A newer test version of Braid (testing more bug fixes!)

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the previous version. I have an even newer one that fixes more stuff:

but see the note at the bottom of this posting.

Please download this version if you have had any of these problems:

  • Hand moving by itself across the puzzle screen.
  • Graphical junk along the top and bottom of the puzzle screen.
  • Crash when using the -language option to switch to a Western language, on an operating system with an Asian locale set.
  • If you were experiencing a lot of screen stretching in the last bug-test version.
  • If you have an Athlon XP and the last bug-fix test was crashing.

This version also includes all the fixes from the last bugfix test:

  • Game crashes on start-up (giving the TODO error or no error).
  • Game runs but gives you a black screen, but when you press Escape you can see the menu.
  • Game runs very slowly and you wish you could pick a lower resolution so that the game would run faster.
  • Can’t move the hand on the puzzle screen.

If you’re interested, please download and let me know if these issues are fixed for you, and if you have any further problems.

If all goes well, I will roll out new builds to all the online distribution partners tonight.



Note and a bit of a warning: The bugfix test versions of Braid write extra data to your saved games that the earlier versions don’t understand. This is fine if you don’t expect to re-play an earlier version, but if you do, the earlier version will not be able to understand your save file and will reset the game. To avoid this, either use the Save Slots option (in the Settings menu) to copy your save into some extra slots before you install this bugfix test, or else manually copy your game saves somewhere save. (For example, in Windows XP, they live in C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Braid). Thanks.

84 thoughts on “A newer test version of Braid (testing more bug fixes!)”

  1. Hey Jonathan,

    The only problem I’ve had with Braid was the Vsync issue, which you promptly addressed. I just wanted to say how impressed I am by the support you’re giving the game. Any game, especially a PC game, is inevitably going to have issues on release, and Braid is no exception. Had Braid come out of a big publisher though, the best we might have seen these past few days was a press release saying “We’re looking into the issues reported by a small percentage of users.” and possibly a patch a few months down the line.

    You on the other hand have reacted immediately to any reported problems and are obviously working diligently to fix them in a reasonable timeframe (Read: Days, not months), and I just had to commend you for it.

    Thanks for a wonderful game, and thanks for all the love and effort you continue to put into it!

    – Jeff K.

  2. Well, I for one LOVE owning a PC version of the game. My TV isn’t super-hi-res, so it’s great to be able to see all the details of each level.

    I have a problem, however: I installed the demo version to help test the game and lo! if it didn’t completely screw my game up. I installed it in a different directory to my Full game, but unfortunately they’ve both become messed up.

    I’ve uninstalled the (previous) demo, but now I’ve lost all my jigsaw pieces and, most importantly, *****s. It’s pretty annoying 🙁 Please tell me there’s some way to retrieve my save game (wherever the hell it’s installed!).

    Thank you… although I have a feeling they’re lost for good. *sob*

    I also wanted to let you know that release 2, and this new demo version, did NOT solve my VSync issues (although putting -no_sync_test in the command box still fixes it nicely). As I’ve said before, I’m running Vista x86 Home Premium with an 8800GTS. An E6600 CoreDuo and 4GB of RAM.

    Also, more importantly (to me) pressing Print Screen does not produce any images 🙁 I have given Braid admin access and installed it on a different HD to the OS. It will quite happily auto-fill a directory called “Shots” when I click Snapshot in the editor, though… it just won’t take a screen grab.

    Anyways, sorry to burden your already overflowing inbox! Great job on the PC version! I think you’ve gone far above and beyond what most developers would be prepared to do.

  3. Johnny: Umm, there is an issue about the saved games that I didn’t think of. See my update to the post. Sorry if the saves are gone for good; I could give you a save file that restores some progress but honestly it is probably faster to re-play (since hey, you can Speed Run the game in like 35 minutes).

    I will look into the Print Screen thing.

  4. Ahh just missed this. I ran the orignal demo on my sister’s crappy laptop with no success (TODO crash). I then downloaded the first “fixed” demo to see how that works, and it worked!

