Braid release announcement.

Braid Screenshot from World 2

There has been some speculation, but we can now confirm that Braid will be released on Xbox Live Arcade.  Our release date is in early 2008 (this will allow us to miss the insane rush of huge cames coming this Christmas, and release at a mellower time).

Microsoft announced this at their pre-Tokyo-Game-Show press event. has the announcement text for this and other games; probably some other sites do as well.

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  1. We’ve talked to Valve about Steam. I like Steam because it works well now, and they have a lot of interesting games (I buy a lot of games over Steam!) However, I think that most of their audience is there to play first-person shooters and the like. Whereas they’ve released some indie games that don’t fit into that mold, it doesn’t seem to be a direction they are pursuing intently. But yeah, it is a possibility and we will continue to look into it.

  2. Jonathan – I saw your presentation at GDC a while back and was really in awe of what you were doing with Braid.

    Can’t wait to see it – best of luck from all of us.

    Alex and the team at Tuna Snax

  3. Gratz. Stoked to see how well it will perform on Xbox LIVE. More importantly, I get to play your game on my big screen ^_^

    Do you smell that? I believe that’s a DS version in the works 😉

  4. It’s a crime you got an award in 2006 for a game that won’t even be publicly available until 2008. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. A crime — why? How does a game’s release date have anything to do with how valid and interesting a game it is?

    The way the IGF works, if you wait too long to submit your game (e.g. until you have a publishing deal), then you become ineligible. So, you kind of have to balance concerns.

    But also — my idea was that I would have the game done in early 2006 sometime. But it took a lot longer than that, mainly because we are insisting that the result be high quality. I could have pushed the game out the door 2 years ago, and maybe that would have satisfied you, but it wouldn’t have been the best thing for players.

  6. The most time-consuming, completion-delaying factor of the past year has been my involvement, i.e. the new graphics. So I will face this criticism. But I have to say, I don’t understand what’s bothering you at all. The game was judged and awarded for what it was at the time. I know that Jonathan’s eager to have the game done and released. There’s no sinister motive here, commercial or otherwise. It’s just taken a long time to finish.

  7. Taking a long time to finish? Sounds pretty sinister to me. It’s common knowledge that releasing an incomplete prototype early is far preferable to releasing a brilliant, polished and atmospheric game a little later. Honest.

  8. Congrats, Jon. Saw this at GDC 06 and was impressed like everyone else, glad to see a release date. I’m sure you’re happier than anyone that you can move on to new projects and put this one behind you, so don’t let people give you any guff about how long it takes to develop a game. 🙂

  9. Hello, and congratulations, Jonathan. I have been following the announcements and news of your game since the IGN awards last year, and after this announcement I’m very impatient about putting my hands on it.

    I write since a few months in one on the most important independent blogs in spanish, and I think it would be very interesant for the spanish-speaker community to hype a little bit your game, so I would like to make you a little interview (by e-mail or something like that) talking about Braid and freelance game-development.

    I’ve been looking for your e-mail in your webpage and I’ve found nothing, so I put this message here as the only way I’ve found to contact you.

  10. Great for you, guys. XBLA will be an excelent vehicle to widen Braid’s audience.

    Eh… and by the way… can you tell us (we will understand if you can’t talk about it!;) if a PS3 version is feasible? Or did you negotiate an exclusivity deal with MS?

  11. Unfortunately I can’t talk about the exact details of the agreement. I can say that a PS3 version of the game is feasible, eventually — though we wouldn’t start thinking about it until after the XBLA version is done. (Which — regardless of contract terms — is what would make the most sense, anyway, when trying to create a quality game. It makes sense to focus on one platform at a time, when you have a small team.)

  12. Although I don’t agree with Deanz, I definitely know where he is coming from. In recent years many of the games that have won independent game awards(from the IGF or otherwise) have yet to be released. Now some of that may be because of the way these competitions work as you said earlier, however it’s extremely frustrating to people who want to play these great games.

  13. Great achievement Jonathan, if you are looking for a distributor on the PC, please contact me, we are only distributing innovative and creative games. It would make a perfect addition to the library we are building. Good luck with your endeavors in the meantime.

