Braid Soundtrack now available, with new songs.

Back when the XBLA version of Braid launched, a lot of people were interested in the music (Sophia Tong of GameSpot even wrote an article just about the music in the game). Back then, we put up links to the songs on, and iTunes playlists, and stuff like that, but there was no official soundtrack album.

To celebrate the PC release of Braid, we’ve worked with Magnatune to put together an official soundtrack. This soundtrack contains two new songs: remixes of the Jami Sieber tracks “Maenam” and “Undercurrent”, made by Jon Schatz, that use the time-distorting ideas from the game to play with the music in interesting ways.

You can listen to the songs right here:

Music from Braid by Sieber, Kammen, Fulton and Schatz

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  1. Stexe: Magnatune is an online music store where you purchase music. So in order to download it, you’d have to buy it. But of course, since Magnatune isn’t evil, the files are available in an unencumbered format which means NO DRM!!


    Thanks again John!

  2. the music played a big role why I loved the game so much. I guess it was not easy to find the right music… but it makes a difference. The game feels less analytical…


  3. Purchased it about an hour ago. It’s nice that magnatune offers WAV and FLAC for people who don’t want lossy formats.

    The “buy” link is really tiny but can be found up near the top of the page, if anyone else has trouble with that.

  4. I had already purchased tracks on iTunes, but couldn’t resist this offer. Not only do you get two new remixes, but you get the rest of the soundtrack as well. It’s especially nice that they offer options such as FLAC and WAV. Sweet deal!

  5. @Man

    But World of Good doesn’t have a FLAC option, so that automatically is a huge strike against them in my book.

    Magnatune is a GREAT site. Definitely check out the rest of Shira Kammen and Jami Sieber’s albums if you haven’t already.

  6. I was searching for a way to contact you John and I figured the quickest way to do so is to post a comment here.
    I just wanted to let you know that I think you created a masterpiece. This game is just amazing. If I ever see you in person, I’ll hug you. 😀
    I know this isn’t related to the soundtrack (which is as good as the game is), but I had to say this.

    PS: I’ll be honest with you, I downloaded the torrent version of this, as I live in a poor country and always save money on whatever I can. Example: For the price of Braid I’d get 4 games, because nobody buys originals in my country… BUT I think this game deserves way more, and I’ll buy the original version over Steam just to show respect.
    You gave me motivation in some other things in life…

  7. Awesome! Thanks for putting this out there 🙂 I wasn’t aware there was a music downloading service like Magnatune that didn’t suck. Just bought it.

  8. Hi Jonathon, I just downloaded the soundtrack and noticed that all the songs are in an album labelled ‘Braid 2’…are you working on a sequel or is this just a coincidence? I’d really appriciate a comment from yourself for an article I’m writing for BXB!

  9. Jonathan! You’ve added the missing 4-4 block to the epilogue castle in the PC version…?? Are you planning to do the same for the 360 one?

    The 4-4 notation and the glitch in the music on that level on the 360 version, lead people to believe they were unlocking hidden music, or at least being able to listen to all the music in the game. (skip to 2.20)

  10. I bought this weeks ago, because I know someone who works at Magnatune and already had been bugging him to tell me when they would make up an “album” so I could buy all the tracks easily.

    Until then I’d just downloaded the free versions and the “The track was bought to you by Magnatune” messages were certainly spoiling the mood when listening to the album all at once 🙂

    When i got it the tracks weren’t in level-order, so I’m glad that has been corrected. Thanks John.

    Regarding World of Goo being better 😛 Goo is fun. I’m enjoying it. But Braid still haunts me. A beautiful and truly challenging game.

  11. I was waiting for this! I bought it and shared it with my brothers who also love Braid. It’s a great soundtrack. Thanks again Jonathan!

  12. If anyone’s curious, you can do a $10 a month deal at magnatune so that you can also get all the albums by artists who were involved in Braid’s soundtrack. It’s 12 albums total between 3 artists.

