Braid wallpapers, screenshots, forum icons.

David Hellman has put together a very nice collection of Braid graphics called the Braid Graphics Briefcase. This collection contains a bunch of icons you can use as forum avatars, or program launch icons, or … anything! It’s also got some screenshots and a giant desktop wallpaper. And more.

Here is a small taste of what’s available on that page:

This complete set includes all of the Xbox 360 Gamer Pics that shipped with the Xbox Live Arcade release of Braid, and many images that were not included in those. (For fans of the dinosaur, he’s included this time.)

23 thoughts on “Braid wallpapers, screenshots, forum icons.”

  1. insanejedi: Counting opportunity cost, I am not quite broken even, but pretty close — and the PC release ought to push it way over the line, if anyone buys that version.

    Not counting opportunity cost, the game would be considered very profitable.

    So things are good, in general!

  2. John, David รขโ‚ฌโ€ not completely on-topic, but I had to drop a line to say just how excited I am about Braid coming to PC. It’s the most exciting game I’ve seeen in ages (last time I bought a video game… Was probably Grim Fandango all of ten years ago…).

    I found out about it through refusing to give up on a continuation of alessonislearned, and on a thematic level at least this seems to be a spiritual succesor.

    John, I’m glad David was doing something truly fantastic all that time I was wondering.

  3. That panoramic image is awesome.

    And to continue the derailment. Have you mentioned how the PC version is going to be distributed?

  4. Jonathan, please repeat after me:

    PC Version.

    I will release a PC Version. Soon. Very soon.

    PC Version.

    I acknowledge the vast and ungodly sums of money I will make from all the folks desperate to play this game but who refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on a console that they would use for no other purpose than TO play this game.

    PC Version.

    I can visualize laying out on a beach on a golden deck chair held up by bricks of hundred dollar bills while scantily clad woman bringing me frosty beverages containing little paper umbrellas.

    PC Version.

    I see the logic of opening my gorgeous game up to those users that comprise the vast majority of casual gamers (notwithstanding Wii owners), and how the revenues from such a move will dwarf those made from the demographic who has made their system purchasing-decision based on the presence of first-person shooter games such as Halo.

    PC Version.

    Now, I want you to reflect on what you just said. Don’t make a liar of yourself Jonathan. Bricks of money. Golden chair. Scantily clad. Umbrellas. Women. Beverages.

    …PC Version.

  5. since this is a low-traffic post that is laready going off-topic, I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love Braid, LOVE IT. But there’s this one tiny thing that really bothers me: How come, after you unlock a door, you walk IN FRONT of it rather than THROUGH it?? That is all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Regarding the “PC” version: I won’t hold my breath for a Mac/Linux port, but could you give it a whirl under Wine before releasing it? I’d cheerfully buy Braid again if I had some slight inkling that it might run on my platform.

    Of course, there’s also releasing the source sometime later and letting the community take care of porting…

  7. @Eevee: 2 words: Boot Camp. I’d say it truly didn’t matter if OSx86 didn’t blow so bad, but ALL of us Mac users should have boot-camped a long time ago. Windows isn’t great, albeit, but it’s downright dumb to not install a compatibility pack like that immediately. If Mac hardware ever hits PC prices, they win based on that fact alone. Trust me on this; I’m a software engineer with a degree in Human Interface. Install Boot Camp and XP and the world is your mollusk.

  8. Er, I’m on Linux, not OS X. And I’m a dev, too. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Rebooting into an entirely different OS (which I would also have to maintain) just to play a platformer seems a little bit excessive. Besides, if I wanted to run Windows, I’d be running Windows; I’d prefer to avoid it if reasonably possible.

  9. Can someone please make a Sony Ericson cell phone theme out of this?
    Hellman maybe you could release a animated Gif for the background of my mobile phone? ๐Ÿ˜€
    its 240×320 most new SE phones, i got the c902, would love a braid theme or background for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for the great game i finished playing it today, and talked with friends about what they think of the story ending. Though i must say that for me as a non native english speaker i didnt understand alot of it ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Braid is a fantastic title.Congratulations to all the people who worked to see it through both for their hard work and for their glorious vision.The symbolisms and allegories in this game are really unique.The script is brilliantly conceived and the pacing and storytelling are excellent.It really proves how an inspired creator can create miracles.

