Official Braid Walkthrough posted

I want to be a cutting-edge, modern game developer: not just during the creation of a game, but also during post-release support. So I have done a little something for the players of Braid: I’ve written up our own, official walkthrough. Because it’s straight from the source, you know that it’s accurate and contains the best solutions to all the puzzles.

WARNING: This walkthrough contains spoilers!

Only read it if you are stuck.

Click here to read the walkthrough.

48 thoughts on “Official Braid Walkthrough posted”

  1. Nice. Given how much the game encourages going back to retry earlier levels, though, it might be worth clarifying whether or not any of the puzzles are unsolvable until you unlock a special power much later in the game. (I was beginning to wonder this about one of the puzzle pieces, and was looking for a walkthrough to check.)

  2. Most games have official walkthroughs, they’re just outsourced to specialized companies: Brady, Prima, etc.

    I have the same question as Kevan: do I get new abilities allowing me to reach previously inaccessible areas, or does the game consist of really hard puzzles?

  3. I haven’t finished the game, but so far every puzzle that I thought would require a new power, didn’t. There are “new powers” within the context of specific worlds, but they do not migrate to earlier worlds.

  4. It’s amusing how after posting a walkthrough like that people are still asking for tips.
    Use your brains guys, I know games these days don’t require one, but this does. Work out the answers yourself.

  5. Hey Jonathan,

    I just finished collecting all of the puzzle pieces, and enjoyed the challenge very much, but I’m affraid a little stuck – litterally. I can’t finish assembling puzzle 6 because all of the pieces are stuck together… I mean, It’s not done, all of the pieces are scattered around but are none-the-less stuck together. When the game cursor highlights over a puzzle piece, all pieces show the glow filter.

    Anyways – maybe there’s a special way to solve the last puzzle and I just don’t get it, buut I’m pretty sure I’m stuck.

    If anyone knows of a way to scatter or “un-stuck” the puzzle, I’m all ears! (hopefully besides erasing my game data)

    (Sorry if this post is in an odd place, but I couldn’t find any information about such a problem anywhere else – googled)

    Anyways – Congratulations on releasing your game – it’s definitly top-notch!


  6. I really enjoy this game so far, even if it does remind me heavily of Super Mario bros. and Prince of Persia s.o.t.

  7. I also thought that the first world puzzles needed an extra ability (e.g. jump higher) but if you stick with it and think differently to normal platform game behaviour everything can be solved with the powers you have at the start.

  8. @KTen: I was just suggesting that “you need an ability from later in the game to complete an early puzzle” (in the tradition of other platformers) was on the same par as the “random”, “guessing” and “trial and error” doubts that they already dismiss in the walkthrough; I wasn’t asking for tips.

  9. Agreed – a disclaimer in the above walkthrough saying, “We’re not saving some double jump till after the end boss” would have saved me lots of aggravation without actually helping me solve any of the puzzles.

    There’s only one part where I felt like the game didn’t give me enough feedback – I didn’t notice myself glowing after stepping on a glowing platform, because all the other visual codes (green/purple/gold/etc.) are so highly saturated that this one just felt like part of the background. Eventually in World 6’s ladder puzzle, I realized what had been going on, and proceeded to backtrack to the rest of ’em.

  10. Jonathan,

    In keeping with your request for no walkthrough I have attempted to stall those looking to create a walkthrough for the game. To do this I have created a strategy guide that gives some hints, but nothing outrageous. I have submitted the guide to gamefaqs, but if you are interested you can look over it and give me any feedback if you think I’m being too generous in certain puzzles. I’d be happy to work to create a strategy guide that if helpful without spoiling the game.

    Just email me if you have any concerns 🙂

    -T. D.

  11. Being a forum on it does sadden me to see so many walkthrough guides written for games, since it robs players of the experience. At minimum I think a player should complete a game at least once without a guide, then perhaps use one to pickup confusing achievements.

    I’ve always been a lover of puzzle games, along with the sports and shooter titles too. Puzzler’s exercise the problem solving muscles of the brain, which more people could stand to do. Thanks for a beautiful and very fun game indeed.

    Note: I’m working on a review of the game for my site, which you’re welcome to checkout.

  12. I cheated on one… and I’m pretty sure I never would’ve figured it out otherwise… or I would’ve given up at least.

    One can only sit there so long with no clues before giving in to temptation. Plus, it was the last piece so I couldn’t distract myself with another puzzle.

    I’m actually pretty surprised I figured out all but one.

  13. Your walkthrough was quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.

    Thank you for this wonderful game, and that walkthrough.


    Well played, indeed.

  14. Colorblind?


    Just tried the demo, and this looks quite original. Great work, very engaging.
    I was a little lost until I read the Gamespot review where it is mentioned that *green* objects are not affected by time manipulation. I’m colorblind, and while I visited all levels in the demo, I couldn’t notice any green object standing out. Is this something that should be pretty obvious to me otherwise? Would I still be able to enjoy the full game?
    Thank you

  15. There are no green objects in World 2 (The first world that you play). After you meet the dinosaur, you can go on to pieces of worlds 3 and 4, which do have the green objects. But, they are characterized by distortion and also sparkles… other colorblind people have told me that they were able to see them fine. But there are different kinds of colorblindness, so… I dunno. If you stopped the trial at the first Dinosaur, try playing onward (for example, the first level in World 3).

