Braid (PC Version) is now available for download…

You can download Braid from any of these sites:


All sites have free demos; I recommend trying the demo first, not only to see if you like the game, but to make sure it runs well on your computer.

There have been reports of a few problems and I am ironing these out, and shipping off new versions to these publishers as the fixes come in.

We had a rough few hours for the web site here, but the hosting company has upgraded the bandwidth so hopefully it will survive the stormy waters.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the game!


132 thoughts on “Braid (PC Version) is now available for download…”

  1. Just finished the game, and they’re right! The end level IS fucking ingenious.

    At first, you’re like, “what? why is this so literal?” and they you’re like “sweet”.

    Although, it is a tad short. I mean, I’ve been waiting patiently ever since it was released on XBLA, and now it’s finally here, and I’m finally done. DRAT

  2. That functioning Impulse demo got me all excited! I hope I’m not waiting for a functioning Greenhouse version until monday…

  3. Bah, figures after I already buy it on Impulse and get conned AND they won’t give me a refund until after they are on “vacation” till next tuesday that Steam releases. Ah well….

    Whenever I get my refund from Impulse (because their website doesn’t say anywhere on the checkout process that you need their program to play the game), I’ll get the steam version.

  4. I came here to say Braid does work on a Netbook believe it or not(at about 10 FPS in windowed mode and with post processing off). Now if you really wanted to, like Audiosurf, you could release a graphical setting for Netbooks to run the game somewhat smoothly. By doing this, you could have this game reach thousands of more people. Just my two cents; and I hope you have excellent sales for the PC version.

  5. The Greenhouse and Gamers Gate versions (demos) run under Crossover (the opening hub area is dead slow but past that it seems OK), but pressing escape to pull up the menu freezes the game 🙁

    For me anyhow.

  6. I’m playing on a 42′ lcd tv. The native resolution is 1920*1080(also my desktop resolution) but it does pretty much every resolution you can think of from 800*600 and up to full HD.
    For some reason Braid switches the resolution to 1024*768 and goes with that. I was expecting it to go to 1280*720 but it doesn’t. I don’t see any options to switch resolutions wich is kindda odd (and no i won’t play it on a window… it runs in full hd no problem from my 360). I’m running it on a geforce 8800gts320mb latest drivers and i bought it on steam (after all the wait today)

  7. Hi Jonathan, thanks for getting the PC version out!

    I just downloaded it through Steam and I haven’t been able to run the game… I’m being given this error message on crash:

    TODO: has encountered an error, yadda yadda

    I don’t know why this is happening. I just finished DLing it through Steam, tried to run it, and after it detected my DirectX settings, this happened. I’ve been DYING to play this game, so this is a bit of a downer. 🙁 Here are my (rather specific) system specs if it helps at all:

    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs)

    4096MB (2x2GB, dual channel)

    Hard Drive:
    300GB (150x150GB, RAID 0)

    Video Card:
    NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX

    Sound Card:
    SB X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro

  8. Sorry Jonathan, left out one bit of necessary information in my post above:

    OS: Windows XP 32-bit

    Also, that error I referred to should read “TODO: ‘File Description’ has encountered an error”. The file description part didn’t show up due to auto HTML formatting, I just realized. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. A number of people are having this problem. If you run the game with the -windowed option (Right click on the game in Steam, go to Properties, then Set Launch Options, then type


    in the box. This has solved this problem for everyone I have talked to so far. Meanwhile I am working on a permanent fix.

  10. I ask because while the demo you posted here worked fine for me, I run into that error with the version I got from Greenhouse both with and without the -windowed option.

  11. Jonathan, nice work on this game. It’s extremely rare to see a game as polished and high quality as this one, and even rarer that it’s 2D in this day and age (which is a good thing)!

    Is there any way to change the full-screen resolution in the game? Can you also run it at refresh rates higher than 60Hz?

  12. fnord: The crash was definitely due to use of SSE2, then. I gave Greenhouse a new version of the game today that had the same fixes as the demo here. I don’t know when they will put the new version up — it may be worth trying to download it now and see if it is up already.

