Attributions for Shira Kammen’s track “Downstream”

One of the first songs you hear in Braid is Shira Kammen’s “Downstream”, from the album Music of Waters. In the credits for the Braid I credited the entire song to Shira Kammen, but it turns out that’s insufficient, as some melodies are by other musicians.

So as not to distort anything, I’ll quote Shira directly:

Although I recorded these pieces, and arranged and played them, parts of them are by others or are traditional, and I don’t want to misrepresent them.

Downstream has three different tunes – the first one is by me, and is called Downstream (The whole cut is called Downstream, just named after the first tune).

The second tune is from the Galician group Luar na Lubre from their album Plenilunio and is called “O Son do ar”, composed by Bieto Romero (Canciones del Mundo), and the third tune is called ‘Borrela d’Aragon’ and is by French bagpiper Eric Montbel. (I thought it was traditional, and just found out in the last couple of days that it was written by Eric).

The Lullaby Set is a combination of Manx and Irish traditional tunes.

So, there you go!

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  1. Amazing – is all I can say about the music in Braid.
    It fits the game so well and puts such a great feel on the game.

  2. It appears that Shira Kammen’s music has disappeared from Magnatunes sometime between last night and this afternoon — Downstream was there when I followed your link last night, but it refuses to play now. Her artist page has a bio but no links to albums, so I guess she decided to have it taken down. That’s a shame!

  3. Much respect to Mr. Blow & Mr. Hellman for their considerable contributions to the art and discussion of videogames. I’m really looking forward to experiencing Braid when it re-appears on another platform.

    I apologize in advance that the purpose of this comment is not related to the above post. I’m looking to get in touch directly with Jonathan Blow and I’ve been unable to find contact information elsewhere.

    I have a third short pixel film under development here at SUPERBROTHERS that seeks to illustrate statements made in the excellent ‘Design Reboot’ lecture from MIGS 2007.

    The current ‘work-in-progress’ version of the film uses excerpts from the lecture itself and I’m seeking permission to use these excerpts in a future version to be presented at the Queasy and Metanet sponsored ‘Artsy Games Incubator’ open house in Toronto in a few weeks.

    Feel free to get in touch:

  4. In re:

    “It appears that Shira Kammen’s music has disappeared from Magnatunes sometime between last night and this afternoon”

    No, it’s there. Just click on the “play hi-fi” link ; each one is to an album. Downstream is a track on Music of Waters, just as the original post says, and I used the m3u link on the album page to listen to it.

  5. The WoW servers are down for the next four hours and millions of gamers are looking for something else to fill the time. Quick, strike with the PC Braid release while the iron is hot!

    Kidding, kidding 🙂

  6. The music of the game is amazing in general, and Downstream shines aboe the rest. Thank you for introducing me to such a magnifcant piece of art!

    This game as a whole has really changed the way I think. It is a masterpiece and I can’t wait to the moment that it will be available for other platforms, so I can share my excitement with friends who don’t have an XBOX.

  7. I used this song in a radio commercial ( for private use not on the air ) for a class project for a renaissance fair in my state. It turned out so well and was also well received by my classmates. This is such a beautiful song, once I got to the level where this music first played, I was sold immediately on the game

  8. can you give us a date when will be braid available for the PC ?

    and will it have some extra level than the xbox360 version ?

  9. Luka – Totally! Me too!

    But I wouldn’t worry about the PC version guys. He says it’s coming, so just let him work on it and make it the best product it can be. If he’s in here answering everyone’s questions about the game, then the game will take that much longer!

    I say a good rule of thumb would be to expect it “when it’s done.” If it’s out soon, then great! If it’s out later – well, you were anticipating that anyway.

    I just hope there’s some kind of variability in the payment, like $15 suggested price, but you can pay whatever you want above that.

  10. Hi there!

    Sorry to post so out of context, but I thought I’d post here as it’d be a little more accessible than the large linux post. I listen to a little Linux related podcast called Linux Action Show, and on behalf of the hosts on there I was wondering if a developer would like to go on the show and chat about the whole event, and reconcile your position with reality.

    One of the hosts is a developer (although he’s far from the level of you fellows), and the other is a consultant of some kind; both of whom love linux and would love to talk to you!

    If you’d like to get in touch with them, their email addresses are Bryan [at ], Chris [at ] or if you want me to act as a “liason” of types, my e-mail address is jordancdarwin [at ]


  11. Hi, played the PC version of Braid today at the eurogamer expo! Awesome as ever. Any more news on that particular version? Or is it something that you can’t disclose?

  12. Jonathan,

    Are some of the sound effects in Braid from IndieSFX? I bought a few packs from them a while back, and remember thinking that the “Pain/Grunt” noises in the “Squad Mechanics” set were too cheesy to ever be used in a serious game. And then, lo and behold, I hear them every time I take out a monster in Braid, and they sound great!

    Just wondering- great game, by the way!

  13. I think it was finished, some of the graphics (mouse icon for instance) could do with a bit of polishing but the game itself was completely playable. Of course, I couldn’t play the whole thing through unfortunately, but the parts that I did play seemed fine.

  14. An awful lot of the sound effects for Braid were bought over the Internet at very cheap prices. indiesfx and were two of the major sources. Harry Mack later did a pass over many of these to make them sound just a bit different, and then fully recreated some other ones.

  15. Hey guys, downstream is by far one of the greatest pieces of music ever to be created. So poetic and simple, as all genuis things are. But, i was wondering, does anyone know the tunning of the guitar playing in the backround? im trying to tab it out and standard tunning doesn’t seem to fit but i could be wrong, if anyone knows anything on guitar maybe help me out? thank you!! =)

  16. Hey,

    I tried to find an appropriate thread to comment this in, I didn’t want to clutter up the blog, and I didn’t want to look as though I was trying to advertise by putting it on the latest entry. What it is is that I wrote a little song for my podcast about Braid, sampling, quite awfully, “Downstream”. I’ve already sent a similar comment to the blog of David Hellman, and I felt my embarrasment wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t send it to you, either.

    My friends and I really love the game. In fact I showed the world 2 to my friend Mark and it blew his mind, I can hardly wait to see what happens by the time he reaches the end! Anyway, here’s a link to a page on my site with the song on it. You can stream it, so you needn’t waste your hard drive on it…

    It’s, quitre obviously, the one titled “The Day I Lost to Braid”. It’s only short. I’m a PC user, so I’ve only just been able to play the game, and I’ve been in anticipation of it since the xbox release. Thanks for making it. I can’t imagine spending so much of my own money on a project like this where you can’t be sure how it’ll turn out. I’m really glad it’s worked out for you.

  17. Hey Mike Dunbar I’m actually looking for the tab for the guitar part would you mind writing it out?

  18. Hello! I’m looking for sheet music of Downstream. I bought game and i realy like this track. Please answer me on my e-mail.

  19. Hi everyone! I just finished a pretty detailed transcription of Downstream for the violin, including all the bowings, slurs, fingerings, and ornamentation that I could figure out. AFAIK this is the most detailed transcription of Downstream online so far (because before I transcribed it myself, I tried to look for good sheet music elsewhre, but to no avail). Check it out here:

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