Gamer Hate on Braid

There’s a blog called Gamer Hate, run by a blogger with the imposing name of COMMANDERHATE. He was predisposed toward hating on Braid, so I gave him a preview version to play. It turns out that he really likes the game, and he has written a very thoughtful response after playing about halfway through.

He raises the concern that Braid might not find a large audience because it is so different. I think there is a danger of this, but at the same time, Braid’s being different is what makes it worth playing in the first place. Commander Hate had a strong positive reaction to the game; if there are enough people like that, and they tell their friends, then Braid will succeed.

Braid isn’t about trying to appeal to the maximum number of people — it’s about appealing to exactly the right people.

We’ll see how that works out. Then again, my favorite Xbox Live Arcade game of last year was Space Giraffe, which sold quite poorly. So, there is that.

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  1. I think as long as you behave just slightly more professionally than Jeff Minter (IE not ranting about how stupid gamers are to not like your game), you’ll do fine.

  2. Well people should definitely spread the word, because as far as I’ve seen the game so far Braid doesn’t deserve to be on those lists of ‘great games that nobody played’. On the other hand, that’s still more satisfying than being on a list of ‘bad games’ (or games that nobody “understood”, like Space Giraffe, because that’s actually a pretty fun game.)

  3. That was quite a reversal.

    Perhaps I am putting too much faith into a random game made by a stranger, but peoples’ reactions are gradually getting me to buy the idea that Braid might be somewhat more exceptional than the exceptional games which have preceded it, which is something I want to see more than I by rights should.

  4. I have to admit I’m still hoping this will get a pc release, as it originally seemed lined up to, rather than just a 360 one.

  5. “But word of mouth -and a good game of course- should make it.”

    Most definitely _should_, but not necessarily _will_, unfortunately. But, that also depends on what you view as “success”. After all, Tim Schafer’s games have been financial flops for the most part – and he still keeps on making those great games. If Braid really does deliver on its promises, I hope that Jon will be given the opportunity to do the same, at least.

  6. It will get a PC release. We are just focusing on the xbox 360 first since it is a fixed platform, so more well-defined in terms of what needs to happen before release.

  7. So, if I stopped blogging about videogames as a narrative form and started blogging some Braid-hate, might I get a shot at a sneak preview too? (-_0)

  8. Hello! Another shameless request for preview code, here. I absolutely love what I’ve seen of the game so far, and I’d be glad to help spread the word.

    Drop me an e-mail if you fancy discussing it.


    Sean (

  9. if the game is good it will sell. if its not good, it wont sell. gamers these days are pretty smart, so trying to blame their lack of intelligence or lazy thinking isn’t the answer.

    if people didn’t have fun playing you’re game, then you didn’t design it all that well, and its pretty much your own fault. not the players’.

    good logical thought processes are fun, badly designed anoying puzzles only making sense in the mind of the developer aren’t.

    just look at any adventure game as an example. people are intelligent. if your puzzles aren’t, your game wont sell. however, if your puzzles are intelligent, the game will sell. it has nothing to do with the players, but all to do with the designer wether the game is good or bad.

  10. The reversal of tone is indeed striking and a great sign for Braid’s (potential) future success.

    Commander Hate’s mention of the final level makes me want to play this game all the more.

  11. The idea of Braid is excellent…
    but I doubt XBLA/XBOX audience is really gonna follow,
    I’ve a 360, and I don’t own a single FPS…but I know that
    the majority audience is just gonna ignore it for NOT being an FPS.

  12. N+ is not an FPS — in fact, it’s a 2D platformer also — and it has sold very well this year (#2-selling XBLA game of 2008 so far, according to estimates, and very close to #1!)

    Which is not to say that Braid will be as popular as that; just saying, it’s possible.

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