20 thoughts on “The Art of Braid, Part VIII”

  1. I had a chance to play Braid on a dev-kit at work the other day and really enjoyed it. It manages to be both fun and thought-provoking. I’ll probably wait for the PC version as I don’t have a 360 at home, but looking forward to playing the rest.

    – Christiaan

  2. Yes, I actually acted as a consultant to the P.B. Winterbottom team during that game’s development.

    It sounds similar on the surface, but ultimately it is a very different game from Braid.

  3. Oh, cool. Well it seemed to me similar to Braid, but then again, you would know better. Being their consultant. Anyhow, it seems to be a fun game, from what I’ve seen..

    Umm.. Me-me-me. Can I have you as a consultant for my game? 😀
    Heh, Heh..

    Well, if you’re interested, you could play my (puny) indieCade-release demo of Where-Is-My-Heart?-Game. I’m always interested in feedback.

  4. Hey, I just read that the xbla maximum size has been upped from 150 to 350 mb, does this affect you mr Blow?
    Or is your game going to be under 150 no matter what?

  5. Braid is going to be under 150. We were told that it had to be under 150, and I had to do assloads of work to make it fit. If we hadn’t had to hit that target, Braid would probably be out already.

    Though it’s probably good that we had to be under 150, because the XBLA content package format is *really* slow, so reading 350 megabytes of data would take a long time… Braid load times are very short now, so it’s possibly all for the best.

    I am still really annoyed though (at a lot of things, not just that 150->350).

  6. Here’s another random question. I don’t know, maybe it has been asked already:
    -Have you ever thought of writing a book on game design?-

    I think I’m not the only one who would be reading it (and vigorously so).

    Let’s start voting now: I vote for Johnathan to write a book.
    (Although, maybe this is not the kind of decision that can be resolved democratically..)

  7. I saw a write up on Braid in the newest Game Informer, and the freaking thing made it sound like this was out already! I’ve never heard of Braid before, but the glowing review in GI has really gotten me intrigued, especially the line about how the final level is unlike anything else he’d ever seen. And I’m not even into Indie gaming.

    Well, nothing really constructive to say, other than I guess the buzz about your game IS getting out there and reaching joe schmoes like me who were completely in the dark.

  8. okay, gotta check again coz i’m quite (read very) pumped for this game 🙂

    japanese release? (double checking)
    within june? (the billionth time you’ve been asked…soz)

    thanks in advance!

  9. Braid has been translated into Japanese and so I assume Microsoft would release the XBLA version in Japan without a problem. As for the PC version coming later, that will just run in any language, anywhere, automatically.

    I don’t think that Braid is likely to be released within the month of June, but not long after that seems probable.

  10. I just downloaded Braid on my dev kit its awesome! Some of the puzzles had me stuck, until I thought about them a little more. The game design mechanics for this game are great, the art direction is amazing. I’m really looking forward to the retail release so I can play this at home 😀

    Congrats on making a unique XBLA title!

  11. i want this game now! i, too, read the write-up in game informer and am super psyched about this game!
    every wednesday i check and every wednesday i die a little….please get this game out to the masses already! XD

  12. And about France? Is it going to be released at the same time in Europe?

    (I’m sorry to talk about release date, but as a player/spectator, I need to try before to talk.)

  13. I hope it released everywhere simultaneously. For the XBLA version I am not in control of release dates. For the PC version, it will be available everywhere, of course.

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