  13. Sam, unfortunately the answer is no to both of those. The game runs with a locked timestep in order to exactly replicate finicky platformer physics. If you are playing on a CRT then it may look flickery … one option is to run in windowed mode at a higher CRT refresh rate.

  14. That’s not a problem. I just like to use the highest refresh rates and resolutions when available to make sure I’m getting the best visuals I can. The CRT-style flickering wasn’t actually very apparent at all in this game due to the colours used.

  15. Jonathan,

    I’ve posted this on the Greenhouse support forums already, but:

    I’m having some problems with the full screen resolution Braid uses. It seems to be fixed at 1280×1024 with letterboxing at the top and bottom. This makes it impossible to play full screen on either my 24″ widescreen (1920×1200) desktop monitor, or my 42″ plasma (1336×768) without having letterboxes on all sides of the screen.

    Is there some workaround for this? If not, would it be possible to have a widescreen commandline option (or even a menu item) added that changes the full screen resolution to 1280×720 (which appears to be the native resolution of the game)?

  16. Someone from Greenhouse told me in an email roughly 5 and a half hours ago that they had a fix and were working on putting it up, but so far the files seem to be the same (they have the same name anyway) but I’m downloading it again to check. It kind of bothers me that other than that one email they’ve been utterly silent on the issue despite the fact that a few other people and I have been asking about it on their forums as well.

    But thanks for the info, Jonathan! 🙂 I can stop harassing you about it now and start focusing my pestiness on Greenhouse.

  17. It would seem that using either -half or -windowed fixes the crashing. The former has the advantage of running proper fullscreen.

  18. My apologies if this has been said before but what are the limitations on the demo?

    Thanks for making Braid available for PC. I’ll buy it whenever I find some time to play. Good luck with the sales.

  19. I purchased Braid the first day it came out on XBLA and here I am, purchasing it again for my PC. Honestly, I love this little game. Intelligent, thoughtful, and clearly meant something to the people involved in creating it. It just puts in sharp contrast how many games I play that I don’t get this sense from, which does hamper my enjoyment.

    Anyway, aside from wordy gushings, I just wanted to say that I just played through the entire thing with no hitches, crashes, bugs, graphical issues, or anything to remind me that I was playing a game whatsoever. Even the fact that it was running in a lower resolution didn’t bother me; normally my monitor’s scaling would cause it to look crummy but since the game was made for that resolution it actually looked as crisp as I hoped for.

    So, I’m a happy camper. I recently heard your presentation on game design in Montreal for the first time, and that alone makes me want to support you again. Now I just wish I worked for ya! 😉

  20. It appears that the demo just restricts you from accessing some levels.

    By the way, I’ve noticed that when fast forwarding, the music in the game stops. For the sake of consistency it might be nice if it played the music while fast-forwarding.

  21. bought!

    Game looks gorgeous, but it runs slow for some reason, not the framerate, the game is smooth and all but everything moves way slower (like in slow motion :P) than on the xbox 360 version.

    I’m running it on a laptop with Vista 32 bit, intel core duo @ 1.83 Ghz with 3 gigs of ram. GPU is GeForce 8400M GS.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Thanks in advance.

  22. @Sam

    Not sure why you’re getting that. I can fast forward in the game perfectly fine and have the music play in fast forward too. It only stops if you’ve reached the “end” of your fast forward because obviously, you have nothing to fast forward into.

  23. Any chance of adding the option to customize the controls? I love this game but can’t play it because of the (to me) awkward keyboard layout.

  24. I’ve been waiting for the game all day. Finally I purchased it during the first hour it was avalible on steam. Works great for me.

    The graphics are incredibly beautiful, it has gorgeous music and an outstanding gameplay. I’s a little sad he fact that it seems too short.

    Intel Core 2 Duo
    Nvidia 7300
    2 Gb RAM

  25. I tried again in windowed more and it runs at normal speed now. Is there any way to make it work properly in full-screen though? :S

  26. Downloaded from Steam and runs like a dream. Looks beautiful at 42 inches.
    Hope the rest of those having troubles get it working asap.
    I guess in all it was worth the wait, really enjoying the game play, aesthetic and soundtrack.
    Thanks Mr. Blow.

