This is the official walkthrough and list of cheats for Braid, a game by Number None, Inc, released on Xbox Live Arcade (on the Xbox 360 game system).

Start of the Game.

At the beginning of the game, you start out in silhouette against a city background, as shown here:

Walk to the right until you emerge into light, and eventually walk up the stairs and into the House:

Now enter the door next to the frame that says World 2. You will appear in this cloud room:

You can read the story fragments in these books, or ignore them, as you choose. Walk to the right and enter the first door on the rightmost part of the screen:

This puts you into the first gameplay world, called "Three Easy Pieces". The objective of Braid is to collect puzzle pieces that you find throughout these worlds, then bring them back to the House and assemble them into finished puzzles.

The first piece is easy to get; travel to the right for a while on Three Easy Pieces until you see it, sitting on a platform above a pit of flames. Just jump over the gaps, being careful not to fall into the pit. If you do fall in, press and hold the X button to rewind back to safety. Once you touch the puzzle piece, it migrates to your HUD in the upper-left of the screen, signaling that you now possess this piece.

Continue on to the next puzzle pieces, and...

(Walkthrough continued in Part 2 -- click here)