Giveaway: Free Copies of Braid (Xbox 360)

To celebrate the release of the Braid theme, I wanted to give away a bunch of copies of the theme for free. But Microsoft says I can’t do that. However, I am able to give out free copies of the game itself, and I have about 20 spares.

Let’s have a Name That Game competition. Posted below are pieces of screenshots from 10 games. Correctly identify each game!

The first 20 people who mail with all the correct answers will each win a code for a free copy of Braid on the Xbox 360. The competition ends as soon as all the free copies are gone, or at 11:59pm GMT on March 23, 2009 — whichever comes first. (My bet is that at least one person gets them all within a day… we’ll see!)

If the competition ends without all the free copies having been given away, they will go to the people who got the most right answers. So even if you can’t figure them all out, send in what you’ve got — you still might win.

I reserve the right to deny people who look like they are spamming the answers to win multiple copies, or something.

The clues are after the fold. Update: The contest is now over. See this posting for the answers.

Here are the clues:





















80 Responses to “Giveaway: Free Copies of Braid (Xbox 360)”

  1. Msr Says:

    Damn that’s hard. I don’t know a single one!

  2. Rich Says:

    I know 3, 6 and 9. That is not enough to win… I don’t even own an Xbox dammit.

  3. Rsm Says:

    Any suggestions as to how a Braid-loving fan can win with some very hard work? I only know two and, to my dismay, have no idea how to solve the rest.

  4. Daniel Says:

    I’m fairly sure most of these games are indie. If you’re trying to figure them out, keep looking around for indie games. Jonathan Blow has done quite a few indie game conferences – perhaps most of them are from those?

    I know #1, #2, and #5 – but I’ve already got a copy of Braid, so I’m not going through the effort to figure out the rest.

  5. Jonathan Blow Says:

    Hey, you can always give it away to a friend!

  6. Hawks Says:

    I can only get one of them – but I still think I deserve a prize for trying!

  7. Claudio Says:

    Wheh, this is a hard one. Still, I’ll give it a shot (and not because I’m cheap, but because I live outside the States and it’s kind of difficult to get access to m$ points! and they tend to be more expensive!).
    Anyway, can we ask for hints here, Jonathan?

  8. L Says:

    I recognise #1, #2, #6, and #9.

    But what sort of madman could identify #10?

  9. Lance Says:

    Heh, funny that this contest started just as I had just purchased the game earlier on Friday. Just my luck I guess. :P

  10. Jon Says:

    My anti-spam word was princess – I found that quite fitting, made me chuckle.

    But dag yo, I’m lost completely I don’t even know where to begin searching for the answers. I googled #9 and it was too obscure, this is going to be quite a task indeed.

  11. Adam A. Says:

    This is pretty tough. I knew I saw two of them before, but it took me a while to find out where. After that I was able to figure out two more. I’m not sure if I should just give up and send in what I have or keep going.

  12. Malcolm Says:

    I know #1, #6 and #9 and I think I can identify #8.

    I don’t own an Xbox, but I might be willing to share my answers with someone who does.

  13. Sal Says:

    Crap, these are hard. I really want to play Braid, this is the perfect opportunity, but all I know is number nine. =\

  14. Merus Says:

    I’m surprised more of you can’t identify #7, it’s been the stock image for the game over at the mainstream gaming sites. (The implication here is that it’s a game from a major publisher – it’s an interesting game, but not indie.)

    I recognise #1, #5, #6 and #7.

  15. Rev. Stuart Campbell Says:

    I’ve got all the odd-numbered ones. If anyone’s got all the even-numbered ones, email me and TRIUMPH!

  16. Cesar Chavez Says:

    I wholeheartedly applaud your choice of #7. I love that game.

  17. Teboda Says:

    @Cesar Chavez: Yeah, me too. The part that the image is from is one of my favourites. That’s the only one I knew out of these. Good thing I already own Braid. Gonna run and get the new theme though, it will be the first one I pay for, but Mr.Blow deserves the money.

    Hey Jonathan, once the PC-version is out, how about a WiiWare version? I’ll definately buy it again just to make a statement!

  18. lhzr Says:

    would it be possible to get the pc version, instead?
    no 360 here and my console oriented friend has braid already.

  19. Miguel Says:

    Pufff!! That’s really hard, the competition could have been about Braid.
    I enjoy braid and the puzzles but that one it’s high level, good luck, and I hope Number None give us the theme just for participating.

  20. Andrew Says:

    I know 1, 2, 5 and 7. I’ve got no clue on the others.

  21. Jonathan Blow Says:

    I am enjoying the competition so we’ll do another one later for the PC version. This one is just for the Xbox 360 version!

  22. Schenker Says:

    Guys, maybe if you recognize a game just post the name of it… instead of just going: “yeah, I know what that, that, and that is.” – ’cause that doesn’t help anyone.

    And I must say, this is tough, very tough!

  23. Kriisi Says:

    Are those don’t win allowed to rewind back to January and try again?

  24. Jonathan Blow Says:

    No posting answers in this thread please! I’d like to keep it spoiler-free.