  16. I tried all worlds. I think I saw sparkles, I’ll pay more attention next time around. Indeed, different kind of color-blindness, I’m red-green. Thanks!

  17. Actually I’d be curious to know if the XBLA approval process requires you to pay attention to minor disabilities like colorblindness (though if any NDA would prevent you from saying so, I’d understand). Historically there are only a few games I was unable to play, obviously the ones where you have to pair colors quickly, like Puzzle Bobble / Bust-a-move and variants.

  18. Just because no one else has said it:

    Why all this bitterness directed at walkthroughs? I’m like to think I’m a relatively smart guy but some of those puzzles had me stumped. A couple of pieces in the second world had me stuck for a very long time. The solution never even crossed my mind. I have to say it was pretty clever though even though.

    I ended up needing to use a walkthrough for a total of 4 pieces. Had I not used a walkthrough on at least a couple of them it’s likely I would have just not finished the game. It’s adverised as, “Braid treats your time and attention as precious.” Well for me, my time allotment for this game didn’t allow for me stumped for an hour staring at one puzzle. People say I’m missing some sort of glorious feeling of achievement; well that’s your opinion. I feel good enough about finishing the other 93% of the game (excluding extras) in a reasonable amount of time. On top of that I’m definitely glad I “cheated” on those 4 pieces so I could see one of the top 10 endings in gaming history.

    It seems to me that rather than feeling sorry for my “missed experience” a lot of the anti-walkthrough types feel like they are somehow cheated because ANOTHER person used a walkthrough. Just my two cents.

  19. This is not about asking a tip, this is about the feeling that I have after finish Braid.

    Thank you.

    Your game reminds me three movies, Vanilla Sky (The story), The Fountain (The Story and Clint Mansel music) and What Dreams May Come (The landscapes and the story). all of them epic journeys of one man finding himself and other big questions.

    (English is not my first language)

  20. “Braid is about the journey, not the destination ”

    nice, and I think that applies on real life too but very nice you think of it that way

  21. I hit a glitch where my puzzle pieces improperly stick together, and thus, I can’t finish the game without erasing my saved files. Is there a fix for this? I absolutely adore the game, but it’s preventing me from finishing the puzzle for World 5. 🙁

  22. As a huge fan of this game, I am actually somewhat disappointed by this “walkthrough.” I completely understand the point of telling players to enjoy the puzzles and the journey for themselves. But you could have explained that in a blog post instead of pretending to give a walkthrough that turns out to be just a teaser. It reminds me of the “Beginner’s Guides” that one would find in the back of almost any game manual from the 80’s or 90’s. And that’s fine too, but it could be couched as that, and not pretend to be the full solutions when it isn’t. I guess I don’t see any shame in poviding a helping hand–some of my favorite games, including the adventures from Infocom and Lucasarts, included a full walkthrough in the game documentation, and these materials helped my appreciation of the game, not hindered them. In many cases, the structure of clues given and withheld provided even more opportunities for the writers to chide gamers for peeking, while still helping them along.

    Finally, I should note that many people eventually will create a walkthrough of your game, and although some will have a great amount of respect for your work, others won’t. Is there anything wrong with setting the record straight with an authorized guide?

    Either way, I respect your choice as the designer,and I’m just someone who really loves the game, and you can rest assured I’ll be tackling those few puzzle pieces I can’t collect until I’ve gotten them. I just hope I don’t resort to GameFaqs first. Thanks again for Braid.

  23. If you were surprised by the walkthrough, you should perhaps have paid more attention to the post introducing it 🙂 If you get really stuck, just be happy that the game will last longer for you.

    In some games I do think a walkthrough is warranted, because some games have pretty stupid solutions outside of the normal logic of the game. Except arguably for one puzzle in world 2, though, Braid is incredibly fair.

    I am very stuck myself at the end (the part with the almost empty screen). I would quite like to see the rest (and this is the one I most wanted to see the rest of 🙁 ), but I guess I will have to come back to it later, as I have no ideas at all.

  24. i notice braid is a rip off of mario, apart from the game experience. other than that its a good game. a walk through that doesnt spoil the ending would be good so i can get the last 3 puzzel pieces as u cant complete it or get onto the last world with out all pieces

  25. AlmtyBob is totally right! I finished 98% of the puzzles and can’t get two of them. Stop fucking around cause I don’t have time for this bullshit. Put out the walkthrough, I’m not stupid I just don’t have the time like the rest of you with all day to do this. I finished the 98% in two hours and these last two have taken me days.

