7 thoughts on “Everyday Shooter is now available on Steam.”

  1. yeah this is great news. I can’t stand playing this game with the dual shock’s analog sticks, so it’s nice to have a chance to play it on the 360 pad.

    now if only I could get my 360 controller working in windows 🙁

  2. This game is really pretty terrific – and I’d forgotten all about it in the span of an (apparently) six-month PSN exclusive. Haven’t liked a shooter this much since Gradius V, probably; haven’t _wanted to get better at_ a game in tellingly long. Thanks, videogame auteurs!

  3. I got this over the weekend. I’m enjoying how each stage has a different character. I also like the interactions between the enemies, how they enable each other in various ways, and how by observing that you can develop better strategies.

    It gets intense sometimes, but is kind of relaxing somehow. It’s a game I feel like playing once or twice every day.

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