  14. I recently purchased a (used) PS3 solely so that I could play Echochrome, which basically rendered the game into a $300 purchase rather than a $10 one. And it might be the best video game I have ever played. More recently I’ve found out about Little Big Planet, so we’ll see what happens.

    However, I gave up a number of things to make that purchase. Some in my life may even find it irresponsible. I have no regrets, but I do see myself in all likelihood in a similar situation regarding Braid. A situation that I don’t think I can afford. So while I understand that you’re not at liberty to comment much more than what you already have on the topic of a PS3 port, I’d just like to throw my lot into the hat to state that I am very hopeful that this port will occur, because I see great potential for Braid to provide a perspective shift. However, I can’t forsee another $300 video game in my future.

  15. I hear ya. Console hardware costs a lot of money.

    There is definitely going to be a PC version not long after the XBLA version. Depending on the specs of your PC that may or may not be a good one to play.

    I would like to do a PS3 version eventually but there is a limited-time exclusivity period during which I can’t do that. But once that time is up, if Sony is interested, it’d be nice to bring Braid to the PS3.

    All that said, Braid is not a long game (it’s longer than Portal, shorter than Penny Arcade Ep1) so you could perhaps play it at a friend’s house or something, if you know someone with a 360.

  16. Thank you for your reply, Jonathan, and I’ll keep that in mind. In all likelihood I’ll probably end up with a 360 within a year or so. Braid is the primary game I’d like to experience, but there are a few others that seem potentially interesting.

    Unfortunately a PC port is not helpful for me, a Mac user. All in all I’d just like to say that even if I never get face time with Braid, I hope that it will be successful and have some sort of impact on video game development as a whole, because I think things have become rather troubling. I am so tired of narrative games that hand-hold me through a cliche plot with horrible dialogue and voice acting interspersed with various types of gun battles. I don’t even play these types of games much, but I feel buried underneath their weight at the game store and on gaming blogs. I am tired of being force-fed an idea of “cool” that involves some sort of “badass” who kills people and tries to be witty or brooding all the time. I’m thinking of No More Heroes for Wii, or Grand Theft Auto games which I really find insulting to my intelligence because it seems like they’re trying to trick you into thinking you can “do anything,” yet limiting “anything” to crimes or destructive activities.

    Anyway I am ranting because I felt a kinship with you and your mission as I read through your interview with Stephen Totilo. Good luck with everything.

  17. I’d just like to say in regards to release on steam, I think if anything it would only boost your sales. I tend to hate CD keys and whatnot, and don’t really enjoy any experience that that I have to drag around on a CD/DVD unless it’s a cut above (i.e. Supreme Commander or Crysis). I think if you could work out a promotion with Valve on steam, you’d be in business. I see your point that many of the people on steam are there solely for the FPSs and whatnot, but that’s not necessarily what defines all of us. I myself have all the HL games, all the CS games, COD4, Bioshock, etc etc, but you’ll see a majority of my time on steam is spent on Audiosurf, Peggle, and Psychonauts, some games I never would’ve gotten around to playing had it not been for steam.

    I believe steam also retains game longevity better than store shelves. Your product will fade from store shelves within months, but with steam it’ll constantly resurface and each time it does it’s sure to attract more people. For example, I bought Psychonauts no more than 4 months ago after noticing a promotion about it, and we all know that’s been around forever. Their promotions and whatnot are really good for spreading the word on small indie games, and with games like Braid that are a surefire success, all you need is a demo to hook a lot more than you would in any other median. I never knew what audiosurf was, then one night I got bored and downloaded the demo on steam and ended up buying it 5 minutes later and playing it until I passed out at my screen.

    I’d hate to see a game like Braid dissipate through store shelves without so much as an echo. I think you should try to maximize your effectiveness on steam. Games recently have become too mainstream and formulaic, and those more obscure, interesting studios like Clover that sit on the avant-garde of games and continue to innovate tend to shoot themselves in the foot by not properly marketing themselves.

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