Braid XBLA release date has been announced; it’s soon.

Finally the veil of secrecy is lifted. Braid is being released on Xbox Live Arcade on August 6th, 2008 (a mere 9 days from now!)

This is part of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade promotion, wherein they publish good games on XBLA all in one big bundle. Here’s the full list of games:

  • Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, July 30
  • Braid, August 6
  • Bionic Commando: Rearmed, August 13
  • Galaga Legions, August 20
  • Castle Crashers, August 27

Here is Microsoft’s official Summer of Arcade site where you can find more information, including contests that some folks may be interested in. Disclaimer: We apologize for the way Microsoft chose to present our game’s logo with the big word “Braid” covering the interesting part of the picture, along with popping-out animals on it to make it look XXXTREME like the other games. This is not much like the art we submitted to them; our tastes don’t run that way.

38 thoughts on “Braid XBLA release date has been announced; it’s soon.”

  1. Braid was originally rated E, but at one point I revised the ending and now it has mild naughty language in it. That was enough to push Braid over the ratings line. (There already was a little bit of naughty language when it was rated E, but not enough to set off the alarms).

  2. Jonathan, any plans on ever releasing a level editor for the PC version? There are a lot of excellent mechanics in this game and I kinda want to play with them…

    Regardless, day 1! Curious about the new ending. :3

  3. I would like to release the level editor. The bigger question is whether the game can be made to reasonably run with different levels than what’s there now. Braid is very, very hardcoded…

  4. Sorry if this has been asked many times before…but any chance this will get a PS3 port? Would you be interested in having someone else port it for you, maybe?

  5. There is a possibility for a PS3 port but not for a little while; there is a limited-time exclusivity in place.

    I think it might be pretty hard to port Braid to the PS3 (speaking as someone who has done PS3 programming before). Jeff at RAD Game Tools tells me they have a pretty fast Vorbis decoder that (I think) uses the SPUs, so that is one of the main stumbling blocks. But there are other parts of Braid that are more expensive CPU-wise than you might think, and they might have trouble running at sufficient speed on the PS3.

    I probably would hire someone to port it, though (given that I have the money to do that) since I would rather be working on the next game.

  6. I just wanted to congratulate you on finally releasing what looks to be an extraordinary game, both in concept and execution. I hope that it is a huge success.

  7. Congrats Jon and David

    And so are you telling me this game isn’t extreme? Yawn… I can only play games that require me to chug 30 Mountain Dews and get into fights in-order to calm down after playing them.

    Seriously looking forward to it

  8. Finally!

    I hope people notice Braid despite being sandwiched by Geometry Wars and Bionic Commando, but maybe being released in a busy month will draw more attention.

    Reading about Braid over the last year has really excited and resonated with me (and challenged some of my perceptions), although I hesitate to mention the game or use it as an example of something I believe in because it hasn’t been released. Hopefully soon I can speak of it with confidence.

  9. I’ve got a gamer-chubby…

    This is THE game I’ve been waiting for.

    If you want to make Braid more extreme, how about releasing a licensed gamer fuel taurine-infused beverage alongside it? That or doritos.

    In all seriousness, congrats! we wait with baited breath.

  10. Great to see it coming out finally, though I’ll have to wait for the PC version as I’m not impressed with the rest of the xbox360 offerings enough to warrant a purchase.

    So good luck with the PC development!

  11. Man, it feels like this game has been in production for a long time! lol
    Congrats on the game, I have my Microsoft Points put aside already.

  12. This fantastic, I think this is the most solid game in the “Summer of Arcade!”

    Also congratulations for your Best of E3 2008 award from IGN. You’ll get a cool little trophy to put on a shelf.

    Bug Kevin about it at MS, IGN likes to send these to Microsoft instead of the developers.

  13. FuKuy: I don’t know if there will be a Steam version; that depends on conversations that have yet to happen between me and Valve. There will definitely be a PC version though.

  14. Phil: There are about 70 … or so … puzzles in the game. They are divided up unevenly between levels — the levels vary a lot in size. I think there are about 40 levels if you don’t count the story screens.

  15. This game makes my heart dragons dance for joy. I’ve been purposefully avoiding reading about it too much, but at long last the time is nearing when I can play the game!

  16. Dude, get working on the PC version and try release it same day. The xbox live arcade wont appreciate the game like us PC players will.

    And if you don’t want to use valve, maybe you could use Penny Arcade’s new online distribution company. I had a pleasant experience buying the game there.

    and I think they give more developer returns than valve.

  17. I’m sure Jonathon will get to the PC verison as fast possible (give him a break; 3 years{+?}!)

    Also, please don’t disrespect console players by saying they can’t appreciate it as much as PC players, because that is entirely false.

    (Sorry if you’d consider this spam, Jonathon)

  18. I’m really looking forward to this one and want to congratulate the developers on creating a unique and vivid world. Any chance of a Mac ver?

  19. Very nice game man, contrats.

    I’ll be waiting for the PC version, specially if you manage to ship a level-editor. +1 too stardock distro. Much better than Steam in my humble opinion.

  20. “But there are other parts of Braid that are more expensive CPU-wise than you might think, and they might have trouble running at sufficient speed on the PS3”

    “Learn to code!” 😉

  21. This game is driving me nuts in exactly the way I’d guess it’s supposed to. The feeling of achievement when you finally suss out how to get the apparently impossible pieces is something I haven’t experienced in years.

    Congrats all round.

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