    I was quite surprised too because her machine is some 1.7GHz integrated graphics 2GB crap-top. And it ran rather decent! Sure I think it was running at 20-24 frames or something, and running on basic graphics, but still it looked beautiful as ever even without the post-processing.

    Of course once I got to world 4 (time and place) in the demo, the framerate dropped to around 1-3 frames a second. But that’s to be expected I think. I’m surprised it ran so well though on such bad specs 🙂

    I didn’t get a chance to test the newest version before I left her apartment though. The only bug I experienced on the older test version of the demo was the graphic glitch on the puzzle screen which you mentioned should be fixed in this updated demo.

    Kudos, and good luck!

  5. Hi Jonathan, no worries! I can’t seem to find any save game files on my computer, though. Where do they reside in Vista? My “C:\Users\Johnny” folder doesn’t contain a Braid folder…??

    I would appreciate a save game that would prevent me from having to go back for my *****s 🙁 But if that can’t be done, I guess I’ll have to brave them again.

    Thanks for looking at the Print Screen thing.

  6. Same problem as last one – I think someone else had it – screen is simply black. Music is playing, I can hear a jump sound when I press space, and I can hear the pause sound when I press escape, and it windows properly, but the screen remains black. None of the command line parameters have helped.

    XP SP2
    Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.00GHZ
    1.49 GB of RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4000

  7. I’m running a okayish laptop (Acer Core 2 duo, 2GHz, 1Gb RAM) with pretty poor graphics (Intel GM45 integrated chipset I think), that was perfectly capable of running the initial version of the game, although in a few places (most of the castles, most of the pit levels, the second boss level) the frame rate went down crazily to about 3fps. When I run this new version (didn’t try the earlier one), it switches to the lower resolution and runs totally smoothly as far as I can tell, so as far as I can tell the fix works fine.

    Incidentally, I don’t have a xbox so have never played this game before – it really is awesome. Thanks for making such a well designed game, and being so quick to respond to problems.

  8. Hello Jonathan I do not write l’ to you; intermediary d’ a translator on line as I am French and than I do not speak l’ English and I do not know if you also you speak French or not thus here I am content with the work which you provide for your play Braid that j’ waited for a long time and which disappointment when j’ downloaded the version demonstration the very same day since j’ have had to me also a amd athlon xp for 5 years j’ had the surprise which the play did not turn well either but j’ saw that Net surfers and players as me same the preoccupations with a compatibility had and thank you for all work for correction which you made with the version test 1012 which functions to perfection on my old computer which is precisely a AMD Athlon XP 2800+ with 1 go of RAM and a nvidiageforce fx 5200 now I would like to know this version or not allows to resolve the complete set because I want or is to it this qu’ is needed that I have patience still to buy the full version, on standby d’ an answer a fan not having XBox 360 lol Steimir

  9. Steimier: I will be sending the new version of Braid to all the online publishing partners tomorrow morning (April 14 California time). How long it takes them to put that version up for download will vary depending on each company’s own processes. But I would think that before too long, the new version will be everywhere.

  10. Same problem as JLrep.
    Black screen with music and sfx when move\jump Tim.
    I test it in windowed mode too and with different window size.

    My box configuration is

    XP sp3
    Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz
    1,00 GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4000

    Greetings from Italy.

  11. Cool Jonathan thank you for the prompt response even if have a little evil has to include/understand the translation in French but j’ like the same a little included/understood in any case highly full version and corrected because j’ made the demonstration longitudinally and into broad and I n’ impatient because j’ saw once on television an organizer which tested version XBOX360 and the play m’ immediately allured and j’ said qu’ highly; he is related to computer especially j’ await the famous level with the bubble finally you see what I want to say? Thank you still I will stain d’ to await still a little ^__^
    PS: afflicted if the translation of English French is rotted

  12. I have just realized qu’ enter here to France and at home you are still at April 13 the Easter Monday on our premises and at home on April 14 lol there is twelve hours of shift time at home c’ is the morning and at home c’ is still the evening too extremely extremely the world if you soon will lie down I wish you a good night

  13. I have waited so long to play Braid. I even considered buying an Xbox 360 at one point, but the PC release saved me.

    Happy to report that it runs fine under the latest version of Wine (1.1.19) under Ubuntu 9.04. You’re an amazing game maker John, and the wait was worth it.