    I purchased the game last night and finished it with all puzzle pieces collected.Some of the riddles needed in order to get them were true works of genious.My thanks for this offering of greatness ppl, I know you put a lot on the line with this project, both financially and spiritually.

    PS.No offense ZenKai but insulting pieces of electronic entertainment that many love just because they don’t fit your taste isn’t very nice or polite.I wonder how much Halo you have played in order to be in the postition to judge ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  11. @FiOth:

    #1: I happen to like (not love, like) Halo, as it happens. Don’t have a 360, did have a classic. I’m also a fan of Tribes, Team Fortress, and CS, though the only first-person I can say I LOVED was Portal (a Puzzle game. Go fig.). By that same token, I’ve been playing adventure and puzzle games since Roberta Williams was still god’s gift to gaming (just ask her). I remember when Kings Quest, Monkey Island, and Kyrandia came OUT.

    #2: Where in my comment was I insulting to the Xbox? Short of it’s tendency (read: guarantee) to overheat and “red ring”, it’s a fantastic piece of hardware. I bought a Wii because I lucked out on the price ($125) and because I only have time to game casually, so I tend to play puzzle games and party games. However, the Xbox is a fantastic piece of engineering. If anything, I zinged the system PURCHASERS (though I meant no offense), but I said NOTHING about the hardware.

    #3: I’m not pulling this out of my ass, either. Demographically, the Xbox has the lowest adjusted percentage of puzzle titles for one reason: their owners don’t tend to buy those games. You’re more likely to find an Xbox (80% of the time) in the hands of a 14-34 year-old male, and a recent study by Neilson have stated as many as 70% of Xbox owners purchased their system based on the shooter and action titles. Further, guess what: 4 of the 5 top-selling Xbox games are… FIRST- AND THIRD-PERSON SHOOTERS (Halo 3, Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto IV, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Forza Motorsport, in order of sales). In fact the ONLY puzzle-esque game (unless you count Guitar Hero; I do not) they have in their TOP 30 is UNO. As in Uno the card game. Yeah.

    So before you go calling me out on something, A) READ my post, B) CHECK your facts (that little box in your browser next to the URL is a ‘Search Bar’ providing convenient access to sites like ‘Google’ that facilitate ‘Research’), and C) Don’t assume that just because I make a comment, even a negative comment, about something, it means I haven’t done it/played it. To play a game you like is not to automatically love it for the rest of the world. Sorry.

    Nice of you to add the token smiley face to “take the sting out” though. Way to fight that stereotype man.

    Oh, and Jonathan:

    PC Version.

  12. Are you serious?I make a friendly comment on what you said without including anything insulting and you try to play smartass on me?You have a serious problem there.

    I won’t fall to that lvl, trolling is not my area of expertise.I entred this blog to post about Blow’s and the others’ great work and that’s all.It didn’t cross my mind that flamers are absolutely everywhere.

    PS.I happen to know very well where the search bar is as well as how the 360 demographic is devided.So drop it and don’t insult your intelligence.

  13. what do you guys think about the icon of a triangle with the circles around it? it’s called “stevinus.png,” and when i looked it up i found this:

    which is Simon Stevin’s proof of equilibrium on an inclined plan. it appears the triangle in the one in Braid is rotated from the one in Stevin’s original “proof.”

    personally, i have no idea what to make of it! ;D

  14. @FiOth:

    I apologize. I’d hate to think I’d insulted my intelligence or pieces of electronic entertainment, played smartass on you, or in any other way acted to see this community devided.

    I took a few minutes to compile some links to illustrate my heartfelt emotional response to your posts, and to acknowledge how well-reasoned and justified your position is:

    Please accept my sincerest surrender to your vastly superior reasoning skills, and allow me to take a moment to express just how truly stupid I must be.

  15. I simply just wanted to thank you two for putting together the most satisfying game I’ve played in years, honestly, years.

    I look forward to what comes next from your genius John.

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