The Slamdance Games Festival has been canceled.

Sam Roberts has just posted an announcement that the Slamdance Games Festival has been canceled for the foreseeable future.

The trouble all started back when Slamdance leadership attempted to remove Super Columbine Massacre RPG! from the festival, after it had been selected as a finalist. Several other finalists (including this one) had adverse reactions to that.

As a compromise solution, Slamdance was going to hold the games festival in Los Angeles, where there aren’t as many mormons (and where, I guess, the games festival would be enough far-removed that it wouldn’t tarnish the image of the film festival. Or something.)

This is kind of a bummer, because it’s one less venue for indie games to get exposure, and I know that Sam Roberts put a lot of work into it. At the same time, there are other, more-active festivals now, and Sam is a director of one of the most prominent ones, Indiecade. Indiecade are having showings at E3 and PAX this year, as well as a stand-alone show at OpenSatellite in Seattle. Braid was in the IndieCade showing at E3 2007, and it was a good situation.

3 thoughts on “The Slamdance Games Festival has been canceled.”

  1. That’s really a shame. Regardless of how you feel about what went down with the Columbine game, it was a good way for indies to get exposure and recognition. Luckily, as you mentioned, Indiecade seems to be stepping up nicely in its place.

    The unique thing which Slamdance provided (which I don’t see getting replaced) was exposure outside of traditional gaming circles. That will certainly be missed. Maybe Sam can find a way to rescue it for next year.

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