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  1. Yep that’s something alright. I loved the game while it lasted but I got kinda sad that it ended even faster than portal. I don’t think ill look back at braid in a month like I did with portal. If ill run the speedrun it will only be because I like to get all the achievements from a game I buy.

    Im not saying the game is bad it’s great but it’s not super great imo. While playing it I had an awesome time not knowing it would end so fast but when it was over I was like “dude.. wait.. what?”

    😀 + :O + :/ = :d

  2. Hey just a heads up Jonathon (you may want to post this). For people that do not have MS points and don’t want to be forced to buy a 2000 point pack off of live for 25 dollars you can go on the zune website (uses same login you use for xbox.com) and they offer a 1200 point pack.

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  3. It was okay. Do you get a double jump in the future? As in the trial, I’m missing 2 pieces from the first puzzle. I can’t get over that gap and can’t reach the one above the stupid door. I tried to time lag it (get it to x8 and then wait for the map to start having a ripple effect. jump and you get a motion blur on your character). I have no idea if that helps, but it seemed to make me jump a tad higher. Still couldn’t reach that piece. The dino was cute.

    Unforunately, the game looks fairly short for 1,200 points. I blazed through the first level in less than 5 minutes, and the snow one was the only one I found a bit difficult (the double key door was confusing as there was only one key [unless you can use it twice. I didn’t try that]).

  4. Any chance this game might eventually see release on the Wii’s virtual console? Sorry if this has been asked already, I only just became aware of Braid and it looks fantastic

  5. Eurogamer also has a very flattering 10/10 review out.

    @ Pixels: A big thing about the game is to make you stop and think, so did you? Or did you just rush past everything?

  6. I really didn’t rush the game at all. I loved it while I played it but I felt all empty inside after realizing it was over so fast :/ And Im not feeling the will to go back and play more.

  7. jonthan i would like to get this game can we get a psn port please.i own a 360 but i dont buy any arcade game after the problem i had last time.i played the demo and love it alot of people on the psn would love this game .

  8. I haven’t talked to Sony in a long time. In principle I would not mind releasing Braid on PSN somehow, but (1) Sony would have to be interested in the game, and I have no idea if that would be the case, (2) a lot of work would have to be done on the game, (3) some contractual issues would have to expire.

    There’s a possibility it would happen, but realistically speaking, it would be in late 2009, or 2010.

  9. Hey Jonathan

    Just wanted to say that Braid looks like a fantastic game. Its a shame that now my 360 is broken that I cant play the game. So I really do hope that the title is released on the PLAYSTATION Network (PSN). Even if it does take a year it would be worth it.


  10. so i guess Microsoft had a contract with you that is force u to stay on as a 360 exclusion??i can find out for u if Sony would want it since they do like responding to me!!!!
    As far as time frame im sure sony could help u like they did help the one guy that made everyday shooter.
    let me know if u want me to find out it wont take too long for me to get an answer.

  11. I just got hold of it today and have been playing for a few hours straight, and have a hard time putting words to it. Not quite done yet, expect to be tomorrow.. but this is really an amazing game. From the intro screen out it was artistically stunning, both visually and aurally. The design and music alone were enough to give me shivers. The puzzles have so far been pretty challenging but given enough pondering they unravel, always a good thing in this kind of game. But what really got me was the story element, how the background is presented in an almost detached way, untill you both think about it and start getting the pictures completed. It’s far beyond what most games have delivered thus far in terms of more complex topic, and it’s done in such a subtle way that you could easily miss or ignore it.. which somehow makes it feel more effective. I’m possitively stunned, I was expecting a good game but this gave me that feeling that only games like Ico, Okami and Beyond Good & Evil can convey, that this game is something truly special! Astounding work!

    Oh, and BTW, if there is any chance that you could make the soundtrack available somehow, it would be massively appreciated!

  12. I just finished the game.
    I’m in a bit of a state of shock, and my mind is reeling with ideas, with analysis, with dreams and nightmares and memories from years long past!
    ….But in a good way!
    To put it another way: Braid is one of the most special, brilliant games I’ve ever played. Thanks.

  13. Thanks for answering my question Jonathan. Braid is a brilliant game. I completed it yesterday, but I don’t think it has left my thoughts once. I did my best to spread the word about it at my website. I hope it gets all the attention it deserves.

  14. Very good game, got it 2 days ago. The puzzles are challenging, the art and music are stunning, complex story, you deserve that 10.

    good jobe, hope to see more quality from you. 🙂

  15. It was a very good game, but why isn’t it any longer? I remember spending at most 2 hours getting through world 2, 3 and 4 while I was drunk, and if you’ve already played through half the game content in one session of playing, then you know there’s something wrong, but luckily for me I couldn’t remember how I got through the puzzles later on when I chose “start new game”, so I suppose getting wasted sort of lengthens the game play.

    Braid ought to have 10 more worlds or so for it to be really worth the money. Nah, it was worth it allright, but it still feels like I was slapped in the face with one of those small green books Jonathan likes to have lying around all over the game when the game suddenly ended (wonderful ending by the way).

    But my main disappointment with Braid was that it was very genius, but not quite as much as it wants to be. What I mean is look at the picture puzzle in world 2. I’d wish I could make something like that up, it’s ingenious! But it only happens in world 2. The rest of the game content consists of some very nice puzzles, but the solutions are just a little too predictable; you instantly know that you’re going to use the time power relevant to the world you’re in in some way, and they are good puzzles. It’s clever. But not really genius.

    And, honestly, ANY game that is lazy enough to copy-paste itself a few times to lengthen its gameplay can’t be called the best game ever!

    I’ll give it 4/5. No more than that. It’s at the peak of potential among good games, but sometime before reaching that peak Jonathan got wasted and pissed himself.

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