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  1. Pretty much a perfect port, from what I can tell with a few levels I just finished. Perfectly smooth 60FPS frame-rate, no tearing, Hothead games has really done a great job here.

  2. I absolutely loved the game, I just finished it. The only issue I have is that the Full Speed Run trophy does not seem to work. I posted a time under 45 minutes online several times, but I did not get the achievement. Otherwise flawless experience.

  3. ive been experiencing some odd errors while playing the game, 8002a1a3 which i can’t even find anything about, and the error that happens when trying to add someone to the XMB, im going to re-install it and try again and i’ll updated if the errors keep hapening

  4. Sean: Hothead tells me that the Speed Run bug was already found and fixed, and they have submitted a new build to Sony. I don’t know how long that takes to go through, but when it does, then when you install the new version, the achievement should be automatically granted.

    (I am still verifying with Hothead that it will be automatically granted, but that is the way the PC and Xbox 360 versions would have worked, and I expect the PS3 translation is straightforward on that point.)

  5. this game is f*cking genius, one of the most fascinating games I’ve played if not thee most fascinating. whatever the actual idea behind it is, never have I seen a game where people have taken so many different things from it. looking around after finishing it and taking my own thing from it, it’s amazing to see how deep some people took it. the a bomb reference is immediately recognized…but could that just be a metaphor in itself? you decide.

    puzzles are ridiculous…after looking at just the first bit (world 2 – the “picture”) and finally realizing what the fuck I was supposed to do I couldn’t help but laugh. incredible, simple yet so deep, the puzzles being so simple yet unique and “challenging” is amazing – you realize you often over analyze something and the approach is actually a unique and simple one but you didn’t even consider it.

    trying to speed run it, really hoping there isn’t an issue with the trophy cause if I get it an there isn’t a trophy…hah then again I have just another reason to play it through again.

    i know this game is “old” but dayum, new to to me – a complete breath of fresh air. f*cking genius, no matter what the actual idea is. unfortunate it took this long for the PSN to see some love. funny how unique the playstatio network really is and here is this game finally showing up…seems totally appropriate Braid finds its way to the PSN.

    thank you Mr. Blow, thank you

  6. (sorry for the caps right away, here it goes)


    I have played Braid and completed it twice on the PC (with all the stars on the second run), and I need to say I love this game! I was so bummed it was only exclusive for Xbox, but now it has come out on the PSN, I bought it before I even blinked!

    Braid is the first and ONLY game that I’ve purchased twice! Ever! Thank you so infinitely much for releasing it to other console platforms. I’m so grateful that you’ve created this game. Everybody needs to play this game to appreciate it.

    Thanks again. (I’m glad that I could find a channel to reach you to express my thoughts and feelings)

    All the best from Turkey.

  7. I’ve come across your game (and indie games altogether for the first time) through the aforementioned NY Times article and I have to say this really blew my mind after a mere 2 hours of playing. It’s so beautiful, ingenious, challenging in a non-highscore-comparing way. Simply great.
    I was so fascinated by the whole idea of indie games that I’ve even bought Osmos on your recommendation. And deeply regretted having missed the indie bundle.
    Thanks a lot for showing me fresh new perspectives on the whole medium of video games, thanks for proving that it’s not only about sheer technically brilliant (and hardware challenging) superficiality but about ideas, brains and a spirit that goes further than expected, a spirit that truly does justice to the whole medium.
    Keep up the good work, all the best from Germany.
    Hans Martin.

  8. Once the patch gets approved, will that retroactively award the speed run trophy?

    I’ve done a full run, much over the challenge time, but the wording makes it sound like I’ll get the final trophy.

  9. Good morning, I am French and I wait that this game arrives on European PSN with impatience! why is not it always available on European PSN?
    I know that American version inserts the French language on top of that. if somebody has information this interests me.

    Thank you in advance.

  10. I had ‘Braid’ recommended to me by a friend months ago, but just never got around to downloading it for the XBox. Imagine my surprise when taking a break from the token FPS that everyone is playing when I saw your game on the PSN — I couldn’t download it fast enough.

    ‘Braid’ was simply a fantastic game — rather, ‘Braid’ was a fantastic experience. I had my own opinions about some of the meanings of themes presented and turned to the web to see what the Xbox and PC folks had been blogging over the past year. Links lead to links (as is their purpose) which led to Blow’s ‘Conflicts in Game Design’ Lecture (I believe found somewhere on this website?).

    I found your lecture also to be incredibly insightful. Viewed through this new lens, I see ‘Braid’s game mechanics as not being literal mechanics but Tim trying to figuratively turn back time and figuratively be in two places as once. …and the pre-text for Episode 6 – Hesitance: brilliance.

    Thank you for taking the gaming media in this direction.

  11. The speed run trophy is still not working…..
    I know the patch has been sent to Sony – and it’s their responsibility to update the game, but I don’t think it should take this long to fix it.

    Oh well, I guess it’s not that big of a deal – I’ve been playing the game everyday since it’s been released on PSN – I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!