  13. Fantastic, just bought it and am downloading the mp3s now. I torrented the unofficial soundtrack months ago but these MagnaTune chaps seem like they’re doing things right, and I get the two new remixes as well. Hurrah!

    Thank you very much for making an official soundtrack of your amazing game, all the best for the future.

  14. Jonathan, congrats on the PC release. I hope it did well, I certainly enjoyed it.

    You released the game on various distribution platforms. Could you elaborate on how sales were split between them? I doubt Steam did as well as it should because it did not offer a pre-order (was that your call?), but I’m interested in how the lesser portals are faring.

  15. I’m listening to the OST right now! I was amazed when I saw the new in the blog. I’m really appointed with the distribution method because in my country is really hard buy things that are valuated in US Dolllars ’cause U$S 1 = 3.76 of the local money, so hits very hard when you buy in dollars. But, if you have the option to pay the ammount that you can or want to pay, maybe it doesn’t hurt very much. And you are giving thanks in some way to the artists that makes you happy!

  16. This game’s soundtrack is so amazing and fits perfectly every stage of the game… Specially the “main house” theme.

    Now, Jonathan, I represent an independent brazilian game magazine, called “Press Start!”. We just released edition #1, and It’s a free download for all readers. Since you made Braid is this “independent” way, we thought how awesome it would be to interview you, even if it was a short interview. Then we thought: how bad could it be to ask? I don’t know if this is the best place to ask this, but I couldn’t find another place.

    Well, would you do it?

    Thanks for your attention.

  17. @nobu
    One comment on that, it’s not an OST, it’s an album with the musics licensed for the game.
    OST stands for *original* soundtrack, and that’s not the case. The musics already existed.

    The musics fit the game perfectly, and aren’t bad at all on their own.
    However, it’s still far behind anything by ZUN on Touhou Project 😛

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was really interested in getting the soundtrack but I didn’t want to have to buy several albums to get these songs. I’ll admit though, the more I listen the more tempted I am to support more of these artists’ work.

    But this setup is perfect. I’ve been a fan of Magnatune’s distribution style for a while, and this is a great way to support them, their musicians, and of course you.

    Thank you!

  19. Dear Jonathan,

    I’ve found no other way of contacting you, other then by posting in this blog, which puzzles me. Maybe I haven’t searched the right places, but I get the feeling that you may wish some isolation from the world, even on the internet, which is understandable. Or maybe you just wanted to avoid having your email box full.


    No matter the reason, I’ve been left with no other way of being able to express myself to you, which is why I’ll post this large message (I hope you’ll indulge me). Having just recently finished Braid on Steam, and being filled with awe at your amazing game, I had to somehow express my admiration and thanks for making it.

    As my artistic abilities are lacking somewhat, the way I could think of doing this is with the following poem:

    Jesting, I look, at the puzzles and jigsaw,
    Outwardly obvious, I look again, as if Calvino,
    Not obvious anymore, the false should dispel,
    And I cry it does not, truth hidden like a tomb

    The conclusion, I surmise, is that it is all pretension,
    How else to explain, my failure in multiple strata?
    And yet, I stop there, lest I lose my worth,
    Not going forward, for such lies, would lead to regret,

    But if the end is at first, and of course, vice-versa
    Lost from my way, I can only hope for cooperation
    Of the one I address, and much I’d forgo
    Waiting for the answer, such is my hajJ

    I hope you can see, in the end, that it holds more than it seems at first.

    And, in case my poem confuses you, let me just say things loud and clear: your game is a joy to play, holds depth like so few, gives great satisfaction and is a wonder when first seen.

    For all that, I say thank you.

  20. I bought Braid on Steam the other day and I love it (and the music too, of course).

    Specially, I like Downstream. But that’s not difficult, because I love all “O Son Do Ar” versions.

  21. I actually had the inverse experience of most people here: I found the music under, “Most Purchased” in the Magnatune Store (which is built-in in Amarok), then found the game. Both are really quite beautiful.