    Now I’m going to lose many hours to this game…..


  14. omg some someone help plz? i tested the new version demo and than all my save games deleted? wtf damn i have to start new game? i was in the las world omg.

  15. Let me start off by congratulating you Mr.Jonathan on making an extraordinary and amazing game like Braid, you are a true inspiration to me and the people who strive through the path of game making, and for that, you deserve a long lasting salute.

    To the people who are asking where the save file location is, you can find it at:”C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Braid”

    That’s for Windows XP as for Vista i think it’s the same but not quite sure exactly, just search for the “Documents and Settings” Folder and you should find it :D!

    Thank You again Mr.Jonathan

  16. Huh. It trimmed my message. Try again:


    Also, Jonathan: I’ve no idea why people seem to think it’s ok to be rude to you (not necessarily here, but definitely on other forums). I, for one, don’t see any need for it and, if anything, I think you deserve a hefty amount of praise for all your hard work!

    Just wanted to say that. Not everyone agrees with this minority.

  17. It has been the second best selling game in Steam after it’s release so I don’t think is doing very bad at least.

  18. Well was able to use the resolution thing in target(propertites) and increase framerate , game is fun, writing/story is more intelligent than i thought, props to that.

    However i still feel bad for pc gamers and developers, so much fatigue you have to go through for buying and playing, even after purchase its not confirm whether it would be smooth road ahead.

    It bugs me even more that at this day and age even 2D games giving optimization nightmares on PC let alone 3D games.

    Longlive PSN/Live and console gaming.

    P.S: A total win situation and potential user increase would be ‘step to add lower resoltion support, ofcourse with crashing and memory leaks sorted out’.

  19. Love the game, John! Easily one of my favorites. I was happy to download it on Xbox Live, and I’m happy to pay again to play on my laptop. I’ll be looking out for word on your next project!

  20. Yay, 1024*768 via command line works, now I can finally play Braid on my crappy 17″ CRT!

    But I would rather see an option in the menu to set the resolution directly. Because fps were fine in 1280 so the game didn’t change to 1024 by itself.

  21. the 1011 version works perfectly on my computer (I had a black screen then the program crashed with my steam version)
    Is there a way to update a steam version of the game with the correction ?
    Or do we need to wait for a steam update ?

  22. Does using the Xbox 360 controller allow analog control? If it does, you might consider allowing us to map joystick axes to the controls. I can map keys to my PS2 controller, but then it’s just digital control.

    Kudos on this full-service tweaking. You deserve an award for most accommodating one-man game development army.

  23. BraidFan, make a backup if you worry about your saves, but I think there won’t be any problem. My saves from the official releases work well with the test versions (but I can’t access the levels not included in the demo), so they will with the next full release.

    I can now play in full resolution on my 24″ lcd display (1920 x1200), which is great, but the fonts appear to be less “smoothed” than on lesser resolutions in my opinion. Not a big problem though. 🙂

    Thank you Jonathan for your wonderful game and all of your useful updates !

    (and excuse me for my approximative english, because I’m french lol)

  24. Could you give us an estimated amount of time that it will take before you are able to add support for older graphics cards (Pixel Shader 1.4, etc)?

  25. Chris, I don’t know exactly. The reason I didn’t do this originally is that I figured the game would just be too slow on those cards anyway. But maybe that’s wrong. I am going to look at the feasibility of supporting this over the next couple of days, and based on how that looks, then I will know how long it might take (or if I am just not doing it).

  26. Yeah, upgrading from these test releases to the next full release is fine; it will load your saves. The danger is just if you run a bugfix test and then go back and play an older version.

  27. I am looking to get a better graphics card anyway, but many other people may benefit from support for older graphics cards too.
    Thanks for the quick reply,

  28. Does this bug fix not work on the Steam version? I have the steam version which crashes on start up, I managed to play a bit with the demo version you posted here, but even when I install it on top of the steam directory it still acts like the demo version and tries to get me to buy the full game, which I already have.