    P4 3.2Ghz
    Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT
    I Gb Ram

  27. For some reason I’m not allowed to interact with the puzzle pieces at all. The pointer doesn’t work. Using a 360 gamepad here.

  28. The demo just gives me a black screen with music. I am guessing my video card is too old — nvidia geforce4 mx 4000 (pci).

  29. I just installed the demo, and with post-processing enabled the actual game layer just doesn’t show for some reason. The text inserts show, and I can call, see and change the menu by pressing ESC, but everything else stays black. Even the speech bubble at the end that gives you the choice to buy the game is in front of a black background. Disabling post-processing makes the game run fine, but that’s not the point, is it? Just wanted to let you know about that issue.
    Athlon 64 X2 4400+, 3GB RAM, RADEON X850.

  30. Well, I tried it under Arch Linux with both Wine 1.1.18 and Cedega 7.1.1.

    It seems, although I’m not 100% sure it works much better wine Cedega (VSync is good, game is very smooth and fast). With wine, it seems the fullscreen mode doesn’t work properly. In windowed mode, it works OK, but is not as fast as Cedega.

    BTW I had to add wldap32.dll in order to get it working in Cedega.

    In any case : Braid works very well with Linux.

  31. Thank you very much for your game!

    I’ve just bought it on Stardock and it’s great.

    Very sweet musics, graphics magnificent, a lot of genious gameplay ideas, and a very poetic scenario.

    Hope you will continue with video games. ^-^

  32. Faaaaantastic work Jonathan, I tried the demo and I will buy the full version as soon as I can put some money on my maestro card. I knew about the game because of its peculiar narrative, but never tried it first hand and it captured me. But you know what else I would have liked for the PC version? Some additional content like documents, art… something to extend the story through even more vague hints (as mastered in Lost). Peace!

  33. Bought it, played it non stop, finished it. Brilliant game. Games with hand drawn artwork are a particular favorite of mine, and the storyline, gameplay and music all managed to match the terrific art.

    PS – I really like that you released it on Impulse. Its my preferred method of buying games and I wish more companies would release their games on it.

  34. Hey…
    This is a pretty awesome game, me and my friends we’re pretty amazed when playing it for xbox. I just have a couple of questions. Is there going to be a linux version of this? It would be really nice not to have to install wine for one game. And my other question is, do you need the client (ex steam) to run the game? This is another thing I would like to avoid.

    Great game, I look foward to purchasing and playing it ^^,


  35. Sheer genius.

    Downloaded the demo and have played most of it. Went away for Easter, but can’t wait to get the full version from Steam.

    Bless you Jonathan.

    May you make many many more.


  36. The Greenhouse and GamersGate versions of the game don’t need clients. Actually I think the Impulse version does not need a client either, except for the initial download (but I am not 100% sure about this).

    People have told me that Braid works under WINE…

  37. Yeah… I’ve decided to do wine too 😛 it’s not a big deal. The thing I was most worried about was needing a client, buying it now ^^. Thanks again,


  38. Another of those weird Linux people posting to say it works great in WINE, which is pretty cool. Note that if you want VSync, you can enable it system-wide, and it will apply to Braid also. That said, a native version would be well-received, and it seems like a pretty straightforward port. Maybe Icculus or LGP? Just a suggestion, and thanks for the wonderful game.


  39. Speaking of performance, the game feels like it’s running much better under Cider in Mac OS contra fully native in Windows 7. In Windows it’s a bit smoother, but slow as molasses. This in on a unibody MacBook. Is there a simple explanation and ‘fix’ for this? I’ve tried the documented command line options, but no avail.

  40. Jonathan,
    Is Number None planning on creating a Paypal account like World of Goo’s 2D Blow where customers can pay the developers directly for the game?

  41. Michael: I’m not planning on making a way for people to buy the game directly. The less that I worry about stuff like that, the more effort I can spend making the game better, and working on the next game.

  42. If you release a Linux port, here’s another customer. I’ve been absolutely loving World of Goo, but would love to travel into the Braid world if/when the Linux port comes around.

  43. Hi! What are the recommended system requirements for the game? Will there be a patch to run better on single-core CPU’s?

