Potential fix for Braid crash

Some number of people are getting crashes when they start Braid. Most of the solid reports I got came from people with Athlon FX CPUs, which don’t support SSE2. I have built a new version of Braid that does not use SSE2, but since I don’t have any Athlon FX machines, I can’t test it for sure.

If someone could try it out and let me know if it fixes the problem, that would be great:


This demo also should fix the vsync problem that people were having.

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  1. it works! however… i already bought the game through Greenhouse. Do I need to wait for them to get an updated version and then download it again through them to unlock the full game?

  2. What? Now it’s gone to 12th April/1 day and 1 hour. I’ve played the demo off Greenhouse, but I’d really rather have it from Steam, ’cause of achievements and stuff. Ah well. Peggle’s on discount, so that’ll have to do for the moment.

  3. Well I’ve tried the demo from impulse, the demo from greenhouse, and the demo from here, each on three different computers.

    On the first two (netbook and a quad core desktop), the game dies immediately with “has encountered a problem and needs to close.” The only way I got anything other than that was on the third machine, running in Crossover Games under Mac OS X. Seems counterintuitive that that would work any better, but a deathly slow unplayable game is marginally better than no game at all…

    Also, Steam won’t sell me the game. What’s up with that?


  4. Hmm, joseph, this sounds unlucky. I have heard of other people having that problem and I am not sure what is causing it, but it is definitely widespread enough to be an issue that has to get fixed ASAP.

    Can you tell me what e.g. the quad core desktop is? (What CPU and operating system and graphics card?)

  5. hey john i just bought it on steam. whenever i try to start it it says TODO: file description has caused and error. (something like that) how do i fix this!?!? i really want to play your game

  6. Wow, speedy response :] (Unexpected, since I’ve been having trouble even reaching your site all day)

    I tried -windowed, and lo and behold, it works! It’s just a bit too large for the screen though, anything I can do to set the window size?

    The desktop is running XP Pro SP2, with an NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT, and an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU @ 2.40 GHz

    Any news about the Mac port yet?

  7. The Mac port is going to be a little while. It’s still being worked on.

    There’s not any way to set the window size but I may do something about that in the next version.

    Hmm, what resolution is your desktop set to (and how many colors?)

  8. Well, due to a complicated series of events, my desktop is currently running at 800×600 through S-Video to a projector. So that’s probably not very useful information, since I doubt many people are doing that.

    The netbook is 32bit color, 1024×600 (and has the same problem, likewise worked-around with the -windowed option)

  9. Thanks so much :] I’ve been wanting to play this game since… well, since I heard about it. Thank you for making it available to those of us without xboxes

    (Anti-spam word: ‘princess’. Coincidence?)

  10. My desktop’s currently running at 1650×1080, and I couldn’t get the game to run unless I put ‘-windowed.’ It worked fine on my laptop without having to do anything, however, which runs at 1280×800.

    I just thought I’d throw that in there.

  11. reporting in that my netbook runs at 1024×600, and it works fine windowed, but not in fullscreen.

    i bought it on steam but can’t really play it very well windowed on this machine.

  12. Jonathan: I have (temporary) a CPU without SSE2, and this updated release is finally working 😀 Thank you…

    Anywa, I have (temporary) an old graphic card, so by default game is running slowly, but I think if I play with options, it should be ok.

  13. Hello, just wanted you to know that I’m having two desktop configs, one is an AMD Sempron 2800+(socket A, no SSE2) /1gb ram/Ati Radeon 9550, and the other one is an Intel C2D E8400/4gb ram/Ati 4850. On the amd config, the game is running flawless, thanks to the quick fix :). On the other one – the intel – there might be a little problem, the screen is flickering for just a fraction of second, from time to time, when I’m running the game in fullscreen. When I’m setting the game on windowed mode, the flickering stops. Might it be some sort of Vsync issue?
    Note1: the flickering occurs pretty random, but my guess is that it stars only after I’m alt-tab-ing the game.
    Note2: the video card has no problems at all, the drivers are up to date etc

  14. this demo starts on my machine ( Athlon XP 2600+, geforce fx5200, 768mb ram) and doesnt crash like the other versions.thats fine but theres another point which confuses me:

    its unplayable because of a very slow frame rate. even with -no_post, -no_vsync and -no_music enabled. but i think my pc can run it because i read the vgrequirements article (http://www.vgrequirements.info/?p=8074)

    any ideas? or is my system too low to run a simple 2d game ? 😉

  15. moi: Braid draws a *lot* of pixels so it’s not surprising that it does not run quickly on a geforce 5200. However, I will be releasing an updated version of the game in a few days that supports rendering at lower resolutions.

