10 thoughts on “Character Animations Available in Braid Graphics Briefcase”

  1. One thing I’ve been wondering about the braid animation. I noticed that you can look up and down, but I couldn’t see any gameplay application for this. Is there one? Or is it just for effect?

  2. To my knowledge, the only real use of looking up/down is outside the house, after the alternate ending. (Which is, by the way, damn brilliant.)

  3. i like using the look-down button (B) to smell the flowers 🙂 sometimes they burst out and eat me, tho :'(

    also, if you go up and down real quick-like you can headbang/nod in enthusiastic agreement.

    …any other uses?

  4. I am quite aware that there is not a set PC release date yet, but here I am really wanting to play the game, but not being able to decide whether to get it on 360 or wait for the PC version!

    So, I must ask: Can there be an announcement date for the release date? 😛

  5. Yiiiiijaaaaaa, por fin, ahora seguro que a todo el mundo le gusta mi nuevo avatar de Tim en pose seria. Perdón por hablar español.

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