    Any estimate on when the update will come through steam? Is that the same thing as this?

  29. The update version for Steam is the same as this one, plus one extra Steam-only fix. I have given it to Valve, so Valve’s internal processes determine how long it takes for that to get out to users… which I don’t know. I’ll post here when it’s up.

  30. I bought your amazing game on Impulse. When will the updated version land on this platform so I can download it? 🙂

  31. Alright, thanks!
    From what I’ve seen in the demo I can’t wait to play through this game. So nice to see something made in the last decade that doesn’t patronize the player.

  32. Jonathan: I haven’t seen this particular bug reported elsewhere yet. If I go to the pause menu, then my computer goes into screensaver mode, on resuming the game, the whole screen is visual garbage.

    This is likely a video driver issue, but I thought I’d throw it out there.

    GeForce 7800 GT with latest drivers.

  33. I know everyone’s got problems, but I thought I’d just let you know about mine for a future bugfix.

    Not to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t gotten there yet, but I am unable to play the very last rooms due to a bug in the way that those (and only those) rooms play.

    The creatures in the room get stuck either on the cannons that spawned them or the thing that kills them, causing the game not to spawn any more creatures. So I get the first 4 or so and that’s it.

    I hope that was specific enough without ruining anything. If you need me to specify, let me know.

  34. Hello Jonathan:

    At first, congratulations for this impressive game and I wish you the best for the future.

    At second, I have some ‘new’ issue: I have a Mobility Radeon HD2600, which supports Shaders 4.0, and when I press ‘0’, i got in the screen: POSTPROCESS is OFF.

    Is this normal? How can I activate POSTPROCESS?

    Thanks a lot!

  35. Jacks: It is probably turning postprocess off because in the startup test the game was not able to hit 60fps.

    However, if you set the target frame rate explicitly on the command-line, the checking for postprocess will be overridden. For example, if you put “-30fps” on the command-line, the game will try to run at 30 frames per second, and keep postprocessing on (unless you put “-no_post” on the command-line.)

  36. When I first played this game on my friends 360, I couldn’t wait for it to come to the pc. My first reaction to the demo on my pc made me sad. (Slow downs kept the game from really being playable.) But, this new demo really fixed thinks for it. Thanks, I’ll think I’ll be buying a copy in a few days. 🙂

  37. Jonathan:

    Yep! That was the solution. If I force Braid to work at some fps, the post-processing turns on.

    Thanks a lot!

    Unfortunately, your answer leads me to another question: when i try to go for 60fps, the games stucks at perfects 30fps. When I set the limit to 30 fps, there is no framerate drops or something like that.

    I feel I could reach the 60fps, I don’t know if it’s a problem in my specs:

    Core2Duo T7500 2.2GHz
    3GB RAM
    ATI Mobilty Radeon HD2600

    Thanks a lot for this great game and for your efforts in the support. You have one fan here.

    PD.- Sorry for my awful English.

  38. I will auto-answer me:

    If I put on the command line -no_vsync, the game gets 40-45 fps, so it seems i don’t have enough computer to move the game at 60 perfects fps. Is it normal? With the V_Sync activated, the limit should be in 60fps, not in 30 fps, isn’t it?

    Anyway, I’ll try the last version, which have some improvements in the performance.

    Thanks a lot again.

  39. A game will always run faster without vsync than with vsync (unless there is some kind of weird bug!) Because vsync just means that you wait for the vertical retrace before you go and draw the next frame. So if you are hitting 45fps without vsync, it makes sense that you would get 30fps with vsync.

  40. Well, I have done a lot of tries and i can only run it smoothly at 60fps if i set the resolution at 800×600 … so i’m afraid i’ll have to be happy with the post-processing on and 30fps with 1280×800!!

    Thanks a lot for your pattience and replys!

  41. Despite installing this, and putting as many things after the command-line that I could think of, in various combinations, I still have a lot of random crap filling the background. Like, image bleed-through. I tried taking a screenshot, but everything looks find in the capture.

    I have a Nvidia GeForce 7300 LE, running Windows XP with the latest service pack, 2 GB of RAM.