  26. As a consumer this game bothers me a great deal simply because there is no walkthrough. In the future I will just know, that for me, your games are impossible to complete and I certainly won’t waste my time or money. Great game, but it’s worthless to me because I can’t get past the hunt level on world 4. Typically I only refer to a walkthrough if I find myself so stuck that I am ready to quit playing. I found myself at that point and I now have no choice but to quit playing. Shame on you. One puzzle I CAN solve is what game developer to avoid!!!!!

  27. Well, it’s a bummer that you feel this way, but the puzzle is totally reasonable. If you look at what’s happening, and think about it, you should be able to solve it. 30,000 other people have solved it!

  28. got the trial and stck on the top left corner piece i know where it goes but cant get to it its in the second world i need help

  29. the developers have no responsibility to provide a walkthrough. i personally like the look of the game,i have not solved it yet,and if it takes me years to do it,so be is not their fault if we may not have the logic skills to beat the game.let’s consider this in a different light.if you purchase a car,would you expect the manufacturer to teach you how to drive it? no,of course not! this is no are demanding that they release a walkthrough to teach you how to play the game.i reccomend when you are stumped,to walkaway,have a breather,then come back to it fresh.i solve a lot of difficult issues like this.

  30. All I have to say is I was looking for a walk through for some of the puzzles I am having issues w/, but now that I see this thread and the others on other sites, I will play the rest of the game w/o looking for one.

    Thank you.

  31. i beat the game and got every achievement except for speed run before i even considered a walkthrough. the game has deep meaning, and the ending blows me away. it is a fantastic peice of work. i loved the visuals and music, and the gameplay was phenominal. a walkthrough would have ruined the experience. braid should be the game developers try to learn from.

  32. i would like to try rephrasing your walkthrough as one word: experiment. the whole game is esentially one large experiment by the charachter, so you must follow suit. if everything behaves differently, find the interesting new quirks of that reaction. once you realize what’s going on, what you must do becomes clear. of course, doing it is another matter, but knowing the way it must be done comes as a part of the journey. one could get very philisophical with this game, and i wish more games were like this. kudos to all who worked on braid to make it such a wonderful masterpiece!

  33. Great walkthrough! I wonder if the reason this type of walkthrough wouldn’t fly for other games is that other games aren’t made with the player in mind, just his wallet!

    By the way, I’m so glad I forked over the $15 to play this on XBLA. If I could, I would gladly do it again, and probably even pay more. I downloaded the demo, not expecting much, and the depth in art, gameplay, and story more than sold it for me.

    Thanks for such a great game, and kudos for such a great accomplishment!

  34. You have has proved yourself to be on the cutting-edge just by releasing such a profound game on xbla. If you can create another game as beautiful and touching of a masterpiece as Braid was, then you will leave the cutting edge behind completely and advance ahead of it. This game is definitely the best arcade game on xbox live arcade, and I was more than willing to drop $15 on it. Kudos for such an accomplishment.

  35. I loved Braid and every detail that went into it. The music, the gameplay, the story, the puzzles, etc… if you love platformers and puzzles as much as I do you must play this game!!

  36. Well, I feel like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

    Obviously I came to this page by googling “Braid walkthrough” and felt guilty about it in the first place and now have totally been guilted out of it. I am completely enamoured with this game and I must say the few really tricky puzzles that I figured out gave me an extreme sense of satisfaction. After being stumped for a very long time on a couple of them I was going to take a short cut.

    Thanks for getting me on the right track again.

    By the way, any feedback on how long this game is taking people to finish on average? So far, for the entertainment value I have gotten I must say it’s worth every penny I’ve spent and I’m not too far into things yet.

  37. I want to thank you so much for sharing this walkthrough with us!

    I was getting really frustrated because I managed to get all the puzzle pieces but got stuck big time on the last one from World 6… So in a moment of desperation I started looking all over the internet for some subtle hint – anything that would give me a push in the right direction but hopefully not spoil the game. And good thing I read the “Official Braid Walkthrough” first!

    Armed with the new knowledge I finally figured that last piece just 10 or 15 minutes later, and yeah, I FELT VERY GOOD about it 🙂

    Thank you for your advice.

  38. Bump.
    The cake was a lie.
    Anyway, this game is great by the fact that you have to think to play,
    with each puzzle like a question.
    What do you have to do to get there?
    Sometimes you have to skip a few, sleep on it and come back later.
    Every single puzzle is astoundingly logical and possible, some leaving you feeling annoyed for not thinking about it sooner.
    I did it by myself, but not all at once. It’s Possible.

    Btw, does anyone understand the ending, as I found it confusing, whether or not to do anything, if I could.
    Also, Nice walkthrough.

  39. It is 2012 now. after watching indie game i got Braid and of course was amazed by how unique and multi-layered this game is. and like many times in my life after being stuck for a really long time and about to quit the game i found myself searching for the walkthrough.

    I thought, “if i can understand just one of these puzzles i may be able to solve the rest myself”. I ended up here, and not only did i find this clever and even a little amusing, it convinced me to try again. I went back and figure 3 puzzles i couldn’t before.

    I get it now. it is brilliant. and even though i still don’t have it all figured out, i am enjoying it tremendously. so thank you.

    This is a one of a kind masterpiece…

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