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Nicewrench, a new game prototype, has been posted.

Nicewrench Screenshot

In 2007, the indie developer messhof created FLYWRENCH, which I felt was a very interesting game. I recommend that all game designers play it. You can download FLYWRENCH here.

In February 2008, I created a game prototype called Nicewrench, which was about experimenting with FLYWRENCH’s design: what happens if you take a game that is about mercilessly killing the player, and remove the possibility for player death?

You can download Nicewrench on my game prototypes page, here.

Both FLYWRENCH and Nicewrench were shown (and played by a room full of attendees) in my presentation at Nuances of Design 2008.

There’s more in the way of design musing in the README, which is also copied here, after the fold.

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Jason Rohrer’s new column at The Escapist.

Jason Rohrer has just started a new column at The Escapist called “Game Design Sketchbook”. Once a month, he’ll be making a prototype game, putting it up for download, and writing about it.

Here’s a link to this month’s column.

Perfectionism (small)

The first game is called “Perfectionism” (pictured above) and it’s very interesting. You can easily figure out how to play it from the game itself; you don’t need to read the article.

Jason Rohrer’s new art game: Gravitation

Gravitation by Jason Rohrer

Gravitation is another art game. It’s good. It’s also easier for new players to “get” than Passage, which hopefully will help more people realize how interesting these games are.

Here is the link.

If you’re not familiar with Jason’s previous game, Passage, you can get it here.

If you’re new to this whole Art Game thing, you may want to check out Rod Humble’s The Marriage and the more-difficult Stars over Half Moon Bay.

It’s great that Jason is managing to create such good games in such a short time period. It makes me wonder if I’ve been going the wrong way working 3 years on Braid.

In which I compare Space Giraffe to Ulysses.

Space Giraffe

The first time I saw Space Giraffe, I didn’t realize it was an excellent game. Jeff Minter was showing it off at the Game Developer’s Conference, and it looked just like Tempest, except you could push guys off the top of the web sometimes. And Jeff kept saying it wasn’t Tempest. But he was not sufficiently able to communicate to the audience why the game was interesting (which I verified, through several conversations, after his lecture. People pretty much thought it was just Tempest with some psychedelic stuff).

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