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  1. Very classy trailer! Stop it or I’m gonna buy it twice.

    The moment at 0:48 is one of those trailer moments that make you go “wow”.

    I’m eager to answer that “what if”.

  2. I can hardly believe it. In ~15 hours, I will be playing the most awesome PC game that’s been released in a long time.

    All I can say is…Yay! πŸ˜€

  3. Wow! I don’t want to watch the trailer so that I don’t ruin the surprise. What time is Braid releasing? 1:00PM central on Steam…

  4. Can´t watch it, want to have the full surprise in a couple of hours.
    Very happy to read that we will be able to get the pc and mac versions with the same key! Thanks for asking and making this all possible.

  5. nice!
    now that you are done with the windows version — how’s the linux port doing?
    (I guess it’s easier to port from XBOX to Windows/DirectX than to OpenGL?)
    (Oh and will there be a beta phase as open as WorldOfGoo’s?)

  6. Very nice,the only thing is that I think ‘Braid’ should have faded in in flames like it does in the game. I am sure you have a reason for doing it in white, but I don’t think it fits. I hope this sells many, many copies.

    Not much longer now.

  7. haha the part after “What if…” is hilarious. He has that “wtf” look on his face, which is the same look i had on mine

  8. Ah, what a wonderful trailer! Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow Impulse will have unlocked Braid. This trailer (and trying the Xbox demo at a friends) has gotten me excited.

    Nice South Park reference too.

  9. How come this was filmed on an xbawx? If you pause it at 26 seconds when the boss kills him, you can see the blue ‘x’.

    Ah well I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.

  10. Bloody fantastic trailer for a bloody fantastic game.
    ’nuff said
    (sorry, I was desperately looking for a chance to say ’nuff said)

  11. Not to be overly negative, but the trailer kinda screams “Look, we played Prince of Persia – Sands of Time and stole all their ideas! We rock!”. Maybe want to focus on something more than just the time powers.

  12. You are so handsome and not remotely fat, Johnathan.

    Downloading demo now – hope it works.
    Am I missing something – Is there new content for the PC version or not? I have the 360 version, but I would buy the game again even if there was only one more puzzle piece.

  13. I’\hm really enjoyingv thme gvahme buy braid rehmapped hmy usb keyboard!

    Trans: I’m really enjoying the game but braid remapped my usb keyboard πŸ™

    I’m running it on vista on my laptop that I attach a larger screen and usb keyboard etc. when I’m at home. After I finished playing braid my usb keyboard went all weird with double mapping certain keys (the keyboard on the laptop is A-OK!). I spose it could be something else, but I only realised there was a problem after my first braid session! Help! How do I get my usb keyboard working again?

  14. Yay! The game works great under Wine on Linux.
    One small annoyance: Moving puzzle pieces requires pressing both shift keys. (while time manipulation works with just one of them pressed).

  15. Reminds of some great moments I had with this extraordinary game when I was very sick around christmas – this piece of awesome software made me feel better in no time!

    BRAID scored high on my media-blog, where it got the second best game in 2008 -> http://fiddler.over-blog.de/article-26265662.html

    I also posted the good news about the pc-demo today, it’s great nearly everybody can play BRAID now!

    Thank You!

  16. By Man:
    Works perfect on my 128 mb card, 1 gb ram and 1.8 ghz.

    On my system:
    128 mb card (GeForce FX 5600), 1 gb ram and 2.8 ghz lags pretty hard, dunno why maybe because its a Demo??

  17. By Jonathan Blow:
    A GeForce 5600 is below the minimum spec for graphics.

    Is there any way to change quality or something, cuz i felt in love with demo and i am pretty sure i am going to by full version, but lags dont let me play as i want?

  18. Woo! Jonathan, just downloaded the demo… The game runs absolutely fantastically except for one thing: There’s no V-Sync…??

    I checked out the Read_Me.Txt and it seems there’s an option to turn off V-Sync, but nothing to turn it on. I assume it must be “on” by default… right? Except I get severe graphical tearing, even though my framerate stays at a steady 59/60.

    My system is:
    Intel E6600 Core2Duo 2.40GHz
    4GB DDR2 PC2-6400
    8800GTS PCI-E 320MB

    I’m assuming it should be ok with Braid?

  19. Yes JohnnyW, that system should be fine.

    Does it consistently miss vsync every time you run it? What operating system are you on? Hmmm.

