Videos have been posted for Sense of Wonder Night 2008

This year at the Tokyo Game Show, the Sense of Wonder Night event was held for the first time ever. This was a session where developers from around the world gave 10-minute presentations on their unconventional game designs, the idea being to inspire the designers in the audience, and give them a good summary of some of the things being done on the avant-garde.

Even if you follow the Western indie game scene, there will probably be some surprises there for you; often games that are made in Japan don’t become well-known in the West, because of the language barrier.

You can follow that link to the Sense of Wonder home page, where videos of all the presentations are posted (they are on YouTube).

(In related news, the Experimental Gameplay Workshop page is a bit out of date, so we are going to update it soon and also put out the Call for Participation for 2009; and the fact that SOWN is posting videos seems like a really good idea, so we are going to try and do videos for 2009 as well).

[Note: Thanks to Tim at the Indie Games Blog for posting the original notice of this.]

9 thoughts on “Videos have been posted for Sense of Wonder Night 2008”

  1. lol, I was thinking for my self *oh this new story have one comment, wonder if it will be about some one asking for the pc version?* And what do you know.

  2. Eh, I kind of prefer the vague release timetable and then BAM one day the game is up for grabs, rather than a specific date that just winds up getting pushed back over and over because of the unpredictable nature of programming.

  3. As a game developer myself I know how easy it is for a game to be delayed for various reasons. Besides, the longer it takes to be released, the better it’ll be, it may have improved content over the XBLA version, and that’d be worth waiting a bit for.

  4. I think that the current media blackout on the blog (except for this one post) might indicate that Jon is hard at work and that the PC version will be done very soon (a matter of weeks or even days). Something similar happened before the XBLA version, so I’m hopeful.

  5. There’s no rush for the PC version, especially given the crush of games coming out right now. It’s not like Braid’s going to be a holiday gift item. It might be worth holding it off until early next year to get a bit of clear air.

    I hope it’ll pop up on Steam, managed to talk to Valve yet?

  6. Hi Jonathan,

    I just happened across an internet clipping about Braid, and stumbled upon your personal website.
    I was extremely impressed with your writing and general insight on science in general. Your rant on “Intractability” was stunningly interesting.

    I also got into thinking about Artificial Intelligence recently just out of personal interest, and it was amazing how many philosophical questions it raises. I thought about many of the same things you ranted on, but had no one to discuss it with, or even anyone that could follow my train of thought. I wished that I had discovered your blog earlier.

    Anyway. Congratulations on your success with Braid. I’m glad that someone like you that takes pride and joy in learning and thinking was recognized.


    I’d be really interested in just chatting with you. This is my email.
    -[deleted from spammer view]

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