  25. Brilliam Says:

    I know I’ve got 2, 5, 6, 7, and 9… but 4 is boggling me. I can even SEE it in my head, the animation of that spaceship turning WAIT I THINK I REMEMBER WHAT IT’S FROM. *runs to check the website where it might be*

  26. Brilliam Says:

    Oh, and 1 is going to give me an aneurysm if I don’t remember waht it is VERY SOON.

  27. bubba skuzz Says:

    thats not fair….know one of them……..waaaaaaaa

  28. orakga Says:

    Jesus christ…. these are hard.
    Been playing games since the early 80’s and I can only take a guess at one of them. BTW, wtf is #7??

    Kudos to you for coming up with these questions though.
    No matter who gets the prizes, the winner is you, Jonathan.

  29. TristanMike Says:

    Wow, those are brutal.

  30. labwarrior Says:

    Damn, anyone that finds those games deserve a free xbox 360 too

    Personally i would rather just buy the game, than try so hard

  31. Guibs Says:

    Well, no Braid for me I’m affraid… I can barely name 1 or 2 out of that list and that’s pushing it… and I thought I was old enough (31) to remember most of these… I guess I’m getting old to the point of loosing memory.

    Ah well, no of these days, I’ll get arount getting Braid…

  32. David Says:

    Dang! These are really tough. I know #1 and that is it. A few other images look familiar but not enough to know where to start in my “research”. :)

  33. JOsh Says:

    I only know #1 and #9. I saw #1 that was something like “OMG SUPER OBVIOUS THIS IS GOING TO BE EASY”. Then I had no idea what the rest were!

  34. Gareth Says:

    I wouldn’t expect any less from Micro$oft.
    I don’t know any of these (but I have the game anyway).

  35. Cian Says:

    Numbers 5 and 7 are really easy. Numbers 2 and 8 are on the tip of my tongue but I can’t quite recall them.

  36. Sami Says:

    Where’s that PC version? I don’t have a 360!

  37. Brilliam Says:

    People who are saying they’re old and they don’t recognize these things… I’m reasonably sure I’ve figured out six of them, and of those, FOUR are under 3 years old and yet another one is still from this decade. Yes, one of those six is an old game, and maybe the other four are old, but… if you’re digging through your old intellivision games, you’re barking up the wrong tree!

    All I can say is, stop thinking “old” and start thinking “alt.”

  38. Pandapadawan Says:

    I don’t know a single one but I don’t care cause I bought Braid on day one. :)

  39. dan Says:

    > Been playing games since the early 80’s and I can only take a guess at one of them.

    me too, and i only got like three of them.

    most are newish. the one with the little bow-tie guys is driving me mad, because i know i’ve seen that before somewhere. *cries*

  40. Man Says:

    Don’t recognize a single one, but hot damn, can’t wait to hear the answers!

    Gonna try all of them (if I meet the prerequisites)

  41. Toups Says:

    when are you going to do a proper post about no. 8, by the way?

  42. NuAngel Says:

    I’m fairly certain I know what #10 is, actually, but I have the game, so I won’t be stressing myself out over these! ;)

  43. David Says:

    I have come up with half of them.

    Wanted Braid since it came out and just never quite had the money (I’m a broke tight ass.) Was just about to finally give in to buying it and I see this.

    I got half!

    Someone help? :3

  44. Brilliam Says:

    Well, I’ve got’em all except for 3, 4, 8 and 10… but I’ve stalled. Completely. As in, for those ones, I don’t even have an inkling– the worst part is, I’ve already got the game! I just get obsessive over little things like this!

  45. Sean Says:

    Hey I just wanted to say great game, and great blog/marketing thing you have here. I’ve been in the lower end of the industry for awhile (CS and QA). This is without a doubt one of the best games I have ever played. I look forward to the next great project.

  46. Sunny Says:

    Yo brah. Since you were so generous to want to release this theme for free, i’m gonna go ahead and buy it anyway since i have like 300 points left. I was gonna get some new DLC but it don’t matter.

    I might need some help with finding these games though, i only know #9. If anyone wants to hint me up or something i’m at

  47. George Dudas (Stuttgart) Says:

    me too… 3, 4, 8, 10 missing …. I already have the game, so I will submit my 6 answers… could be enough


  48. Albert Says:

    I only know 1,5,6, and 9
    Are there any more copies left
    If so I’ll try to figure out the rest

  49. Tweek Says:

    I think I’ve got all but six and eight… if anyone would like to brainstorm and make this a partner or team effort I’m at paratweekers (at) — I’m willing to work with the first person/people that give those correct answers. I won’t make this a 20 person team or something like that… so I guess the max it could be right now would be a 3 person team at this point. Unless I find one my current answers are wrong… but I’m 98-100% sure on the ones I’ve got so far.

  50. Tweek Says:

    so far no help… but only need number 8 now.

  51. Tweek Says:

    Any word yet on how many (if any) have gotten all the correct answers so far???

  52. Tweek Says:

    pretty sure I’ve got them all… so I’m no longer accepting emails.