  44. Braid works fine under Wine. I only had a few issue. VSync did not get enabled properly, so I had to force that in the driver. Also, the resolution selector was somewhat broken, so I just ran it in a window. Other than that, the game runs flawlessly.

  45. Bought – Servers Special place as 61st or 62st game on steam (depends on how you look at it)

    Once again something that is right on the money.

    (i was gonna go debate about the linux port but it is enclosed already, this marks the 6 lines of deleted text)

    Anyway, not finished the game yet, but pretty fun, same lines with oddworld stuff for me. I do not rush it. music is awesome.

  46. Great gameplay, music, visuals and the storyline. Also references to Mario. This is enjoyable art. Everything works like a charm. Cheers,

    Athlon 5400
    2GB RAM
    Radeon 3850
    XP 32bit

  47. How do I speed up the reversal of time? I try pressing the Up and Down arrow keys while holding Shift but this just cancels the reversal mode.

  48. Jonathan, I know it’s too early to answer these questions, but I’ll ask them nonetheless:
    1. will you self-publish a DRM-free version sometime in the future ?
    2. will there be a sequel ? I mean “sequel” in the same way Shadow of the Colossus is a “sequel” to Ico 🙂

  49. If you buy the current version of Braid from like Greenhouse, will you be able to dl an updated version free of charge?

  50. Jonathan, I know this is very far back on the priority list considering the bugs that are present right now, but do you have any plans or any place where the “enthusiasts” can discuss the editor mode? I vaguely understand it, but a community, or a small guide to at least get started would be absolutely wonderful. I would be extremely thankful for any sort of help.

  51. Sean, I do want to put together a place for discussion of the editor mode, but I probably won’t do that for a few days. I will probably just make a posting here for it. There are a lot of key commands that are not listed in the READ_ME.txt, and people could probably use some hints on how exactly you work it.

  52. Eddie: The GamersGate version of the game is DRM-free currently, as is the Impulse version (I think you need their client to download the game, but after that you don’t need it to run the game. If I remember correctly).

  53. I can see why you made that previous comment about developing for Windows now. Looks quite frustrating.

    I’m one of many that has zero issues. Except that the game is too short. Doing my first speedrun now.

    Now that I’ve played the game, most of the security codes I have to type to make a comment seem to go hand in hand with Braid. Key, puzzle, castle, ring, monster, cloud, princess, duration, etc.

  54. I’m getting some really bad performance issues on this. I’m playing on XP, with a fairly decent laptop (exceeds the system requirements), with post processing/vsync off and in windowed mode but the game still slows down to a crawl in many places. Half of the levels I can wizz though at over 30fps but others, and especially when a level is just starting and the level name is on the screen and fading away it goes down to under 2fps and becomes unplayably slow. There doesn’t seem to be any difference between the levels that play fine and those that don’t. Anyone else experiancing this?

  55. Hmm, moly: What’s the graphics chip in your laptop?

    The next version will have the ability to run at lower resolutions, which would help in cases like this. But, diving down below 2fps seems very extreme. Are you sure it’s that low? (If you press the 0 key you can get a frame counter).

  56. I have the same problem as moly.
    I’m running the game with: -30fps -half -no_post
    It works as a charm, but as soon as the level name shows on the screen it slows down the level to 2fps. But when the logo/name of the level dissapears I’m right back up to 30 fps.

    Lovely game

  57. Forgot to mention the what computer I’m running on:
    It is an Asus EEE with Mobile Intel (R) 945 Express Chipset Family

  58. I actually have a really low-end laptop, the cheapest you currently buy, and the only time I had any framerate problems at all was in the cloudy book-reading parts, where it was pretty much a non-issue.

    Good game. I hope your next game (whatever it is) gets a PC port too, hopefully sooner than this one did.

  59. I’m running it at -15fps -no_vsync -no_post -windowed.

    It runs fine like that, except for two levels on World 5 (The Pit and Lair) which have massive slowdown. I have no idea why those two levels only.

  60. Is there really no way to change the resolution that Braid decides to use? My monitor’s native resolution is 720p, but the game _insists_ on 1280×1024 (forcing the monitor to downsample). Even a command-line option would work for me here, but there’s none that I can find.