    Shame a client’s not available for Linux. I had a try in Wine – it doesn’t work properly all the time… :'(

  22. Some Linux user writes: “Shame a client’s not available for Linux. I had a try in Wine – it doesn’t work properly all the time… :’(”

    It works almost flawlessly for me under Wine. The only problem I’ve experienced is that twice now it’s completely locked up the screen, mouse and keyboard after obtaining a star. Even sshing in from another machine and totally killing X didn’t fix things – I had to actually reboot the machine itself.

    Back on topic, I enjoyed the music enough to purchase it, even though my iPod (with Rockbox) was able to play the Ogg Vorbis files from the game.

  23. The most peaceful musics IMO that are in this game are “Long Past Gone” and “Tell It By Heart”. This game just have achieved the impossible of reaching it to the perfect level. So SOMETHING can be perfect. <D

  24. Hello there Jonathan,

    I just finished Braid (on PC) and I thought I should share with you some of my impressions regarding the game.

    The biggest ‘turn-off’ was when I remained stuck in the third level of World 5(the level with no name!). I kept trying to get the key from the ghost in mid-air (over the flaming pit) but after 100 tries I gave up. Tim wouldn’t take the key from his ghost if both were jumping towards each other over the flaming pit.

    I was totally sure this was the way to solve the puzzle, jumping over the flaming pit and switching the key from Tim to ghost in mid-air! However, after reading an Internet walkthrough I was bitterly disappointed! Instead of switching in mid-air, Tom was forced to stay on one end of the flaming pit while the ghost would jump and die giving Tim the key. Why this is the only way to use that particular key?

    To me this is bad programming, in fact is the worst type of mistake one could do in a puzzle-action game of any type! Once the gamer has found a way to solve the puzzle -any logical way- he should be rewarded instantly! But if the only way to solve a puzzle is the programmer way, well, that’s just not good in my opinion!

    As a law -my law perhaps- once a gamer has found a way to solve a puzzle then he should be rewarded and that puzzle should be over! Therefore, I got really frustrated over this issue (as anyone would be after loosing some hours from his life just to figure out that he was right from the start!) and that put a toll on my feelings about the rest of the game.

    Please let me tell you something Jonathan! Without a walkthrough, this game is a very tough game! I’m sorry to say that out-front, but such a tough game should have come 15 years before today! In those times maybe I would have enough time and mood to complete such a hard game from beginning to end without any help, but not today! Today there are many choices in gaming and no time to play them all sometimes!

    And the real problem is not that the game is hard! The problem is that there are so few clues about how to play some really troublesome puzzles!!! This game should have had three levels of complexity (hard, medium, and easy!), people should have options when they play Braid! On easy the player should have had some sketches/ideas that Tim’s ghost can be also used to turn levers for instance, even though Tim never even touches that particular lever! (lever to be found in World 5, at the end of the level Window of opportunity).

    I would compare Braid to Tomb Raider Legend ! In Legend there are some tough puzzles, but the player gets hints and he can survive and finish the game without any walkthrough! Really superb visual and audio hints in Legend, also in Underworld!

    If is to compare Braid with World of Goo, oh my, World of Goo never gave me headaches and never induced me so much frustration and Goo world is as beautiful as Braid’s world is!

    I will compare Braid with Project Eden (an older exceptional game) just to realise that the puzzles in Project Eden were not so clueless like in Braid but the overall effect was same sometimes!

    If is to talk about Braid’s ending (which is great, by far the best thing within the game!) then one should notice that Portal had a great ending and System Shock 2 had some superb ending! But Portal and System Shock 2 never gave me so much frustration like Braid did!

    With all these complaints however, Braid is a great game and should not be missed by any gamer. That’s clear; Braid is really quite a big step forward in gaming, no question about that! But a difficult step if I may say so, not a lean one!

