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Braid playthrough with director’s commentary

At GameCity in Nottingham, UK in September 2010, I played through select portions of Braid and gave commentary. I had been under the impression the session was officially recorded, and I’ve been waiting for an official video to hit the internet, but at this point I am not sure this was done. Fortunately someone in the audience had a handheld camera, and has posted the footage to YouTube. This is by far the most I’ve said about Braid in one place…

See the video here.

Experimental Gameplay 2009 is now open for submissions.

The Experimental Gameplay Sessions occur every year at the GDC; it’s a two-hour showcase of unusual and cutting-edge game designs. Each designer gives a ten- or fifteen-minute presentation of each game, including a live demo.

We’re now looking for submissions for the 2009 workshop, which will be happening in March. If you make unconventional kinds of games, I encourage you to apply. Our Call for Submissions document discusses everything in more detail:

Experimental Gameplay 2009 Call for Participation

Also, here’s the main page, for those who are just generally curious about the event.

A lecture about how our games are inherently conflicted.

Note: A better version of this lecture was given a few months later in Montreal, and the recording has much higher audio quality. You can find it here.

Jonathan Blow gave the closing keynote speech at Games:EDU South on July 29, 2008 in Brighton, England. This one-hour lecture is about three ways in which current mainstream games are inherently conflicted, and how this holds them back from affecting people as strongly as the forms of linear media they are striving to emulate. Art games are used to build a perspective from which to see this problem and maybe attack it a little bit.

You can download the lecture as a .zip file containing the PowerPoint slides, along with an mp3 of the audio:

(Games:EDU Keynote, 35MB).

Unfortunately the recording came out at a low quality; the questions from the audience at the end are difficult or impossible to hear, but hopefully the answers are detailed enough to provide clues as to the questions.

Nuances of Design next week.

Nuances of Design is a session I am running at the GDC next week, on Friday, February 22nd.

The idea behind this session is to let the audience play games in real time while the presenters guide them through the experience to make certain points and encourage certain observations. Because games are about interactivity and not passive absorption, it always seemed weird to me that we used passive absorption (listening to lectures) in order to communicate about games.

If you’d like to participate, please bring a laptop that can run small games well (i.e. Windows XP or Vista, though I think last year a few people managed to run with Macs and emulation), and also a pair of in-ear headphones. (With headpones like these you can stick half in one ear, to hear the game, and leave the other ear open to listen to the presenter). We will pass around USB flash drives containing the games.

This will be the second time I’ve done this session; the first one, last year, went very well.

I’m also potentially looking for one more presenter/game so if you are interested, and have a game that you don’t mind people getting copies of, which is conducive to being played in a short session, then email me (or post here). Thanks!