Jason Rohrer is speaking at NYU on Friday, April 11.

Jason Rohrer, creator of the games Gravitation, Passage, and Cultivation, will be speaking at NYU on Friday April 11th, at 1pm, on the 9th floor of Tisch Hall, in the lobby (?!?). Somehow I sense there is more of a story behind this arrangement.

According to Game Design Advance, where I found out about this, he will be talking about “art games” and “game mechanics as metaphor”.

5 thoughts on “Jason Rohrer is speaking at NYU on Friday, April 11.”

  1. I made the post on Game Design Advance. NYU has been doing a series of lectures on games and you can get updates for it at itp.nyu.edu/gaming. I think there’s some plan to post videos of the talks online (I know they’re being recorded), so if folks can’t make it hopefully those will be posted soon!

  2. I jumped the gun and have been corrected. The ITP gaming site usually posts about their events the Friday before they happen. It turns out that this time they posted about something all the way in April! So Jason will not be here on Friday (as he posted on Game Design Advance). Sorry everyone!

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