    I loved the ending, wow that was great! One of the best ending in games so far, I lured my wife to stay near me playing the ending…. LOL That was quite funny…:)

    A last funny observation Jonathan! This game is a KILLER for women! Wow, surely Braid won’t be the next best selling game of all times! Because women are known to buy only Sims games to play, and that’s how Sims got all the good money in gaming in the first place!

    Thank you for the game Jonathan, and good luck with the next one!


    PS Music also rocks, I like Maenam most.

  25. I just tried what you are talking about with the key on world 5-3. In fact, when I jump across the pit, I grab the key. However, then I fall in the pit and die. That works as intended, so I am not sure what you are saying the problem is. If you feel like you should have solved the puzzle, then your feeling is just not correct — I don’t know what more to say about it than that! It’s not a mistake; why do you think your solution is somehow logical?

    If for some reason the key just didn’t work when you played, then that would be a bug, but hey, “it works for me” and I have never heard of it not working for anyone else.

    As for the rest of your comment, I am going to refrain from saying anything except that, hey, Braid is perhaps not the ideal game for you personally. That’s fine. However, I think you would be mistaken to state that just because certain aspects of the game are not what you expected, the game “should be” a different way. You might think that certain things would make it a better game *for you*… but would that really be true? And even if it were true, would that make it a better game objectively?

  26. Hello again Jonathan,

    After reading your answer, I’ve also replayed world 5-3 just to find out the truth and clarify the situation… And I found out that I was wrong, really wrong…

    Firstly, there is a hint when the level starts (as soon as Tim enters the door of 5-3), there is an image/sketch with Tim standing with the key on the ground near a flaming pit. I didn’t see this hint the first time I’ve played Braid. In fact I never paid attention to any of these short hints presented in the start of every level. My bad!

    Secondly, you are also right about the key. In the jump over the flaming pit Tim can take the key from his ghost, but as soon as the player rewinds time, the key returns to the right side of the flaming pit as it should. I don’t know why I was convinced that the key should stay with Tim after rewinding time. That theory of mine was completely not logical and misplaced, I realize that now. My mistake again!

    Now I’m really sorry that I wrote’ bad programming’ regarding Braid in my previous post. I was just frustrated after spending a couple of hours trying to get the ‘irritating’ puzzle piece from world 5-3.

    In my defense however…

    I will tell you that I was pressed by time when I’ve played Braid the first time. I was really so curious to see the end of the game! When I reached world 5-3 I thought I’m very near to the end the game and I have experienced some sort of strange chess blindness which led to frustration and eventually to minor paranoia …LOOOOOL

    I didn’t expect that you would read my initial post Jonathan, even less to receive an answer from you personally; I just wrote all the problems I’ve encountered during the game and I’ve compared Braid with other great games I’ve played. And believe it or not, I’ve probably played to the end all the “good” games available on all consoles for the last 15 years or so.

    Finally, I’m sorry for the last time Jonathan. I really start to become repetitive and linear and that’s bad for a game/r 🙂 however I will humbly keep some of my previous opinions! Braid is a tough game that should not be played as a normal video game; Braid is a lot more like a chess game in some of its puzzles, it’s not the regular PC platformer! Thus, my initial idea of completing Braid in less than 6 hours led to a huge error occurred in the world 5-3. My crash!

    What else is to say? I wait for Braid2 of course, now I’m really interested about it. And I promise to allocate some healthy 30 hours for the sequel -before I would read any Internet walkthrough or write any more complaints.




  27. I’ve known Magnatune for a few months now. I first heard about Braid on their blog, bought and liked the music long before I played the game. Braid works lawlessly in wine, the lack of a native Linux client is bearable. 😉

    Could you please keep the comments spoiler-free? Im not finished yet.

  28. I’ve listened to Magnatune music for a long time, and heard the Braid album earlier this week while grading student papers. Never connected it with a game until I was reading Penny Arcade just now and thought….wait…”Braid”? What are the chances?

    Sure enough, I watch the demo, and hear that wonderful music. Very cool! And I’m glad more people are discovering Magnatune.