    Other than the randomness, the game runs quite smoothly, but is unplayable due to it. Any ideas?

  42. I can’t play braid
    always appears this: “braid.exe found an error and can’t be opened”
    I saw all the tricks to run the game
    I love this game but I can’t play it
    someone help me, please >.<

  43. I have tried this demo on my Asus N10 and still get:
    “Braid.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
    This is from both the steam version and the version I downloaded on this page. I have so far tried:
    -width 1024 -height 600
    with no luck!
    I so want try this demo out after seeing the trailer and all the positive reviews!

    Specs for my N10 are:
    Atom N270 1.6Gig
    Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS
    2 Gig of Ram
    Windows XP

  44. Are there plans for remaping keys? I am a usually a hard core 1st person shooter player, so going from using my left hand on the ASDE keys to using my right hand on the arrow keys just dosen’t work for me.

  45. Hi, Allot of people seem to be having trouble finding the save game files, I too am having this trouble, Iv searched for data, appdata, profile and braid folders yet i cannot find my save game. If somebody could tell me the save game format i could search for that?

  46. If you are using the Steam version, it is in the Steam appdata folder. If you are not, it is in your standard Windows application data folder (for example, C:\Documents and Settings\YourUsername\Application Data\Braid, if you are on Windows XP).

  47. ^^^ yeah as I said iv searched all of these places and there is no savefile, if somebody could tell me the format and name of the save file I could search for it

  48. I downloaded the game yesterday, and it worked fine after a catalyst driver upgrade. However, every time I’ve started it today, it’s crashed:

    braid.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    I’m running an Athlon 64, which the above hints could be a problem?

  49. Is it a dual-core Athlon? You may need to download the AMD Dual Core Optimization Pack (which actually contains a bug fix for Athlon drivers).

    Alternatively… not sure. Is this the Greenhouse version (it asked for an authorization code) or was it from somewhere else?

  50. hey jonathan, i just love the game so much, but i have a little problem. when I start the game, and want to press escape to see the menu, the game just shuts down, do this test solve that?

  51. I have heard of this problem happening on a few peoples’ machines but I have never been able to figure out what it is. I suspect it is some kind of driver problem.
    What CPU / graphics card / drivers do you have?

  52. it’s a intel celeron 2.1ghz, 512 RAm, windows xp SP3
    the graphics card is a nvidia geforce 6200 agp 256 mb
    the point is when i play the game, i play it perfectly, the only “bug” is what i told you.
    I’ve donwloaded the demo and it works fine. so I suppose that the old version I got it’s bugged (?)

  53. First, I love the support you’re keeping up for this game.
    I’m having resolution issues, I can’t get the game to run higher than 1024×768 and it should be running 1280x720from what I understand. Any ideas on your side?
    I’m running an ATI 4870 and i7-920

  54. I don’t know offhand what would be causing it but by coincidence I was about to put a 4870 into my machine so I will try it out and see if it happens for me.

    What operating system are you running?

  55. Just tried out the 4870 (on Windows 7 64-bit, with just-downloaded ATI drivers) and Braid runs like silk at 1280. So there may be something strange about your configuration that is causing this.

  56. thanks for the response, and sorry for don’t checking out here. everything it’s solve now, i just downloaded the new “braid” from, the 1.1014 version, and it’s running great!

    thanks again, i’ll be waiting for Braid 2 if you have plans for it 😀

  57. I’m suffering the:

    braid.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

    … problem others have mentioned. I’ve tried a variety of additions to the command line (-windowed, -half etc) to no avail. Here are my specs:

    Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHz
    2.99 GHx, 1.00 GB of RAM

    Radeon x300

    Any help would be appreciated

  58. Hey there,
    I jsut purchased and installed Braid, and while it looks pretty great, I seem to be stuck on the puzzle screen — there’s no way to get out of the puzzle piece manipulation screen.
    I installed Braid via a downloaded archive file ‘raid_mac_r5.dmg’ downloaded from greenhousegames. I’m on Mac OSX 10.6.1 with an older core 2 duo machine (easily meets minimum specs). Any help would be greatly appreciated.. I’d love to get this working properly.

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