    That’s a pretty big oversight.

  61. Justin:

    Braid tries to do 1280×720 as its preferred resolution, *if* your desktop’s natural aspect ratio is 16:9. But if e.g. your display adapter won’t let it, then it will resort to 1280×1024.

    What monitor and video card do you have?

  62. Tried the demo and experienced some minor side-scrolling issues, but no biggie. Purchasing the full version as we speak. Amazing game, thanks!

    Running a Athlon 5200, 4GB of RAM, Radeon 4850 (Catalyst 8.7), XP x64 Pro.

  63. Hi Jonathan.. just bought your game and i just wanted to thank you for doing a great job. My mind has been severely blown 🙂

  64. HEY THIS game is GREAT! I have one problem however, on my laptop, 64 bit windows, it runs fine except my guy’s running speed, and the general speed of the game. It gets very slow at times, and I know this is not normal because on my other computer, it runs perfectly, is there going to be a fix for this eventually?
    Thanks again.

  65. Works well here, and a lot of fun. As long as you understand you’re getting a puzzle game and not a platformer I don’t see how you can go wrong.

    As for it not being long enough; if you enjoy it it’s never long enough, but I have a long way to go

  66. Actually, it seems this is *not* a bug. It’s apparently a limitation of laptop keyboards (as nearly as I can see).

    If you are using the arrow keys to move, and the right shift key to rewind, some laptops are unable to register the pressing of all those keys at once, and the shift key loses out.

    So it seems on a laptop you can use the left shift key and the arrow keys, or else the right shift key and WASD.

    Ahh, PCs.

  67. For anyone seeing extreme performance issues on an AMD dual core, make sure you install AMD’s dual core optimisation tool. I forgot to reinstall this after my most recent OS install, and the game runs horribly without it thanks to synchronisation issues.

  68. Jonathan,

    Thanks for the response. I’m actually using a projector as my primary monitor: it’s an Optoma HD70 with 720p native resolution (awesome for gaming). It’s connected to an eVGA Nvidia GTX 280. I have my desktop resolution set to 1280×720.

    I do have this to say though: I’m two worlds in now and the puzzles are as cool as I was led to believe. Nice.

  69. Great game, I bought it from Greenhouse in the end.
    Runs perfectly on my moderate laptop with onboard gfx.

    Completed it in 2 days, wish it was longer. The puzzles are brilliant.
    This is a landmark game, well worth the hype.

    Can’t wait to see what Mr Blow comes up with next!

  70. Wow, you were quite generous with the demo. Thanks! I am really looking forward to the full version! (Would get it now, but Mom doesn’t want me to get distracted from college… and the world isn’t like Braid, so I have to work hard for my one shot at getting good exam grades!)

  71. Hi Jonathan. I’ve bought Braid and played for almost 30mn. It’s very pleasant. I haven’t played platform games for many years, being mainly a FPS fan now on pc.

    I’ve bought your game via Impulse, making it my first purchase on that platform. I can see i have a serial for the game in my impulse account, so i wanted to see if i could activate it for my steam account. That doesn’t seem to work for some reason. Maybe the key i have is made for Impulse, or maybe steam doesn’t allow/support activation keys for Braid yet.

    I don’t feel the pressing need to be able to play the game from steam, but i just hope i’ll someday be able to, for the sake of me having bought my user licence to play it.

    Thank you for your game, it seems very brilliant, but i have yet a ton of content to discover and figure out.

    Greetings from France.

  72. This game is one of the best games I’ve ever played. The ideas are so brilliant and the graphics and music are wonderful!! This game is a real masterpiece.

    Thank you so much for it!!! 🙂

  73. Finally.

    Finally a game that pushes the medium forward, slowly encouraging it to finally “grow up”.

    I just finished Braid, and I am greatly impressed. When everything came together in the end… it sent chills down my spine.

    I hope other game developers start taking note and that we’ll see more games with actual depth and emotional impact.

    Congrats, Jonathan, I’m very much looking forward to whatever you’re going to do next.

