36 thoughts on “Braid has passed XBLA certification.”

  1. congrats! can’t wait to play at home. played on corp net and loved. i miss the classic 2D games but love your twist on it. some of the puzzle are really well made.

  2. That was really fast. Like Bruce Morrison said, it would be cool to see some E3 coverage. I look forward to finally playing this on my 360.

  3. Congrats! Kind of off-topic, but: have you/are you planning on posting anything about the music in Braid? Did you write it yourself? Were there special artistic constraints because of time-rewinding?

  4. Congratulations! I’ve played Braid on PartnerNet and I must say I’ve enjoyed it very very much. It’s definitely among the best games I’ve had the chance to play and probably the most original.
    I will certainly be buying it as soon as it’s out on XBLA.

  5. Cool. I can’t wait to… oh, I’ve already played! eheheh.

    Well, I’ll see how the spanish translation finally is. I’ll try to push the most people I can to buy it, it’s a masterpiece.

  6. I’m sure this isn’t the right thread for it, but Braid is fantastic, and the ending is a masterpiece. I very much look forward to seeing it’s official release so I can share it’s beauty and genius with my wife at home, rather than having the entire office crowded around me as we tried to figure out the last puzzle piece.

    My one suggestion to everyone is don’t cheat. I couldn’t, and every puzzle was that much sweeter for working it out myself, even if you get stuck for days it’ll come and when it does you’ll feel a genius. Whereas with a guide it would be a bittersweet victory.

  7. Great, great news, Jonathan! I remember e-mailing you back and forth some months back about the cert-hell that Catan went through. Glad that you’re getting your game out before the holiday rush (hopefully) and I’ll be able to get my hands on the final code!

    Wish you all the best.

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