5 thoughts on “The Witness now has a development blog.”

  1. The concept arts look extremely moody, I love that. “Something” emerges from these artworks. I’m very curious at what you are going to come up with and what the gameplay will be.


  2. mmm, interesting…

    At least, now i know the name of tghe game. It looks quite different from Braid; for the images you have posted, it seems to me like some kind of point and click adventure.

    thought i know you will have a very different gameplay, i hope at least as innovative as Braid was.

    I just wait to see more of it soon. almost 2 years till release is a looooong time =(

  3. Just from seeing the concept art I want to go exploring to see more.. Really looking forward to it. Inspiring stuff.

    Have you figured out how the character movement will work yet? Myst style, etc.?

  4. Go pictures! Are these the ones you were showing at the Firehouse Gallery?
    Also, will the Braid News page still be the source of other-than-Witness-news, or do you want us to migrate?
    Also also I might do a lecture at my institute of aesthetics in Denmark where I shamelessly reference and recycle some of your points, hope you don’t mind 🙂

  5. Sounds intriguing. Now, if only it would be the point and click adventure with all the atmosphere, design and intelligence that Braid came with… It would be a jack pot. 😉

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