  74. You know what would be really cool?
    If this game would run smoothly on NETBOOK…
    This is just the kind of game that I would play on breaks at school.
    Now I get about 2FPS with resolution down to 320×240 😀 and 10 fps cap. (eee 900)
    I guess someone tried to get the game released sooner rather than later and skipped one important step at the developement called optimization.

  75. LOLLI, it’s not about optimization at all. Braid draws a lot of pixels. In order to make the game run faster on a netbook, we would have to drastically change the look of the game, and invest a lot of work in a sparsely-rendered version. That is not a very productive thing to do — I would rather people experience the game as designed, and I would rather invest future work on the next game.

  76. Jonathan, any clue as to when Braid will be released for Mac?
    Will it be able to run on higher level Intel GMA chips?
    Thanks man, love the game. A true work of art.

  77. Bought the game today. I’m part-way through World 3, and I’m very impressed so far. However, I’m playing the game on a widescreen 24″ TFT, with a native resolution of 1920×1200. The game only runs at 720p. Can you please give us the option to run at higher resolutions?

  78. Lol @ “Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble” in your Steam Games list. 😀

    Just tried Braid Demo, loved it. Very much. Gonna buy it.

    Good job and keep rockin’! 🙂

  79. Wasn’t sure where else to post this: I had to reinstall windows and now I can’t find my Braid saved game. Don’t want to start over from the beginning. Anyone know where the games are saved? I have the Impulse version (no help from them).


  80. The saved game will be in your Application Data folder. Where that is depends on what operating system. For example, on Windows XP, it’s probably in:

    c:\Documents and Settings\YourUsername\Application Data\Braid

  81. I had just bought the game today on steam and it is giving me an error saying ‘Braid.exe stopped working.’ I tried running it in -windowed mode and it did the same thing. Right when I hit launch, the steam client changes the status to ‘syncing’ but then the window comes up with the error message. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Windows Vista 32-bit
    3GB PC6400
    nVidia 8600 512
    AMD X2 6000

  82. Anthony: have you tried installing the AMD Dual Core Optimization Pack? It contains a bug fix for AMD dual-core processors that messes up some games (including Braid).

  83. Hey,

    I can’t find recommended graphics card requirements for Braid anywhere online! I’d like to know if Braid would run smoothly with a 3450 Sapphire 512MB card at 60fps with the effects on?

    Basically, I’m going to be buying a new PC and I want to buy the cheapest existing graphics card that can run Braid. The 3450 is the cheapest one available here,

    If it won’t be enough than please recommend a card that will run Braid smoothly from the 3000 or 4000 family, or even from the Nvidia family if I can get a better deal with one of theirs. Thanks!

  84. First of all, sorry for the bad english but I’m italian and is 00.30 a.m.! xDD

    For all those that (like me) have had some problem of slowness I’ve found some possible solution! (the first of that works for me…)

    It seems to be a fps problem…

    You should make a shortcut of the “braid.exe” file (and put it, for example, on the desktop) and then, make a right click on shortcut file and in “destination field” write “-30fps” (without the ” “) after “braid.exe”…it must be a stuff like this “D:\Braid\braid.exe -30fps”.

    If you don’t see any change during the game try to write 60 or 15 instead of 30 (fps).

    Finally, if you have had problems with the shortcut path rename method you can try another method:

    1) run cmd.exe to open the command prompt.
    2) reach the folder where the “braid.exe” file is using command like “cd..” etc.
    3) write “braid.exe -30fps” (without the ” “) to run braid in these options.

    If all that thing doesn’t work then try to write this instead of fps: D:\Braid\braid.exe -windowed, in that way the game will run in window size and fps should be smooth…

    I find a list of command, like the “-30fps” one or the “-windowed” run that could help you to play smoother:


    Here are some useful command-line options for Braid; to use them you can put these arguments in the “Target” section of a Shortcut’s properties, or run Braid from a command prompt.


    braid.exe -60fps -windowed -no_post
    (Run Braid with the frame rate forced to 60 frames per second, in a window, without postprocessing).

    The options are:

    -windowed : Run Braid in a window, rather than full-screen. (If you don’t specify this option, you can switch between fullscreen and windowed at runtime by pressing Alt-Enter.)