  53. Adam A. Says:

    I’m pretty excited about this. I wonder when we’ll hear about the winners.

  54. Kevin Says:

    Any updates on this? I sent in my hopefully successful entry a few days ago. Will winners not be announced until there are 20 of them, or until March 23?

  55. braid lover Says:

    Can someone please help me with #3, #4, and #10?? i can help with others.

  56. Gerardo Ortiz Says:

    I don’t know a single one… pretty sure number one is joust, though.

    If anyone wants to brainstorm, here’s my eail address:


  57. Gmoney Says:

    Its not joust. Geez, I had to post. #1 is the only one I know!

  58. Graham J Says:

    Anti-spam word was ‘puzzle’. Yay. :D

    I recognize almost all of them (only 8 isn’t ringing a bell) but can’t for the life of me remember names or places. :(

  59. Crossing Fingers Says:

    I just hope we hear something soon. I submitted my entry but haven’t heard anything yet. Hey Jonathan, can we find out if anyone has won yet?

  60. Jonathan Blow Says:

    People have definitely won. I don’t know if 20 people have won yet; I have to count them up. Will do that very soon.

  61. Jonathan Blow Says:

    Oh, and by “people have definitely won”, I just mean that I’ve looked through the mail and seen the right answers. I haven’t sent out replies to anyone yet.

  62. Crossing Fingers Says:

    Thank you for the update Jonathan. I think all of us that have sent in (what we hope are correct) entries are waiting with bated breath to find out if we get to explore Braid beyond the demo, or if we must hang our heads in shame and continue to dream of the adventure.

  63. braid lover Says:

    Is it too late to submit???

  64. Jonathan Blow Says:

    I haven’t tallied up the results yet, so it’s not too late (but maybe if 20 people have sent in the right answer then it is too late — I don’t know until I score them all!)

  65. Sande Chen Says:

    Wow, that seems like a fun contest! I made my History of Video Games class go through No.1

  66. John Mc. Says:

    If there are copies left, I’m missing #3, #6 and #8. If anybody has those three and is interested in sharing to complete the puzzle, please reach out at john at sharpideas dot com.

  67. Everybody Says:

    Mr. man, please actually arbitrate the contest you created. Some of us would like to know if our answers are correct and others of us would like to know if there are any copies left to be won.

    What once brought attention to your game and your website is now bringing attention to your procrastination and unreliableness. Any claim you had to “very soon” was already gone by January 22th and is long gone by now.

  68. Jonathan Blow Says:

    Wow, Mr. Man! Impatient much?

    Luckily for you, there have been enough winners and the contest is closed. Just think — if we hadn’t had 20, you might be waiting two more months!

    I am posting the answers and mailing codes to the winners tonight.

  69. Impatient Much Says:

    Yaay! That was quite timely this time.

    Overall, good contest, I was just dissatisfied with the responsiveness/progress reporting of the judging.

  70. John Says:

    Thank you so much Mr.Blow. I NEVER win anything good. Now i can play this very beautiful game. I will be supporting you till the end. No homo. Thanks ALOT bro.

  71. Crossing Fingers Says:

    Thank you so much for a great contest Jonathan. This was a lot of fun, I’m just sorry you had to take some flak from some of the comments here. When I re-read my first post it sounds like I was a being a bit impatient as well, although I didn’t mean it that way.

    For those that got a bit impatient and felt the need to nip at Jonathan’s heals, Braid may not be the game for you. From what I’ve seen and read about Braid, patience is a requirement. Besides that, it was Jonathan being kind and holding his own personal contest, something that I’d like to remind you that he certainly didn’t have to do. I’m certain Jonathan didn’t sit up all day and night refreshing his blog page just to repsond to answers, he has a life too.

    @ Jonathan, thanks again for the contest.

  72. John Mc. Says:

    Nice contest Jonathan. While I fell a couple short in my digging to enter, I loved the search and learned of a couple new games to try out. When you get a chance, would you post the solutions? I’m dying to know the two I missed (and confirm I had the eight I had right.) Peace.

  73. Anthony Says:

    Hard contest, I only knew #1 off the bat and felt like I should have known 3,7,8,10

  74. Jonathan Blow Says:

    I am working on a posting of the answers, but it’s rather detailed so it might take a little bit.

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  76. CohnBred Says:

    Hey…wasn’t sure where else to comment on it. Just played through Braid (finally) and all I can say is ‘wow’. I found myself getting nostalgic all evening as I played through, and then the end happened. I stayed up just thinking about the game for a couple of hours after that. There are plenty of games which are memorable – this one will stick with me for years to come. Fun and thought provoking – a clear representation of game play innovation and the potential to deliver a top notch story. I eagerly look forward to what’s next!

  77. Crapples Says:


  78. Braid Says:

    Agree with CohnBred, Braid is one of those games you remember fondly and then end up staying awake all night to play again 3 months later. Sequel!!!

  79. Lun3r D3mon Says:

    Holy crap i dont know any of the but i have resources to find them out mua ha ha ha ha ha!

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