  16. Damn i just dloaded the 100 mb demo file form elsewhere and it gave illegal operation error on startup , came here just now dloading new file, hope it works, but MAN pc gaming always is pain, mine is athlon xp.

  17. So, the full game didn’t work on a non-SSE2 %#@%#^ of mine, dled this file, worked, so I just swapped .exes and it all works like a charm ^^ thx a million.
    PS: The game is simply…. ghhh… can’t find words to describe it…. but I’ll be billing you for my upcomming mental treatment (I’m seriously planning the most efficient way to go to the toilet now 😐 … timewrapping included)….

  18. 🙁 doesn’t work, even if i try the non-sse2 version I get this error

    “An error occured in TODO:
    Application will be closed” (or something like that, I don’t know if the translation of the error is ok)

    My config:
    Athlon XP 2500+
    1,25Gb of ram
    Ati 2400Hd pro 256MB agp
    Realtek ac’97

  19. Hi!

    I have the exact same problem as Marcel and dsoft20: Installs ok, but when launching I get

    “TODO: has detected a problem and must be closed.”

  20. Just to add another data point:

    I was getting the “has encountered a problem” bug on my Eee PC 900 (900 MHz celeron M, 1 GB RAM, Intel 915GM, winxp sp2) with both the 1.0.9 and 1.0.10 demos, but -windowed fixed it with 1.0.10. However, it still runs at a higher res than the LCD (1024×600), and only gets ~1fps (probably because it doesn’t have a decent graphics card).

    I bought the full version and played it on my desktop without incident. Thanks so much for porting this to PC, I was almost ready to get a 360 just for Braid before I heard there was a PC version in the works! Definitely looking forward to seeing your future releases.

  21. Here is the fix for my Mini 9 netbook:

    Just put this in the target area under properties (when you right click on the braid shortcut icon):

    -30fps -no_post -no_vsync -height “600” -width “800”

    The -windowed command was just killing my fps, so I figured I would just go with a smaller than native resolution. Try it out other people with netbooks.

  22. By the way, that method I listed above does not work when you do it through Steam. It only seems to work for me when I use it on a shortcut made from the actual .exe.

  23. i received an error msg saying that i need the pixel shadow 2 or somthin like that the first time i load the demo… so i loaded this version and now it opens but its all messed up, i only see square(seems like the graphics arent loading) a problem with my graphic card? this isnt a very powerfull pc, any tips? (or another version of the demo for low-performance PC)

  24. My PC P4 2.66ghz/2GB/Radeon9800proAGP is having a similar but different issue. I can play the game perfect but after about 1-3 minutes into the game the screen gets garbled and I have to Alt F4 the game, but even then my screen is so garbled and I can tell that an ATI window is asking me to report the issue (only cuz I’m a PC technician and I recognize it) but everything is too garbled to read and I have to restart the computer to fix it. Running fresh Windows XP SP3 with all updates, the latest ATI drivers for the card 9.3.1Legacy drivers and have latest bios update on motherboard, and NO issues with any other games in my giant Steam collection. If anyone else has this issue please speak up, and please let me know if a fix for this is on the way or out already. Thank you.

  25. No I’m not overclocking at all, and you’re right the symptom is totally either driver or hardware related when you see it. But I’ve had zero issues like this before Braid, and zero issues like it when I’m playing anything else(TF2, CS Source, L4D, etc). When I found this forum though I realized there is a decent chance that the game just needs a mega patch for these types of compatibility issues. My 9800 does support pixel shader 2.0 so I’m stumped on why this would happen. I’m curious to know how many other people have played this game with a radeon 9800 Pro with the latest drivers and see if there are any success stories?

  26. I hope my last comment “the game just needs a mega patch” didn’t offend you Jonathan, in my own ignorance I didn’t know anything about this game other than it got rave reviews, including who made the game. I just watched Zero Punctuation’s video review of the game and realized that this is your game. I’m actually really wanting to play it but I’m still having the game crashing issue. My screen resolution is 1440X900 if that helps. Please let me know if you discover anything about my issue. I’d really appreciate it.

  27. I get a flicker (like 1 frame of black screen) ever couple seconds or so. any ideas why? sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it isn’t… not consistent.

    I have a GeForce 4800 twin turbo vacuum cleaner model I got at Meltdown (before it was Gamefest)… Pentium 2.26Ghz

  28. Guys, only Run Braid as an Admin and it will start.
    I had the problem that i got an black window when i start Braid with loading mouse pointer.

    After starting it as an Admin the Problem wasnt there anymore

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