    I’m just one trophy away from getting 100% – and I’ve already beaten the speed run a bunch of times!!! I hope it gets fixed soon.

    Anyways, thanks for making such a wonderful game – it has become my personal Game of Year!!! Maybe even Game of the Century!!!

  12. Hi Jonathan,

    I just got the patch for PSN version, 1.01. It was 240 megabytes, that seems like a lot for just a few bugfixes… Was anything else changed?

  13. Bought it on the (european) release day and like it a lot! I still would like a Linux version so I could play it on my computers, but getting it for PS3 was a great thing!

  14. Well, still no Braid in the Netherlands or Belgium. I’ve contacted Sony, and they say that the publisher of the game decides whether or not a game will be available in the store. But to what publisher go I need to go to find out when the release is in the Netherlands or Belgium?

  15. I am asking Hothead about this stuff… they are handling the interactions with Sony. It could be that there was just some kind of simple misunderstanding. I don’t think they have any reason to keep Braid out of any countries.

  16. ***SPOILERS***
    Hey Jonathon,
    I’m going to brag on you a bit, so put on your modesty cap and read on.

    I want to start by sharing just how refreshingly, mind-bendingly, exceptional of an experience playing Braid has been for me. I’ve been gaming for about 18 years now, and it stands out as a jewel amidst a swath of other uninspired, repetitive, ultimately unsatisfying games. Heck, I’m in friggin’ Mensa and some of the solutions, especially for reaching the stars, are so complex that I am floored that any human even came up with them. …and I’ve only found and gotten 4 of ’em! (…I refuse to cheat and look online :P) Your game displays a level of artistry, polish, and sheer genius that I honestly can’t say I’ve ever seen elsewhere, and my game collection is pretty massive, so thanks! People who say it doesn’t have any replay value must overlooked the stars!

    Secondly, I’d like to request that you add a steam award for getting all of the stars in the PC version. I beat the game, I completed the speed runs, and when/if I ever find and grab all 8 of those stars I’d like something to show for it!

    Finally, I managed to find a minor bug in Jumpman. Most people would probably never run into this, but if you bounce off of the “goomba’s” head and hit the door at just the right spot, it uses the key but doesn’t open the door. Here’s a screenshot: http://tinyurl.com/yc4o7ca

    Thanks again for all of the time and effort you and your associates have poured into Braid. I’ll be keeping an eye on your future projects.

  17. Just finished on PS3. Very nice game. I hate platformers as a general rule, but the creativity of the puzzles on this made up for it. 🙂

  18. My girlfriend is getting the 8002A1A3 error as well on the ps3.

    It happens every time I pick up a puzzle piece. I assume it has something to do with the save.

    I have purchased the game using my PSN account, and have played through it with no problems. My girlfriend is now playing on her account and she is getting the error.

  19. hello,
    i was wondering if the speed run required you to collect all the puzzle pieces.
    btw this is an amazing idea for a game.
    thank you alot.

  20. Does anyone know what’s happening with the Australian version? I bought it yesterday but it’s still ver 1.00 downloaded straight from PSN.

    If it’s indeed the old version, does anyone know when the trophy fix patch may be coming to Australia?

    Thanks for the help. Great game by the way.

  21. Love the video walkthroughs, very entertaining and informative! This game is really something special; I haven’t seen such a mature story in gaming since Half-Life and Shadow of The Colossus. Well done on creating a mind-bending puzzler, Mr. Blow.

  22. hello,

    i live in the netherlands,

    there seems to be a bug in world 3.6

    the last puzzle involving the doors. when i rewind time on the second doors i ain’t getting the key back .

    please fix this ?


    with kind regards


  23. Has anyone playing this on PS3 been able to play, since the 1.01 patch became available? I haven’t.

    I bought Braid a few months ago via PSN. Seemed like a great game, but I didn’t have time to get into it much.

    Months later, I tried to play it again. It told me there was a patch available. It tried to update the patch, and…. that rebooted my PS3.

    So I’m stuck. Unable to play Braid because it dies during the patch.

    Any advice?

  24. I have never heard of this problem.

    Have you tried just deleting the game and re-downloading it?

    Oh, wait — does PSN make you pay for the game again under those conditions?

    For what it’s worth, I just patched Braid from 1.00 to 1.01 on my own PS3, and it worked…

    (Is it possible you are short on disk space?)

  25. Okay, I did re-download it. I didn’t delete the original install beforehand, because I wasn’t sure if that would erase my progress. Downloading again did fix the problem, and it did not appear that I was being charged again. That is, there wasn’t the usual confirmation prompt that I get when making a new purchase.

  26. On the PS3, I get error 8002A1A3 whenever I try to view the online rankings. I’m signed in to PSN, and other games work fine online. I even tried another account with no Braid save data on it, but it got the same error. This happened once before, but the problem eventually resolved itself after a few days. Is the online ranking server down, or is this peculiar to me?

  27. I just did the game, and I am in the quest of the hidden stars right now, it’s pretty hard!! This quest should have it’s own GOLD trophy I think. Thanks for the PSN support! =D

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