    -60fps :
    -30fps :
    -20fps :
    -15fps :
    -12fps :
    -10fps : Bypass Braid’s startup frame-rate check and force the game to try and run at this many frames per second. If the number is too high for your computer, action in the game will be slowed down. Because you are skipping the startup test, postprocessing will always be on. If you want to turn it off (and thus possibly hit the frame rate target you are going for), use -no_post below. If you press the 0 key in-game, you’ll get some HUD text telling you what frame rate the game is trying to hit, how fast it is actually going, and whether postprocessing is turned on.

    -no_post : Do not perform postprocessing effects. This may make the game run more quickly on your graphics hardware, but time-oriented visual effects will be much simpler.

    -universe universe_name : Run someone’s modifications that have been previously installed (changes to levels, graphics, etc). Instructions on how to create mods will be posted separately.

    -editor : Enable the in-game editor. If you use this command-line option, pressing F11 will open the editor to the level you are currently playing.

    -no_music : disable music.

    -no_vsync : The game will not synch to the vertical refresh. This may allow the game to run a little faster, but you will see tearing in the image.

    -language english :
    -language french :
    -language german :
    -language italian :
    -language spanish :
    -language portuguese :
    -language japanese :
    -language korean :
    -language tchinese : Run Braid in the designated language. If you do not use one of these options, Braid will read the appropriate language setting from Windows (or from Steam if you are using Steam).

    Here are some useful keypresses:

    Print Screen : Take a screenshot and save it in the Braid folder. You must have write permission to the Braid folder for this to work.

    0 : Toggle the frame rate display.

    F11 : Open and close the editor (if enabled with -editor).

    There are a lot of key commands for the editor; they will be documented separately.


  85. Hi – Love the game, but I’m having some strange issues. Specifically, bits of the graphics seem to be missing – generally the parts of the stage that you walk on and the foreground – so although the game runs fine, the character appears to be floating around in the air and you have to kind of guess where the ground is. The graphics are perfect in the first world, but start going awry after that – by level 4 there are almost no images on screen except characters, pieces, doors and keys. Also, in the jigsaw screens I have no hand or cursor. The impression I get is that there are some image files missing and the game is running as if they are there???

    BTW – am running Win XP sp2 on a pentium 4 pc with an ATI radeon 9600 – old school 🙂

    Please advise how best to tackle this? (If possible, let me know how many files there should be in the package and package0 zip files, so I can check if there are indeed files missing)



  86. A Radeon 9600 is below the minimum spec for the game. The problem is probably just that some of the texture maps in Braid are too big for the card, but others aren’t. There’s not much you can do to fix that. It’s not a problem with any files missing or anything like that.

  87. A friend of mine suggested me playing Braid, and so did I to my other friends after I bought the game.

    The game has well-thought puzzles. As the puzzles gets harder, it also gets harder to believe that people actually “made” those puzzles that we can’t easily find out the solution. And this made me hessitate about my intelligence. xD
    Anyway I was the faster than my friends at finishing the game without any walktrough or help (8-9 hours, 4 days, without getting the stars), but I could feel my head getting after every single world. ^^

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    And now, about my problem… 😀

    I am at my cousin now, I suggested her to buy one for herself. I have a Windows XP SP3 desktop computer that I bought 5 years ago, which works schockingly fine, fast and without any crashes… O.o
    I also finished Braid as I mentioned above. The only problem I had was the frame-skip that I experienced after 2-3 hours, which I could solve easily by closing and re-opening Braid…

    My cousin has bought a new PC just a month ago Windows Vista SP1. But the game FPS is ridiculously low… (15-24 fps, checked with “0”) So the game is working also slowly…
    On windowed-mode, the game has still low fps, but it just skips frames to keep the gamespeed normal, which may cause headaches after 15 minutes of gameplay…

    Here are the system specs:

    Vista (issued, slow, brand-new) ~ XP (fluent, fast, 5-years-old)

    Pentium Dual-core 2,50 GHz ~ P4 Single-core 3,20 GHz with HT Tech.
    1×2 GB ram Memory ~ 1×1 GB ram Memory
    GeForce G100 512 MB memory ~ ATI 9800 128 MB memory (both sucks ^^)
    DirectX 10 ~ DirectX 9.0c
    32-bit OS for both…

