Art In Progress.

Super Braid

The main thing left to finish with Braid is the graphic art, and that is well afoot now. Characters are being animated; world art is being worlded. The gameplay is also being refined during this time so that it will be extra crispy when the game is finished.

(Super-sweet SNES cartridge by David Hellman).

4 thoughts on “Art In Progress.”

  1. I played this at GDC ’06, and I was very impressed, both with the concept as well as its execution. I’m curious, however: how will the gameplay be changed? Will it merely be the platformer controls, or will rewinding time be affected too?

  2. It’s essentially the same game that you played.

    The controls have been tightened up. Weird glitches in interactions between different objects sometimes have been smoothed out. There are more audio and visual cues about things that are important in various levels. Some of the levels have been redesigned to work better — though the redesigns are usually concerned with details of the level geometry, and the basic ideas behind the puzzles themselves are still the same.

    The sequence of worlds that the player visits, and the behavior of time in each of them, has not changed. (Though some minor details have — for example, what happens when you die while immune to rewind?)

    Basically, the changes are all focused on taking what was there and making it as good as we can; and not around fundamentally changing the game or adding huge amounts of things, because we feel that the core game is solid, and it doesn’t need anything added.

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