a very interesting and unique viewpoint about games.


Also, Jason Rohrer of Arthouse Games published a very positive preview of Braid a few months ago, but I don’t think I ever linked it, so here you go. Keep in mind that this write-up was so long ago that the included screenshots are mostly not representative of the current game. For somewhat up-to-date screenshots of Braid, look here.

The interview with Rod Humble on Arthouse Games is also a good read.

Braid poster art.

Hourglass and Castle

David Hellman painted this in December 2006.  We intended to use it for our Slamdance Game Festival posters, and perhaps for other purposes later on.  We ended up not attending Slamdance, so this has been sitting on our hard drives for months.

It seems best to put it out there for now and let people enjoy it, as it is really nice.  It captures the theme of the game but still feels mysterious.  It perhaps makes the audience wonder, “what is that about?”  We will undoubtedly use this image in the future in some capacity.  Right now I’m using it as a desktop image.  Click the thumbnail above for a 1024×1024 version.

Bad Vista

Bad Vista

The Free Software Foundation has launched the Bad Vista campaign, to help spread awareness about the fact that Vista is really about taking things away from you… not helping you out. If you’re not familiar with the story behind Vista, please read this introduction. For a detailed litany of the problems, see Peter Gutmann’s recent analysis.

Because Vista annoys me so much, I have installed Ubuntu Linux on my desktop machine. Braid will be ported and released on Ubuntu, and another upcoming project of mine is being co-developed on Ubuntu. It is really a quite usable operating system in most respects and I recommend trying it out. (You can download and burn a bootable Live CD that will let you try out the Ubuntu desktop experience without installing anything on your hard drive. Why not give it a shot?)

Microsoft’s marketing department is working hard to position Vista as some kind of panacea that will bring you the future of gaming, a great thing for developers and players alike. Well, you can mark me down as a developer who does not believe that to be true at all. Alex St John (another developer) recently wrote an article criticizing Vista as well. His angle is more about game deployment and accessibility than user rights and freedoms; but it shows yet another way that Vista is about restriction, rather than benefit.