    Although this computer is not good for a new-bought PC, it is still better than mine… I’ve tried every option on READ_ME.txt to work the game on its normal speed and with >50fps, but no it had no use…

    Thanks for the game though, I was able to play on my computer anyway ^^

    But now I am sorry for my cousin, because she isn’t able to play Braid… ;(

  88. Hmmm, I don’t have any experience with the G100. The 9800 I would even think is too slow, but if that’s running Braid at acceptable speeds for you, then great. The rest of the new computer is totally fine, I would assume it’s just an unfortunate problem with the graphics hardware…

    It would surprise me that a new card could be so slow, and I would suggest thinking about updating the drivers or something, but then I saw this:

    In other words, this card is 1/60th the speed of a high-end card. But other web sites just say it’s a rebranded GeForce 9400, which would mean it should be nowhere near that slow. So I am just as confused as you are.

  89. Hiya, What an amazing little game you have here. I just bought the game from steam and I am very impressed with what I have played and wow, what an awesome soundtrack.

    Sadly I am having an issue with the game resolution and I can’t figure it out. I am running on a 32″ TV at 1360×768 resolution. First time I played the game it was ok, not quite full screen but must have been a close resolution to it. When I try to load the game now the screen is tiny…like the size of a psp screen lol. I’m guessing it can’t recognize my resolution and it’s resorting to the miniaturized standard or something.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can rectify this problem, can I force the resolution I use at all?

    Intel Core i7 920
    6Gb RAM
    2x 1Gb HD 4800’s
    Vista 64 bit

  90. If you look at the file READ_ME.txt it will talk about how to set the resolution using options on the Braid shortcut.

    Part of the issue is your TV, though — if the screen is tiny then your TV is choosing not to upscale the video output, which is something you can probably configure.

  91. XP SP2, Athlon XP, 1GB RAM, Radeon 9600Pro here.
    The game crashes with unindentifiable Visual C++ runtime error when enterling L2E1 and having only about 333 MB RAM free (not using swap file at all). Please add some error message that would warn user that more memory needs to be freed. Game runs fine with 700+ MB free RAM.

  92. I am having the same problem as Anthony M. I get the error, “braid.exe” has stopped working” Here is some info that I found:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: braid.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 49dcf764
    Fault Module Name: braid.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 49dcf764
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 000ac783
    OS Version: 6.0.6001.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 4dea
    Additional Information 2: aee7caa9974a1edd9a10538365a40c04
    Additional Information 3: 69a7
    Additional Information 4: c1ef311a938e293f8980a08986c08c2a

    May I ask why it says I have Version

  93. Cool demo – love World 4 in particular! – but has some serious performance issues on my gaming Shuttle. The game starts smooth, but after say half an hour of play, it has slowed down to 1-2 fps.

    Workaround: quit game and launch again.

    CPU: Intel i7 3GHz
    GPU: nVidia 285
    OS: Win7 x64

  94. I loved the game,the art, the music, the last level and the story…it really gives you a feeling of completion if you don’t use a guide. I hope to see more of braid.

    !!!emag tnecifingam siht rof sknahT

  95. Perhaps I’m a bit late with my post but stil…

    1)Terrific game(but I guess you already know that). I hear a lot about how this game is “time controling Mario”. I haven’t played any of Mrio-games(I’m 22 but my platform was and will be PC only) so I can’t tell. What I can tell is your game is unique. Not in art, not in game-logic ro puzzles not even in music but in combination of all above. The atmosphere it creates gives you this feeling… like something went terribly wrong and the person who was somehow connected to this event first tried to suppress his own memoirs and now tries to rebuiled them. It’s like watching one person’s mind from the inside.

    2)About your post abouth how “Visual Studio just keeps getting worse with every revisio”. Could tell me why? I’m not a pro so I don’t see any sign of “worse” coming with new releases.

    3)You probably get this a lot but… after playing your game I made a decision to make a game of my own. So, please, could you give me a word of advice of how to make the first step? I realy don’t know where should start. Every idea that comes to my head is like a giant mechanical cube. In other words those ideas nees Inc.’s abilities otherwise it can’t be made.

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