Braid interview at the 1UP Show Podcast.

The 1Up Show guys interviewed Jonathan Blow and David Hellman about Braid. Sadly, the interview doesn’t lay too much context about the game for people not familiar with it. But we still get into some interesting topics. The 1UP guys genuinely like Braid and are looking forward to its release; we were glad to do the interview with them.

Here’s the video:

Here’s a link to the entire podcast.
The other games in the show are Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Dark Sector. The Braid piece starts about 10 minutes in.

14 thoughts on “Braid interview at the 1UP Show Podcast.”

  1. If you go and disable the visual editor (from Profile) then you should be able to post embed videos from gamevideos and other places as well.

    Btw. I agree with you, the 1UP people really seemed to know about the indie scene and they were really genuinely interested in indie titles.

  2. Argh, yeah, the visual editor! I forgot about that. I turned it off (actually had a friend trouble shoot and figure it out for me) early on because it was messing up my paragraph breaks, of all things.

  3. I do have to applaud the three year dev time you have, I’ve got a game I’ve been working on and off for almost three years now (more off than on I’ll admit) and its starting to feel like a real chore. I still love it to death, I just wish it would grow up, move out and I can get on with raising some others =p

    no doubt you’ve had similar feelings, but you’re a great inspiration and I promise I wont let go before its ready 🙂

    and as always, with each new snippet of info I get on braid I want to play it more. 😀

  4. Cool interview. I anticipate this game more and more whenever I read about all the thought, intention, and care going into its production.

    I have to say I was shocked at how young Hellman looks/is… and as a ardent fan of ALIL, a little part of me died when its “winding down” was mentioned so off-handedly.

  5. The visual editor tweaks and modifies the html code, when you switch between the visual and html editor. It replaces \n with and adds -tags and stuff like that. (I hope the html tags are readable). They tend to break your html formatting quite easily and that’s why you can’t really embed stuff with it. I hope they fix that at some point, but then again I’m already used to using just the html editor.

  6. Great interview, and yes, David is basically still an embryo, but a well spoken and thoughtful one! The 1up guys are really doing right by the indie scene these days.


  7. As a gamer living in Japan I’m anxious Braid won’t get released here.. Do you know if it will be released in Japan?

  8. The plan is to release it in Japan (we have already done the Japanese translation’s first draft).

    If for some reason Microsoft does not release it in that region, then the PC version will definitely be available in Japan.

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