20 thoughts on “Braid on PSN in the Benelux and Russia…”

  1. We should all just boycot this release in the Netherlands and Russia to show Sony how lame they are. I for one am NOT buying this delayed title.

  2. @Alex: Wah? We should all buy it. So that Sony sees the demand and reconsiders its release dates/policy.

    I’m buying it the day it releases.

  3. I was wondering if this would come out on the PSN store for the PSP.
    I think this game would be amazing on a portable system

  4. @Alex: Wouldn’t not buying a delayed title just justify to Sony why they delayed it in the first place, if there are lowered sales?

  5. I love to buy this one, takes me back to the platform games days in the ZX Spectrum/Commodore 64 and Atari ST/Amiga days. But now with modern graphics, I hope the controls aren’t to complicated, to get that easy play feel.
    There aren’t that many pure platform games like this.

  6. Where did this rumor come from? It’s the 4th now, but I don’t see it in the store yet… I played the demo on steam on linux, but since there is no native linux support I won’t buy it. I want t buy it for the playstation though, but they have to release it…. 🙂

  7. Good, game but some things where just stupid. There’s this part where a wall of fire is chasing you and you have to jump upon the little monsters to hit the switch.
    You have about a millisecond to get through otherwise you can’t advance because the small tunnel is blocked with monsters.

    I found this to be very frustrating, i know the game is all about effort and reward, but that just wasn’t fun to play. Maybe there the excuse that it’s part of the experience, but than it’s my absolute right to hate that part.

    One other thing is that i’m not self congratulatory, at all, so i don’t get the endorfin rush after figuring out a puzzle. I just stay level headed and progress t the next challenge. So i think in that aspect the game is a totally different experience.

    I do think it’s ok, the art is wonderfull, the music is superb, the writing is very good, but the gameplay isn’t my cup of thee.

  8. lol if ur stuck in the game just type in youtube ” let’s play braid ”
    I used it to get some of the puzzle pieces. I mean like…how the…haha.
    Some of them would never come up in my mind.


  9. Jonathan, why not publishing Braid as a book, with illustrations and stuff like that? In many languages! I’m sure many people will buy (Sorry, my english is very bad) It’s just an idea.

  10. Hi,I’m an italian player who boughts Braid on Steam,and completed it at 100%.This game is simply amazing,one of the best I ever played.

  11. This game is truly outstanding. I just finished the game and solved the puzzles by myself but yet I was left thinking “wow, i really had to think in new ways I had never imagined before to progress in this game”. This game is a work of art.

  12. Hi there,

    Are you planning on releasing a Windows Phone 7 version of the game? I’ve heard porting from XBLA is pretty easy, and I know that I’d love a mobile version of the game that I could show off and share with my friends. I didn’t know where else to put this request. Hopefully you run across this comment eventually.

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