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Slamdance has announced the finalists of their 2007 Guerrilla Gamemaker Competition and Braid is on the list. So if you are in Park City, Utah, USA between January 18th and January 23rd of 2007, you’ll be able to play the most recent version of the game, as well as attend a talk and Q&A session about the design. Plus you get to see a bunch of other interesting games, and films too.
We’ll provide more details about the day and time of the session as they become available.

2 thoughts on “Slamdance”

  1. Second time I stumble upon this website cause the game won award and such… but there is nothing here. Can we have some screen shot at least if the game is not finished? Kinda ugly website for now..

  2. Since the main thing we are working on now is art, any screenshots we show wouldn’t really be representative of the final game. So we’re going to hold off a little bit until we can show some that are mostly done. Which will be soon.

    In the meantime… that image in the title bar is a faded piece of a screenshot…

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