    Right now there is no option to force vsync but I probably should add one, it sounds like.

  20. Well, actually, there is a way, but it’s crappy.

    If you put -half on the command line, the game will run in a lower resolution and you can probably play better.

    However, the puzzle piece screen will not work properly (you would have to restart in full resolution to do the puzzles), some text in the game will be drawn in messed up ways (including the menu), etc. -half is unsupported. But, if it’s the only way for you to play the game…

  21. Hi Jonathan, I’m on Vista32 Home Premium. I had Excel running in the background, but nothing more than that. I’ll try again when I get a spare moment… but AFAIK, even things were slow, I should just skip frames, not get consistent tearing πŸ™

  22. What happens is, before the game even tries to draw anything, it just does some frames of a black screen and sees how quickly it can do them. If it is unable to hit 60fps during that time, then it figures it’s not on a machine that is able to vsync at 60fps and so turns vsync off.

  23. Okay, I finally got it at Impulse right now ^^

    Just a few questions:
    – Whats the matter with the “music” thing you mentioned in the last post ? (see “Also, we have a special surprise planned concerning the music in Braid.”) I couldn’t find the tracks or an hint for an upcoming OST πŸ˜€
    – Where can I find my savegames ? I installed the demo from Greenhouse before and uninstalled it. Now this old gamesave is loaded and I can’t find it at my harddrive….
    – In the Readme you explained the different commands we can use. I appreciate the “-editor” and “-universe universe_name” modes, seems like we can at least try and hope for some fan modded levels in the future πŸ˜€ Any idea when you will present the instruction manual for modding ? (see your statement in the Readme)

    Okay, lets keep Braiding….

  24. I also have the “vsync is always turned off”-feature. This on a Intel Core2Duo 3.6GHz, 4GB RAM and 260GTX (185.65 beta drivers)… so it’s not an underpowered system. Oh, I am running it on Windows 7 64-bit (beta).

    Simply forcing VSync to ON in the NVidia Control Panel solved this problem for me.

    I must say, this is one of those games where you immediately get that feeling that you play something special. Great work, Jonathan!

  25. By Jonothan Blow:
    If you put -half on the command line, the game will run in a lower resolution and you can probably play better.

    Wow thnx, the grapics gone crapy but just a bit! And fps is now ok! I recommend this to anyone that has same problem as me! BTW Demo is pretty big! I imagine if the demo is twice as big?

  26. I grabbed the demo this morning, and I noticed it doesn’t seem to have any support for my Logitech gamepad. Is the XBox 360 gamepad the only one supported?

  27. I just purchased and downloaded Braid from Impulse. The game crashes when trying to launch. But, I checked out READ_ME.txt in the game folder, and ran it from the command line with:

    braid.exe -windowed

    which works perfectly. What a gorgeous game. The menus and options are nicely done for the PC.

    I wanted to contact Jonathan directly, but I don’t know how other than this blog. I also contacted Stardock / Impulse support and told them the solution I found.

  28. Playing the demo now while i wait for steam to add it so I can buy. I’m so happy it runs on my 7 year old computer! I’m playing it using the wii classic controller through glovepie tis so good! But one question, why no option to change the controls in game?

  29. Haha, I played this game for 4 hours straight. There’s only one seemingly impossible to reach puzzle piece for my to obtain. πŸ™

  30. Ever heard of the OpenGL ARB failing to advance the API, leaving it stagnant and basically terrible compared to an up-to-date version of DirectX? Portability is now OpenGL’s only major feature. It’s a shame because GL used to kick D3D’s ass, but they lost all that ground and then some.

  31. More than a game, it’s truly a Mystic experiment.

    It gave me a very strange effect to see the “key” following the character in the past.
    Is it a key,anti-key collision? a non standard entropic key? This game stimulate new area in our cortex where the time become a quasi space dimension as x,y,z.

    Icing on the cake : graphics and soundtracks enhance the feeling and finally the pleasure.

  32. Hi!!! Does anybody know where it is possible to get music sheets for music from the third world (4th one) – the world forward-backward? I wish to play it on a piano!

  33. This trailer on braid-game.com made me buy the game without even looking at the demo. It’s that I usually download and play games first, then decide if it’s worth paying for.
    And what a surprise, it surpassed my wildest preassumtions!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for one of the best game experiences in my life. Great job there.

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