  29. Thanks so much for doing this! I love game soundtracks in general, and Braid’s sound and artwork is really what makes it more than just another puzzle game for me. Corny as it may be, I can now carry a little bit of Braid around with me everywhere I go :-).

    Oh, it’s also awesome that you got your music from Magnatune: it’s expensive to get most of game soundtracks I want shipped to Singapore from the US, but you can download Magnatune’s music as a sane price everywhere in the world!

    So: thanks again for a lovely soundtrack and a brilliant game.

  30. That game was just amazing, and the music too as well! my favorites from the soundtrack are Downstream, and Lullaby set… ^^ i hope to see more games like braid in the near future 😀

  31. Downstream and Lullaby..My favorite tracks.I can safely say they are,along with the rest of soundtracks, represent half of Braid’s magic..Thanks for the geniuses who invented such piece of art.

  32. Hey Jon,

    You should check out Bohren Under Der Club, a german ‘jazz’ band (if you haven’t already heard of them). The music from Braid reminds me of them at times, in the slow smoothness, but I guess Bohren are a lot more ‘Lynchian’… It’s some of the slowest, darkest Jazz I’ve ever heard 🙂

    Black Earth off Mike Pattons ‘Ipecac’ label is a great start…



  33. Jonathon,
    Your game has redefined my outlook on games. Me and a friend had a blast completing it together, and only used a walkthrough for 3 pieces… but I am determined to find the stars without a walkthrough! (The crossing the gap stage, the cloud bridge final two were the ones we needed a walkthrough for). This game is astounding! As I am going into game design, your game shows that games can tell stories, and tell them very well. The one thing I don’t understand is… why didnt you make more levels 😀
    Braid will always hold a place in my heart…

  34. Jonathon,

    The selection of music for this game is excellent, thanks for having made it available as a separate collection. Everything about this game is amazing, really. It all works together so well to create an engrossing and memorable experience. I’m really looking forward to your next title.


  35. Thanks so much for this game and the beautiful soundtrack! I had been trying for 2 years to get my boyfriend into gaming with no luck – until Braid. I also fell in love with the game, and the music even more – thanks to Magnatune for making it available in CD quality! As with many, many folks out there, I look forward to the next work of art.

  36. They may not be evil, but the constant repetition of “Magnatune” in the middle of every single track kills the mood, makes me furious and neutralizes any will I may have to actually buy the album, specially from them :\

  37. Hi,
    I was just wondering if there was a credit for the Music Box piece in World 4?
    Browsing through the game resources, I found a musicbox01.ogg file, but no metadata.
    I suppose it’s public domain or something, but really I’m just wondering where it might have come from?

  38. Hey Jonathan, first off I’d like to thank you for the incredibly deep and moving experience Braid was and still is for me.

    Admittedly, I first started off pirating Braid. I avoided it when I first heard about it because it was popular, and I was in the habit of finding more obscure movies and games at the time. But when I finally played it, I was completely blown away. There were some bugs with the version I had, so I downloaded the demo (thank you for that) and got a really good feel for the game. Then Humble Bundle #2 came out (I missed the first one) and I finally had my own copy on Steam. I’ve since told everyone I know about how wonderful it is and come back to it time and again in nostalgic cheer (many, many feels).

    The music was very well selected. I’d never heard of these artists until this game, but I’ve taken a great liking to them and I appreciate the experience greatly.

    To that end, I’m a FLAC man. My trouble is that I can’t find a pressed CD for Music from Braid. Does one not exist? If so, is there any CD art available so I can make my own? I already have the soundtrack, but I’d like to also officially purchase it in FLAC, if it’s still available somewhere in that format.

    Thank you again for the wonderful experience. Braid is a game I’ll remember until death, if but for just this: “Our world, with its rules of causality, has trained us to be miserly with forgiveness. By forgiving too readily, we can be badly hurt. But if we’ve learned from a mistake and become better for it, shouldn’t we be rewarded for the learning, rather than punished for the mistake?”

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