The Art of Braid, Part 9


David Hellman has posted the latest entry in the Art of Braid series, part 9. This entry explains in great detail how we came up with the final look for the story screens in Braid, and shows all the revisions along the way, explaining our thought process. It is possibly the most informative Art of Braid yet. If you’re interested in game development or the art process for a modern 2D game, I recommend looking at the entire series.

If anyone out there is wondering why Braid took so long to finish, then just look at how much work was done here for a single 1280×720 scene, and extrapolate that to every set of graphics in the game.

15 thoughts on “The Art of Braid, Part 9”

  1. Cool article as always. I had a suggestion in a comment on one of the previous posts. You never responded to it, so I guess you missed it. Since it is appropriate here, I’ll just repeat it here:
    “Also, I would like it if you wrote a few articles about both the technical aspects of making Braid and design considerations that came up during development. So explain the difficulties you had implementing the different time manipulation abilities and give some insight on how you came up with the puzzles. David Hellman already did this for the art and I think this could give a nice complete picture.”

  2. Out of curiosity, will you (or maybe already have?) comment on the rampant speculation regarding the ending of the game and what it really means?

  3. Actually, what I would be much more interested in knowing than your interpretation of the ending, is whether all of the gameplay in the game has been discovered yet. The epilogue has been driving me crazy, and not for story reasons, if you know what I mean. I don’t suspect you’ll answer this, tho, so back to the funny farm.

  4. Just putting this comment on a random blog post, since I can’t find anywhere better to do it =] This is one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played. Even beyond the art and music, the writing in the books in the clouds is absolutely beautiful. I actually got depressed the other day after reading it, in a good way 🙂

  5. Paul: I wouldn’t mind doing such a series, but I just have too much stuff going on right now — it’s too much work to do it well. I do try to give good answers to those kinds of questions when I do interviews, so hopefully the information is getting out there, at least a little.

  6. Braid has the potential to change the way you think about reality. It will certainly change the way you think about video games.” – Jason Roher, Arthouse Games

    “Braid is an ingenious and startlingly creative puzzle game, built with an understanding of good game design that even some of the industry’s most revered figures could learn from.” – PC Gamer Magazine (UK)

    “For people who smoke, for people who drink beer and you get drunk, or if you smoke weed and you get high, or like anything like if you just get fucked up they got this game oh no this shit called Braid.” Soulja Boy

  7. I actually second NoDeath’s request for a comment on Soulja Boy’s Youtube video about Braid. I’m sure he wants to hear you respinse because of the hilarity of the video, and I’m sure part of me wants that too, but a majority of me wants to hear your response to what basically amounts to a very “everyman’s” review of the game. Most reviews I’ve read about Braid have been from professional video game reviewers, who all key in to the artistic merits of the game, and yet, honestly, I think Soulja Boy’s comments and thought process about the game (“There’s no point to the game”, “Mario in the future”) are much more along the lines of thought that the average non-gamer, or someone who isnt used to looking for symbolism and metaphors and whatnot in movies, let alone games, would have, and is respone that Ive gotten when attempting to showcase the game to non-gamers.

  8. [whine] When is there going to be more information on the PC version going to be posted? [/whine]

    And will it be on steam? (hope!)

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