Braid poster art.

Hourglass and Castle

David Hellman painted this in December 2006.  We intended to use it for our Slamdance Game Festival posters, and perhaps for other purposes later on.  We ended up not attending Slamdance, so this has been sitting on our hard drives for months.

It seems best to put it out there for now and let people enjoy it, as it is really nice.  It captures the theme of the game but still feels mysterious.  It perhaps makes the audience wonder, “what is that about?”  We will undoubtedly use this image in the future in some capacity.  Right now I’m using it as a desktop image.  Click the thumbnail above for a 1024×1024 version.

One thought on “Braid poster art.”

  1. This painting did exactly as you suggest. I was sat gazing, wondering, and eventually purchased one of the most beautiful, thoughtful and rewarding games i have ever had the good fortune to play. Thankyou for the experience.

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